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Comment Re:Stupidity to follow: (Score 1) 209

But what would be (legally) wrongful about imprisonment for forgetting your password? They law says you shall hand it over; you don't hand it over; you go to jail.

No wrongful conviction there. The law was clear and you violated it, either wilfully or negligently.

Whether that's a good thing or not is a separate issue.

Comment Re:Canada Australia (Score 1) 129

It was actually because the folks behind the server didn't test it with the graphics enabled. The Stats Can webform could handle something like 60,000 concurrent connections when they tested it. Then after testing, they added the graphics to make it look pretty and didn't do any more testing.

Put it live, and BLAMMO.

Comment Just reformat it to your liking. (Score 1) 523

My preferred coding style happens to be Whitesmiths. (Go ahead and laugh, but I'm used to it.)

Since not much new stuff outside of my own is written in Whitesmith's style, I use astyle to reformat the the other guy's code if I'm going to be studying it or adding to it or whatever. I actually have astyle fully integrated into both Geany and vim (the two code editors that I use) so I can reformat code instantly on demand.

I've never paid much attention to comment styles as such, but I'm sure that you can use astyle to reformat that if you want to; it has a million-and-one options available to put out all sorts of cats and make coffee.

So if Linus or anyone else doesn't like a C style, it takes almost no effort to reformat it to the style that you want. Then everyone gets to look at and use what he's comfortable with, and there's no friction at all.

Comment So much free milk; why buy a cow? (Score 5, Informative) 45

There are tons of free streaming music sites that cost nothing to listen to. I don't see any reason to pay a monthly fee to anyone.

One example that few people seem to be aware of is built into the free VLC multimedia player that many people have installed anyway for other purposes. Look under Playlists - Internet- Icecast Radio Directory and you'll be amazed at what's there. International radio stations by the hundreds.

I personally use the free version of RadioTunes on my Android phone when I'm driving somewhere. They advertise their own subscription service on it ("Sign up today!") but I haven't heard any advertising for anything else there.

Comment Yay Linux! (Score 2) 249

I've been using Linux exclusively for closing in on 20 years now -- when I decided that DOS wasn't going to cut it in the brave new world of the Internet I tried Windows 98 for about two months. Decided that wasn't my thing and switched to Red Hat Linux and never left. (Though I use Centos rather than Red Hat's branded offering.)

I see a plus and a minus here. The plus: Linux may become better supported, easier to find in stores like Staples, and so on.

But it will also become a bigger target for the bad guys. There's a certain amount of security to be had using a more obscure operating system.

Comment Re:Less money but more creators? (Score 1) 288

Since there are more content creators of this sort than there have ever been before, most of them must be happy with the situation.

And lots of people code for free and for fun too.

I do both, myself. I write open source code (usually BSD), closed source code on contract occasionally, and I play a fancy digital piano too. Never been paid a dime for my music but I do it for my own personal enjoyment and the challenge.

So there you go.

Comment Less money but more creators? (Score 4, Informative) 288

There may be less money in this stuff for the creators, but it's my understanding that there are more creators and more content being created than ever before.

So why does the less money part matter to the public and all of the creators who aren't expecting to buy a yacht or two with their earnings? In the "old world", most of those folks wouldn't be able to buy a yacht anyway, and their creations wouldn't be seen or heard by more than six people -- now they can perform for the world.

Comment Re:And then those employees burn down your restaur (Score 1) 1023

Some projectors don't require a lens swap. The Real D Z-screen (the most common 3D projection technology) just slides in front of the regular projector lens. It runs on a little track like an upside down curtain rod or a sliding closet door, so the switch from 2D to 3D takes literally two seconds to accomplish.

Comment Re:And then those employees burn down your restaur (Score 2) 1023

A lot of large movie theatres run their projection rooms that way. The whole thing (projectors, servers, ingesting new movies, setting up playilists, starting shows, monitoring for presentation issues) is done by remote network operations centers and none of the on-site staff has anything to do with projection and movie presentation at all.

Comment Re:Get ready everyone with anything (Score 1) 189

So make it a 35% flat tax on gross income, no deductions
I sell widgets.
I buy the widgets at a wholesale price of $9 each and I retail them at my shop for $10 each.
My gross income is $10 for each widget that I sell, but I'm really making only $1 less whatever the costs are to keep my shop open and the lights on.

Comment Same thing in Canada (Score 4, Informative) 344

The Canadian government has "always" had a film-making pool that all cable television companies are required to put a percentage of their revenue into, which is then doled out to make Canadian movies and television shows (most of which nobody actually watches, of course.) The cable companies are also required to show a certain percentage of Canadian television shows, and radio stations must play a certain percentage of Canadian music.

None of this currently applies to outfits like Netflix, and the incumbent cable companies and movie and television producers are pushing for them to also have to put money into their fund. I suspect it won't be long before an attempt is made to actually do it -- it gets brought up regularly.

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