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Submission + - Ray Tracer in JavaScript (

mikejuk writes: Just when you thought you had seen everything that could impress in JavaScript, along comes another crazy application.. Now we have a ray tracer that creates very realistic 3D scenes right in your browser. Probably not up to creating the next CGI movie but still a lot of fun to play with.

Submission + - Wozniak: I Wish My iPhone Did All The Things Andro

chrb writes: The Daily Beast reports that Android has received praise from an unexpected source — cofounder of Apple Steve Wozniak. Wozniak states that Siri is inferior to Android's voice recognition, and that Android has better GPS software, and has "more available". Woz recently visited the Google HQ to meet the staff and pick up a complementary Galaxy Nexus. But he still recommends the iPhone for "the ones who are already in the Mac world, because it's so compatible, and people who are just scared of computers altogether and don't want to use them."

Submission + - Stream a YouTube video, go directly to jail (

fysdt writes: "Welcome to the United States of the RIAA: A new bill that just flew through a U.S. Senate committee could make embedding copyrighted videos a crime, punishable by five years in the pokey.

In effect, the bill is pretty simple. Senate Bill 978 takes existing copyright laws that make the reproduction and distribution of copyrighted works a felony and adds the pungent phrase "public performances by electronic means" (that is, video streaming) to the list of things that can land you in the slammer."


Submission + - The Secret World of Alternative Operating Systems (

harrymcc writes: "We know that Windows is by far the world's dominant PC operating system. We know that OS X and Linux are Windows rivals with passionate user bases. But what's far less well-known is the bountiful supply of obscure-but-viable alternative OSes--including modern incarnations of defunct products such as OS/2 and BeOS as well as all-new contenders including MenuetOS and Inferno. Over at Technologizer, Benj Edwards has details and screenshots on a dozen interesting underdogs."

Submission + - Web vs. Desktop: “Never Bet Against the Open (

An anonymous reader writes: HTML5 and EcmaScript 5, provide very powerful APIs that blur the line between the Web and the Desktop user experience. This has resulted in more organizations choosing to build their applications using Web technologies, rather than the using the traditional Desktop approach. In order to explore the evolution of this trend, InfoQ had an interview with Dylan Schieman, CEO of SitePen and co-creator of the Dojo Toolkit, about the potential of the Web platform.

Comment Re:Again - people were paid to study this? (Score 1) 652

Your dad's hard physical labor probably had the opposite effect on his youthful appearance than you think it had. He probably stayed looking young not despite, but because of the labor. I (and other people that I have spoken to) find that people who do physical labor for a living stay looking younger than people that do "desk" work. After all, exercise is generally considered the closest thing to a fountain of youth that we have yet found.

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