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Submission + - Alternative Energy: Water (youtube.com) 1

imstanny writes: "Fox News featured a video on a guy who claims he invented a new technology where H2O used as alternative energy in a new and resourceful way.In the video he has a blow torch who's flame is slightly warm to the touch but when touches anything else, it burns "as hot as the sun." It burns a hole through a brick, in 3 seconds turns a brass ball into glowing liquid metal, and can slice through steel and lead on contact. Allegedly, the system works by combining H2O and electricity and it goes through some kind of electrolysis process (just patented by him), converting H2O to HHO gas. He has a modified car that is H2O/electric hybrid, it takes 4 oz of water to travel 100 miles, and he claims it can run on JUST water. He is already in negiotiations with 1 automaker and the US government."

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