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Comment Re:Did Zuckerberg ever have to get past HR? (Score 2) 716


As an employer, I only wish that were true. I find myself far more amazed by people who self-educated than people who put themselves through college and received crushing debts in return.

Remember, information and education aren't restricted to formal education environments.

I am back in School for a BA, I didn't want to get it I am just passed 50 last month. I have earned 100k+ at a lot of companies since the 90's. but without a degree you can't get passed the HR clowns. If a company wants to get good people they should not let HR have any connection with who can be hired. You need HR but its better for after the hire process not before. They are incompetent at telling what is and isn't a good fit.

Comment Re:Well...not so much (Score 0) 2416

Do you think part of this may be that the French and Swiss are on average much healthier than the typical U.S. citizen? Since our average population is so incredibly unhealthy the overall risk to insurance companies is much higher, causing costs to rise for all involved.

I'm not stating this as a fact, but asking the question.

Patently idiotic assumption. By your supposition the French and Swiss are overall living a more healthy lifestyle there for they would have better outcomes. Slashdot is supposed to be for smart people who let you in? Universal healthcare assume that since it's not prohibitively expensive to see a physician the likelihood of catching a serous health issue early is greatly increased. If you catch cancer in the first stages you have a 1000 times more likelihood that you can cure it then if the person wanders into the E.R. in the terminal stage.

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