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Comment Re:Unclear (Score 1) 235

Provable, eh? So, tell me how a middle class white guy is more privileged than Obama.

Obama's successor is the best proof of white privilege.

Or is the NBA and NFL just a bunch of racists because of black privilege in sports.

That has been the argument of racists since Jesse Owens won four gold medals in Berlin, 1936 and shattered the notion of white superiority. Well done.

Comment Re:what about h.265? (Score 1) 35

I hear it does great things for 4k, so it seems that it would be really great for HD, and even older 720 or 480 content too.

The main reason it does great on 4k/UHD is that the fixed 16x16 macroblocks in H.264 are too small, HEVC brings flexible coding tree units (CTUs) that vary from 64x64 to 16x16 which obviously has the most effect for the highest resolutions. If you restrict it to 16x16 CTUs you get a ~37% penalty on 2160p, ~19% on 1080p and ~9% penalty on 480p. So not as big a deal for older content as you might think.

Comment Re:WW2 [Re: Will this apply to slashdot as well?] (Score 1) 235

The recent election in the US shows that disturbing xenophobia* is alive and well in the US also

The recent election in the US show that the left's tactic of calling the opposition disturbing xenophobes (also: racist sexist isalamophobic transphobic and whatever else) doesn't work. But keep trying that same approach, so that Trump gets re-elected.

Comment Re:Inside every "Liberal" is an "Authoritarian" (Score 1) 235

Trump, for example, aims to delegitimise the speech of his opponents. His free speech is an attempted denial of others'.

Trump was simply more persuasive in the marketplace of ideas, this he won. Many people seem not to like democracy in action, and would prefer an aristocracy of the right kind of people, with approved views, instead. Fuck those people.

Comment WW2 [Re: Will this apply to slashdot as well?] (Score 1) 235

[...its own citizens can't resist hate speech] can't imagine why. I mean it's not like there's ever been a problem with it before in Europe...

Not just Europe. The recent election in the US shows that disturbing xenophobia* is alive and well in the US also. I was hoping that was a thing of the past and that democracies were more mature now. Apparently not.

Europe went through an ugly war that was triggered by or justified by racism and xenophobia. After having the shit bombed out of you, your family, and country; you may have a different perspective on hate-speech versus free-speech. Experience changes opinions.

I'm not condoning such censorship, but am seriously wondering how different I'd feel after going through what Europe did, and the US election made it less hypothetical.

* Supporters of T often claim it's merely about "protecting our borders and citizens". But T could have made essentially the same statements in much less offensive ways; and rarely apologizes for the awkward phrasing that to a good many of us, sure sounds like dog-whistle-politics. If you don't really mean it, make an effort to clean it up and grow better with time. Otherwise, you earn the criticism.

Comment Re: EU is not Democracy (Score 1) 235

Well, right. Proving intent is required. And the statement "you f*cking b*tch! I hate everything you say and if we ever meet i will rape you and hang you on your own intestines" would probably not pass that test. It's clearly hyperbole. See for instance, USA v. Bagdasarian, which established tow tests: (1) would the statement be understood by people hearing or reading it in context as a serious expression of an intent to kill or injure? and (2) did the defendant intend that the statement be understood as a threat?

The statement in questions seems to be a stream of rage, with outlandish language "hang you up on your own intestines" which, I think, would not be physically impossible, or at least unlikely without some serious and lengthy manipulation of the intestines to create something rope-line strong enough to hold a body.

Comment Embarrass them with their own rules (Score 1) 235

Because it's not feasible to manually review all messages, have AI filter out or over-mark suspect phrases in such countries, but include a notice similar to the following:

Notice: This message has been filtered to comply with law [law name and number] based on various words or phrases that look suspicious to our hate-speech detection software. If you feel this censorship was applied in error, click here for tips and assistance [link given].

This will help make users know how silly and annoying the laws are, and they may lose support.

It's somewhat similar to how retail shops list out the tax separate on receipts rather than just include it in the prices (which would otherwise simplify the receipt). Listing it out separate makes the fact that taxes are being applied clearer to the customer, making them less likely to keep or increase them in elections.

Comment Re:See??? (Score 2) 266

You're missing the point. The mechanical possibility that the car can lock someone in is a safety hazard. Sure, it's great when it locks a car thief in on purpose, not so great if it locks someone in accidentally on a hot day or if the car has been in an accident (especially if it's on fire).

It's not a theoretical matter, people have died that way.

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