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Comment Any Software Engineers out there? (Score 1) 1345

As a software engineer, I've learned different technologies along the way as I needed them, sometimes taking a class, usually just diving into samples and figuring it out. These include InstallScript, XSL, Java, JavaScript, JSF, Flex, and a pile of markup languages and other necessities. How many of you software folks out there have needed to learn a new language or technology for work? Did you take 2 years off and go back to school? I doubt it. When I've needed to know or understand something new it's always been easier for me to learn than when someone else thought I needed to know it. That's the core idea of Homeschooling, that when they need or want to learn something kids will dive into it and make it happen. Both my kids went into kindergarten excited about learning, and had their enthusiasm beat down in different ways mostly by the institutional one size fits all treatment. Now we homeschool, and though not "radical unschoolers" we're certainly somewhere on the unschool spectrum. It's brought back their enthusiasm. In fact my eleven year old expects a "sciencey fact" every night. We've been over everything from dark matter to plate tectonics to the importance of the magnetosphere. My nine year old got excited about a Nova Science now episode and went on at length telling me about how scientists hope to be able to use algae to create biofuel. All I can say is, its working for us, but it's not just about letting them wander aimlessly, sometimes its about putting things in their path and seeing what excites them.

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