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Journal Journal: Nationalism

Nationalism develops from the idea that the nation, in contrast to the nation-state, is formed of the indigenous people to an area. It is the longest-lasting and most sensible form of government, for it groups together people who have culture, heritage and language in common. The modern nation-state imposes political boundaries on an area, moves people into it, and declares it a "nation," but without this lack of inherent consensus such states become marketplaces instead of living cultural entities.
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Journal Journal: Sometimes...

Sometimes our society drives me nuts. Misled by ecclesiastical notions, we divide the world into good and evil, yet in this world of symbols we never see reality. Our deception enables us to misguidedly ignore the continuous nature of existence, in which natural selection is one color in the palette of the gods that helps refine us toward higher levels of organization, and instead select the entropic path to meaningless existence, when if we just accepted reality and then made the best of it, we would live in the best possible paradise. C'est la vie, I suppose, but it would be nice if someone put us back on track to a healthier civilization before we have to submit to the insanity of the crowd. We're not the only species in this universe, and no god is going to save us from ourselves, and it's most likely we'll end up a plateau of evolution forshortened, where the parasitic rich rule the oblivious grey race of lumpenproletariat. Sure would suck for our entire species to fail, but that looks like the future, unless, of course, we fight back.

Journal Journal: Which whites should be culled?

It seems to me that if one believes in the white race, one wants to make it better. And right now, we're kind of lagging behind. Average IQ of 102-107? Shoot, that means over half of society is hunkered down near the 100 mark. Can you imagine being that stupid? And these people vote, buy things, and cause other problems as well.

I'm not talking about which groups should be eliminated -- we all know the Christians should follow the Slavs, homosexuals (the English), Irish, Canadians and SUV owners into the ovens and thus onto the rose gardens of Europe -- but which individuals. What's a good criterion? Here's my general listing.


Intelligence higher than 120 points +3
Intelligence over 130 points +5
Has started own non-degenerate business +3
Serves in effective, non-degenerate volunteer capacity +3
Has created non-degenerate, effective art +3
Has completed higher education +3


Drug addiction including alcohol -3
Rape, hard crime -5
Christianity -3
Watches TV -1
Smokes weed -1
Drives V-8 -1
Posts on VNN -1
Posts on CounterOrder -3

Everyone starts at zero, and if they make it over 5, they survive.


What will be left are future healthy generations of white people with fewer than 1/10 of 1% having last names ending in -ski/sky, -vich or -ov.

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Journal Journal: Unreal

An idiot twitches on the sidewalk: he could not predict that antifreeze is not the soothing lime soda that it resembles, but he saw the TV ad. Limited intelligences narrow the world through simplified interpretations that often result in such "unpredictable" conclusions. On a hypothetical island, the Crowd surges forward with a morbid demand to have what the wealthier do, much like we give children toy kitchens and firetrucks. They bring in exchange a dubious gift: unreality considered to be real because the limited world of inaccurate symbols is easier to understand than the whole of reality. Unreal
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Journal Journal: Happy 9-11 From Osama bin Ladin and Adolf Hitler

Another day of happy annual of September 11th has come upon us. By the Will of Allah (Subhanahu wa-Ta'ala) in the year 2001, the brave Moslem men took in to the perilous task of defending their Faith and Family from the clutches of an imperialistic expansionist empire, The United States of America. The aim of such action was to send a ever-piercing message to the Western World: You are exploiting our people and our generosity and the present course of action must stop or the whole Moslem world will declare Jihad against the profane empire of USA.

Happy 9-11 From Osama bin Ladin and

Al-Qaeda Appreciation Society of North America

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Journal Journal: "Extremism"

An extremist, in the current parlance, is someone who disagrees with "modern society": the combination of industrial capitalism and personal liberty in democratic systems that defines the progressive West. All of Europe and North America and most of their allies have some variation on this type of system. Even further, it is upheld as the reason to support the West in its crusades: we bring you "freedom" and a nifty product-oriented lifestyle.

However, such modern society is by definition very popular, because it tells everyone they are liable only to themselves and their own interests, and that there is need for no other social involvement. Do what benefits you personally, both materially and in social status. Most people do not understand why anyone would oppose this, thus "extremists" tend to work through that form of guerrilla warfare native to our time, sometimes called "terrorism."

What is Extremism and Why It's Our Only Hope

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Journal Journal: Israel, the Insoluble

Israel's policy has been for some years now to hold off its Arab nations with two powers: its submarine-delivered nuclear missiles and the military might of the United States. Jews and Muslims know their faiths are incompatible and that one alone can rule the Middle East.

An intelligent policy for Israel would be to admit that only ethnic Jews belong in Israel, and to exclude all others and cease trying to influence broader policy in the region. This contradicts the Western mandate of multiculturalism and would make Israel an obvious "bad guy" according to centuries of Judeo-Christian thought, so this cannot be publically admitted. A grotesque compromise results.

When Muslims look at the United States, they see a country that elects exclusively church-going leaders. They see a right wing dominated by radical Christian interests, and a left predominantly financed and driven by radical Jewish interests. They see AIPAC, the American-Israeli Political Action Committee, be accused of stealing state secrets and executing phone taps, and no vast action being taken.

<a href="">Corrupt.Org Files</a>
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Journal Journal: Environmentalism contra Democracy in heavy metal

Thinking non-selfishly for a minute, we should look at the consequences of natural loss with a poet's eye: we are about to lose an amazing creation of great beauty and inspiration, and thus not only damage our souls, but be responsible for an act of crass destructiveness with no equal in history. The sack of Alexandria, the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide -- these all pale in comparison to reducing our environment to parks, gardens and lawns. Which is what will remain: we will have squirrels and sparrows and lawn plants, but the more complex parts of our ecosystem will not remain. Our political leaders will be able to claim less of a crisis because it isn't all dead, but converting a world of billions of species into an extended, homogenous backyard garden is like trading Beethoven for repetitive techno.

The kind of mean mentality that allows us to create this ...wreckage... is appropriate to an outwardly satisfied but inwardly self-hating time such as our own. We hate our ugly cities, our tedious jobs that produce nothing of practical value, our prima donna spouses, our moronic coworkers and neighbors, the violent inner cities, the numbingly normative suburbs... yet we are sure there is nothing that can be done. How do we explain to the average person that they must give up that new car, house or child because if everyone has those, a distant future disaster awaits? Democracy rewards action on immediate crises, or granting of new "freedoms" or wealths to its population, but it does not reward the kind of leadership that staves off distant apocalypses.

I find this to be very true: no matter how much heavy metal and black metal bands sing about ancient forests and the beauty of wolves, the average person isn't going to stop polluting/trashing until there's a gun in their back!
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Journal Journal: update

-- NEWSLETTER 21th of July 2006 --

New articles:

"To live is to die" -

Alexis discusses the existential question of what it really means to be
alive in a world that is already dead

"2006" -

Vijay Prozak presents to us a vision of how we can transcend the symbolic
but meaningless politics of today, in order to work towards goals that can
help us build up a better future

"Arbitrary" - writes about how our political stances distract us from focusing
on things of far greater worth than our own self-importance


Four new fliers have arrived, free for anyone to put up at
malls, shops, work offices or other places where modern individuals spend
their lives on tasks that mean nothing more than a smile and $20. Welcome to
our Fliers - section at ANUS:

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

"Corrupt, Inc. is a civilization watchdog built on the premise that when
humans form a mental image of the world that does not correspond to reality,
they become corrupt and destroy themselves."

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Journal Journal: The Covenant of Traditional Values

The Covenant of Traditional Values

Whereas, modern society (defined as the collusion between consumerism, democracy, and capitalism) as a design theory and not simply a physical entity has shown its unfitness through long term problems including but not limited to pollution, land overuse, rampant cancers, crime, urban blight, worthless plastic products, meaningless functional lifestyles, and so forth, we the undersigned commit ourselves to a new system of values that will be the underpinning and abstract description of the design of a society to both replace modern society and restore our ancient traditions and ways of life.

Our goal is not to replace our leaders, or to transfer wealth within our economies, as revolutions do, but to create an entirely different society which is not prone to the failures of modern society. Only structural change will accomplish this. We must both remake little of society, in that our changes will leave most of daily life and most people undisturbed, and we must remake all of it, in that we need a new design philosophy for society and a new way of living.

Modern society is defined by its preference for quantities, based on the form factor of the individual or the material worth of each unit, instead of internal traits. We assume that because something is defined as a tractor, it will work like all other tractors; we extend this same logic to humans and, needing to justify our absurd assumption, use bureaucratic averages to create expectations of a generic human being with generic behavior. This not only fails to predict our actual needs, but works to shape us as docile and whorelike people of limited personality.

Our platform contains a handful of major changes in our outlook and methods of civilization:

1. Leadership by Intelligence and Not Popularity. Modern society is based on a greed empowered by individualism, or the placing of the individual above all else; this is the result of underconfidence on the part of a large number of our people, and their political empowerment allowing them to misappropriate resources to ensure individualism takes precedence over any other thought or value. Consumerism, democracy, and media/popularity are the means by which we make decisions. For the future, we want to have intelligent leaders chosen by a subset of our population that comprises the intelligent and capable in making leadership decisions; instead of democracy, and the consumerist ideal that whatever idea makes money is the best, we would like a community of leaders picking leaders based on what is the best course of action for our society, no matter how unpopular it appears at first (most great ideas are initially opposed by most people, so it is unreasonable to expect that because most people do not like the sound of an idea, it is bad).

2. Not Equality, but Guaranteed Positions in Social Hierarchy. We are not interested in equality, as with it comes necessary economic and social competition and the resulting instability, because if we are all equal there is no way to stand out except by dominating others. We prefer a good living according to our abilities, such that except in cases of gross incompetence, we are able to work in the positions given to our ancestors and to gain a better living if we are dramatically more competent than others. However, the basis of our new social view is that each person is unique, and we cannot compare a plumber to a bank president and conclude that because one makes more money he is superior; we must each take our position in life and do with it what we can, but not attempt to draw moral decisions based on income and therefore force all of us into a vicious competition that eventually consumes us all. Competition leads to a lack of lowest public standard, in that whoever cuts the most corners wins, and impoverishes more people than it makes rich.

3. Our Natural Environment is Not a Resource, but a Living Entity of Parallel Value to Our Own Lives. Our environment created us and nurtures us and will remain important no matter how good our technology gets. Its survival is as important as our own. We must cease to see it as raw materials for a society, and see our world as civilization and nature coexisting. To this end, we need to end the cause of all of our environmental woes, which is overpopulation, and to cease dumping toxic effluvia and chemicals into our environment.

4. Natural Selection Must Regulate Us. Both as individuals and as groups, we need regulation by an external force. We must re-design society so that it disproportionately rewards those who have the balanced traits of intelligence, beauty/strength, and an inherent nobility to their moral thought such that they consider the whole over the individual and do what is right according to the balance of the cosmos. Further, we must enable natural selection to eliminate any community that is so unable to run itself that it perishes from natural (famine, war, disease) causes.

5. We Must Have Higher Values, Not Inclusive Ones. A fundamental trait of modern society is compromise; we value making sure everyone is heard, that every opinion is aired, and that all people are represented over doing what is best for the world as whole. It is this logic that leads to our unhealthy fascination with the individual, and hence popularity/profit. Our goal is to have higher values so that we constantly envision a better design of not only civilization but an idealized human, and strive toward it. Heroism, natural beauty, transcendence and harmony with nature are more important than any kind of equality or compromise or social popularity. By having higher values, we are always pushing ourselves toward a goal that will make us healthier, smarter and more noble as people. Through this mechanism, we offer people something better with each passing generation, and each set of parents can look on its offspring with pride in both their abilities and the world they will inherit.

Modern society is based on the individual because the individual is a useful unit for counting power. We do not seek the best answers, but the most popular. Because even a group of highly intelligent people will have contrasting opinions and thus will only be able to find an inclusive opinion that is a lowest common denominator, modern society through democracy and consumerism erodes every good idea into the same old thing. It is incapable of changing itself. It is up to us to change it. By these concepts and actions we, the undersigned, swear.
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Journal Journal: Corrupt

CORRUPT: Civilization Adrift in Delusion

A site of interest to all with nihilist, traditionalist, anarchist, integralist or green leanings, describes how modern civilization has lost touch with reality and thus become corrupt -- and how to get it back on track. is a civilization watchdog group that believes the root of corruption is a separation between our perception of reality and reality. When we do not acknowledge the situation facing us, corruption takes over in many forms. Our goal is to identify and compel action upon areas where our society fails to recognize reality.

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Journal Journal: Underground Metal Compilation

[url=]Underground Metal for Non-Metal People[/url]

Active most prominently from 1983-1993, underground metal -- comprised of equal parts hardcore punk, heavy metal, progressive rock and industrial -- formed a subculture that in contrast to most artistic movements resisted the concept of modern society. Explicitly Romanticist in its leanings, it idealized heroism, nature, and the wistful realism of mortality...[url=]read more and download[/url]

2006 [url=][/url]
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Journal Journal: Corrupt

CORRUPT: Civilization Adrift in Delusion

A site of interest to all with nihilist, traditionalist, anarchist, integralist or green leanings, describes how modern civilization has lost touch with reality and thus become corrupt -- and how to get it back on track.

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

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Journal Journal: Hansen 2008


New environmental regulations designed to stop expansion of our cities and preserve natural land. While reducing the amount of paperwork required of American business, we will strictly limit pollution/emissions, land use, and creation of non-recyclable waste. Furthermore, federal funds will be diverted to purchase unused land that can be preserved in its natural state; our ultimate goal is for 25% of available land to go toward human use and the rest to be a giant nature preserve for the enjoyment of all citizens. Immediate tax credits will go to all businesses supporting the new regulations, and toward landlords in urban areas who build higher-occupancy, low-footprint housing.

Our education policy will shift from "No Child Left Behind" to a policy of giving all students a basic education, but putting our energy behind those demonstrating excellence in academics, the arts, athletics and public discourse. Our goal is to nurture the best among us while ensuring that all have the basic skills needed to cope with modern society. The tax code will be revised to be friendlier to those taking out student loans in a timely period, and academia will be re-vamped to be less supportive of perpetual students and academics with no real-world experience.

To stop our cities from being blighted, we will enforce no tolerance laws for public misbehavior and allocate federal funds to repair damage, clean clutter and garbage, and remove graffitti. Those who prove chronically unable to stop vandalizing and criminalizing our cities will be consigned to work study programs far from those cities until they are able to control themselves. In order to stop the minority/majority division of our cities, we will support autonomy for each ethnic group and immediately repeal all affirmative action and equal housing laws to preserve the character of local communities and return control to local people.

Government will itself come under reconstruction. Laws will be written in plain English. All citizen functions on the federal level will go through a single bureau, as will all business functions, and the tax code will be drastically simplified to a 30% flat tax with deductions for environmental compliance only. The resulting time saved will result in re-investment of otherwise wasted monies into the American people.

Abortion, drug legalization, school prayer/teaching of creationism will become a state-by-state issues and the federal government will not intervene to influence the outcome.

Immigration, legal and otherwise, will cease. We have enough people in America already and will endanger both our economy and environment if we accept more. Employers hiring illegal aliens will be penalized with fines and will not be eligible for federal contracts. As intercepted during the course of normal law enforcement, illegal aliens will be deported. Our Border Patrol will be expanded and walls, fences and electronic detection systems build as necessary. If we do not hire illegals and give them welfare, they will stop coming.

Military spending will be reduced in all areas except maintenance of strong standing Army, Navy and Air Force, and research and development provided that military innovations become available to the private sector within the decade, excluding means only able to produce lethal force. Our goal will be a mobile, low-technology Army designed to fight both guerrillas and smaller conventional forces. We will pursue a missile shield for America itself.

In all areas of government, I pledge to reduce paperwork and make the decisions and reasoning behind them more accessible to the motivated citizen. Our goal is to simplify, streamline, and with the money saved, re-invest in American industry and jobs and education.
United States

Journal Journal: List of Nationalist Parties by Nation

List of Nationalist Groups
( v1.1 / April 26, 2006 )

Nationalism is a system of government whereby each nation is defined as the intersection of those who are of indigenous heritage, culture and language. The goal of this organic power structure is a preservation of the unique ethnocultures which in have adapted to the same needs in parallel with different methods.

This diversity forms our strength as a species, but to take advantage of this, we must preserve each ethnic group by separating them all; this allows every nation to rule its people autonomously according to local standards, replacing utilitarian abstractions like money, popularity and mass media. Further, each population is bound to a hereditary land area and thus sees itself as guardians of that zone, creating a high degree of environmental and social awareness.







American Nativist

American Southern






















Italian North



















The term "nationalism"...raises questions about the concept of nation (or national identity), which is often defined in terms of common origin, ethnicity, or cultural ties...

State formation is limited to one type of group: nations or peoples. These groups have distinct characteristics: permanence, transgenerationality, and long-term convergence around a core culture.

Nationalists argue that nations are timeless phenomena. When man climbed out of the primordial slime, he immediately set about creating nations.


Produced by INFOTERROR group:

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