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Submission + - SpaceX Launches Falcon 1 to Space

RockyPersaud writes: "SpaceX's second Falcon 1 launch attempt successfully reached space, though it misses its target orbit. The video cuts out at the end with telemetry was lost. At this point it appears the rocket only reach about 300km altitude, so short about 125km from its target orbit, and it probably re-entered the atmosphere to fall into the ocean. While not a total success, this launch indicates SpaceX can successfully deliver satellites to orbit at a much lower cost than competitors, opening up possibilities for orbital tourism and cheap delivery of commercial payloads to space. Read more here."

Submission + - Silencing brain activity with light

An anonymous reader writes: MIT scientists have figured out how to silence brain cells, simply using pulses of yellow light. This may offer a new, safe, way to treat treating Parkinson's, epilepsy, and psychosis — which are currently often treated through surgical removal of brain tissue. The paper was just published in a new Web 2.0 journal, PLoSONE, which allows any reader to comment on any paper. Check it out here.

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