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Submission + - AMD Demos Trinity and Android ICS On X86 (hothardware.com)

MojoKid writes: "At the CES show in Las Vegas, AMD was showcasing a number of new technologies, including their next generation Trinity mobile processor. Trinity is a quad-core mobile APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) with enhanced integrated DX11 graphics and four next generation AMD Piledriver cores, which are the follow-on to Bulldozer. The company also demonstrated Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on their Z01 Fusion processor, driving a 10-inch MSI tablet. There were a few app compatibility bugs to work out but overall, Android on X86 is coming along pretty well."

Submission + - Iran, Nuclear Weapons, and Nano Diamond Synthesis (hubpages.com)

againsttheodds writes: "With things recently heating up in Iran and circumstances surrounding their nuclear program it is prudent to take a closer look at the public evidence against them. After all, it seems we are creeping ever closer towards war with the recent killing of a nuclear professor, harsh sanctions, and Republican candidates who seem determined to send in preemptive strikes if they are elected. One key piece that the IAEA has reported in their releases is the involvement of Vyacheslav Danilenko in Iranian research. He is supposedly a top nano-diamond scientist who has even given key talks in the USA. Take a look at the evidence here http://againsttheodds.hubpages.com/hub/Iran-IAEA-and-Detonation-Nanodiamond-Synthesis Is it possible that nano-diamond science may have something to do with the construction of a nuclear weapon? Is the found detonation chamber the type that might be used in testing such a nuclear device?"
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Sony Says: No PS4 Launch At E3 2012 (tekgoblin.com)

tekgoblin writes: "Well it looks like we will be going another year without the release of a refresh to the Sony PlayStation 3 console. Kaz Hirai, the Representative Corporate Executive Officer and Executive Deputy President of Sony Corporation, and Andrew House who is the Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment have both stated that there will be no announcement of a PS4 console or next generation device at E3 2012 or anytime soon. Many people have anticipated new hardware from both Sony and Microsoft this year with the impending launch of Nintendo’s newest console, the Wii U. Though it easy to argue that the Wii U is just simply an attempt to catch up to the XBOX 360 and PS3 when it comes to hardware performance and gaming graphics."

Submission + - Protect IP Act may be amended (techworld.com.au)

angry tapir writes: "The controversial US copyright enforcement bill the Protect IP Act may be amended on the Senate floor later this month in response to ongoing concerns about its provisions affecting Internet service providers and the domain-name system, according to the bill's chief sponsor said: Senator Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat."

Submission + - Copyright Group To Collect From Creative Commons E (activepolitic.com)

bs0d3 writes: In Leipzig, Germany, an 8 hour music/dance party event was organized to play nothing but creative commons music the entire time. A German copyright group called GEMA told the organizers that to be certain that no rights were infringed, it would need a list of all artists including their full names, place of residency and date of birth. After the event GEMA sent an invoice for 200 euros. They claim that behind pseudonyms some of their artists may be hidden and produce things that they would not earn anything from. According to German law, you are required to prove that an artist is not with GEMA. So even though GEMA probably does not have rights to any of the music, they are not required to prove that they do.

Submission + - Faster-than-Light Neutrino Mystery Likely Solved

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "It's now been three weeks since the extraordinary news that neutrinos travelling between France and Italy had been clocked moving faster than light and more than 80 papers have appeared attempting to debunk or explain the effect. Now Ronald van Elburg at the University of Groningen has made a convincing argument that he has found the error. The OPERA team says it can accurately gauge the instant when the neutrinos are created and the instant they are detected using clocks at each end but the tricky part is keeping the clocks at either end exactly synchronized using GPS satellites, which each broadcast a highly accurate time signal from orbit some 20,000km overhead. But there are two frames of reference: the experiment on the ground and the clocks in orbit. If these are moving relative to each other, then under special relativity "from the perspective of the clock, the detector is moving towards the source and consequently the distance travelled by the particles as observed from the clock is shorter," writes van Elburg. How big is this effect? Van Elburg calculates that it should cause the neutrinos to arrive 32 nanoseconds early but this must be doubled because the same error occurs at each end of the experiment accounting for 64 nanoseconds, almost exactly what the OPERA team observes. "If it stands up, this episode will be laden with irony," according to the Physics arXiv Blog. "Far from breaking Einstein's theory of relatively, the faster-than-light measurement will turn out to be another confirmation of it. ""

Submission + - Man-made earthquakes shake people awake this morni (vedur.is) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Water pumped down from the geothermal plant Hellisheiðarvirkjun is causing localized earthquakes up to 3.8 on Richterscale. Around 1500 small or medium sized earthquakes have been spotted over the last week for a region of Hellisheiði called Hengill, which is just east of Reykjavík, Iceland's capital area. Local media is covering the story at the moment, for example http://www.ruv.is/ http://www.visir.is/ and http://www.mbl.is/ but earthquake maps can be seen at http://www.vedur.is/ (Icelandic Met Office).

Submission + - Leonardo di Caprio to play Alan Turing? (i-programmer.info) 2

mikejuk writes: Next year, 2012, is the one hundredth anniversary of Alan Turing's birth with many events being planned around the world. This week Warner Bros outbid other companies for the script of a biopic based on Turing's life. The script for The Imitation Game by first-time screenwriter Graham Moore and based in turn on the biography by Andrew Hodges, Alan Turing: The Enigma was snapped up by Warner Bros in a 7-figure deal.
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Is Apple pushing away professionals? (pcpro.co.uk)

Barence writes: "Is Apple turning its back on professional users to focus on consumers? That's the argument forwarded by PC Pro, which claims Apple is alienating the creative professionals who have supported the company for 20 years or more. Fury over the dumbing down of Final Cut Pro, Apple's refusal to sell non-glossy screens and poor value hardware is fuelling anger from professional Mac users. "“People will get hacked off. I’m only Apple because I want the OS, but if I could come up with a ‘Hackintosh’ with OS X, I’d be so happy," claims one audio professional."

Submission + - New Android Trojan rears up on Chinese app stores (sophos.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The latest Trojan horse for Google's Android operating system has been found hidden in wallpaper-related apps on Chinese third-party markets.

The malicious app steals your Android's IMEI and IMSI information, and can also emulate clicks on particular search results — earning commission for cybercriminals through the click traffic.

Funnily enough, the one thing security researchers can't seem to agree on is what to call the new Trojan horse. Some call it HongTouTou, others Adrd, and Sophos simply says it's a variant of Geinimi.

Submission + - 84,000 domains got ICEd (torrentfreak.com)

cypherwise writes: It looks like ICE, DHS's Immigration and Customs Enforcement wing, redirected 84,000 domains during "Operation Protect Our Children". Out of those 84,000 only 10 were found to be hosting child pornography. The DNS entries were changed at the registrar level to point to which contains an interesting message from the DoJ and DHS claiming the site you are visiting contains child pornography. That's two botched operations in the past few months. What's next?
Open Source

Submission + - Compared and Contrasted: OpenOffice v. LibreOffice (infoworld.com)

GMGruman writes: Oracle's imposition of fees for some OpenOffice capabilities caused some of the venerable open source office suite's creators to head out on their own and create LibreOffice as a truly free OSS tool. InfoWorld's Neil McAllister reviews the two OSS productivity tools side by side to figure out where they differ, and whether you can jettison Oracle's OpenOffice safely for the fully free LibreOffice.

Submission + - Virgin Blue .NET fiasco (itwire.com)

doperative writes: "Virgin Blue has suffered its second computer systems meltdown in just four months, causing widespread delays and long queues of frustrated passengers. There is now a question of whether Virgin's Navitaire system has serious inherent flaws"

"This latest computer crash, which looks to be as serious as the 2010 fiasco, will place more question marks around the integrity and robustness of the .NET based Navitaire New Skies system which claims to be able to handle load spikes and scale easily as passenger volumes increase link

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