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Comment Re:They're just getting a head start on Obamacare. (Score 1) 365

You completely misinterpret this section of the law. This section requires health care providers (companies) to provide information on the TYPE of coverage they provide when the plan they provide is the absolute minimum one. Section 6055 does NOT state that only name, address, TIN, and "policy information". That is your own incorrect interpretation as well. Section 6055 is not a section that deals with medical records on individuals at all, but in fact just requires companies that provide plans to provide information on those plans to the government.

If you don't believe me, look at the law.


Just search for "6055" on the page and read it yourself. Whenever I see chopped up references cut and pasted I get suspicious that some important points have been left out to suit the writer's own agenda. In this case the suspicion was justified.

Comment Re:Some things don't smell right-- (Score 5, Informative) 100

And how is "sorting easier" when it's flying into a "central collection point" (read: steadily growing pile) at 60 mph?

I lived on Roosevelt Island for many years. The trash is sorted in the building by residents (as in all NYC apartment buildings). Recyclables are run through the vacuum system at one time of day, and garbage during another time of day. It does help with the sorting at the collection station.

Comment Re:Paying the Cost to Be the Boss (Score 2, Interesting) 223

Social Security is a taxpayer funded pension with wealth redistribution components. Low income households get back 27% more income than they put in while middle income get back 5% more than they put in and high income get back less than they put in.

Not true. Poorer people don't live as long as rich people so the rich draw SS benefits much longer than poorer or middle class workers. That's a fact. It is also a fact that rich retirees end up drawing a higher percentage of benefits vs the amount they contributed because of their longer lifespans. Although it is true that while drawing benefits the rich don't draw in proportion to the amount they contributed, their longer lives more than make up for the difference. The rich cost us more in SS than the poor do.

Comment Re:Paying the Cost to Be the Boss (Score 1) 223

The "Contract" you gave is just propaganda. Like the Newt Gingrich "Contract With America" that got Republicans elected on tax promises a decade and a half ago, but was ignored once the propaganda got them into office.

The point of the Tea Party (it's not a party) is for Republicans to call yourselves something else, because the Republicans you put and kept in office crashed the country. You never call for cutting the military/intelligence budget down from the $TRILLION+ to something actually justifiable like $200B. You want to get government out of healthcare, but hands off your Medicare. You talk about entitlement as if people aren't entitled to things like Social Security they paid into and which don't add a penny to the deficit. You never complained while you were voting for Bush/Cheney twice, but the moment a Democrat is elected you answer the call of your corporate funders and organizers like Dick Armey and Glenn Beck to "take back" your country - that you and your fellow Republicans brought to ruin. As for the Constitution, you want to gut the 14th Amendment, ignore the 4th Amendment, add a homophobia amendment... and march with racists who really just prefer the original intent of the Constitution that protects slavery.

As for namecalling, you walk around waving and wearing teabags. You're Teabaggers.

Excellent post and worth repeating in the quote. And no, this post was NOT flamebait - it is a reasoned and rational response to an extremist anti-government radical who thinks the government should have ONLY Military and ONLY Police powers. Crazy.

Comment Re:Paying the Cost to Be the Boss (Score 1) 223

But if you like statistics, here is a correlation to play with: 50 years of anti-tech green/ 25% unemployment rate.

Oooo, correlation!! But two can play! Eight years of Repuplican laissez-faire and free-market wishful thinking crap/25% unemployment and the biggest depression since the Great Depression.

And by the way, most of the green initiatives I have ever seen have pushed the boundarares of tech and advanced high-tech industries - from wind, tidal and solar energy to biofuels from algae. Just because you label green initiatives "anti-tech" doesn't mean they are.

Anti-tech green my a$$.

Comment Re:Paying the Cost to Be the Boss (Score 2, Informative) 223

What a pretty graph - it must actually say something, right? Except as far as I can figure out it doesn't. "Human Development Index" plotted against "global hectares per capita"? WTF? Not only don't we know what a Human Development Index is, I challenge you to tell us what a "global hectare" is (and why it is different than a normal old area-of-measurement hectare), and why it is so significant when it is evaluated per capita per country.


Comment Re: And just who are these "officials"? (Score 1) 1088

While the Taliban was undoubtedly a terrible organisation that harmed the nation of Afganistan...

Excuse me, but you seem to have forgotten that the Taliban was harboring and supporting Osama bin Laden who killed over 2,000 innocent civilians in this country. Bin Laden planned and executed the attack from, and with the support of, the Aghan Taliban. Yes, we DID have the right to unilaterally invade Afghanistan and make them change.

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