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Comment Re:PI is 3 point something (Score 1) 190

22/7 is a marginally better estimate than 3.14 (~.04% vs ~.05%), both at the "cost" of remembering 3 digits. Are you suggesting that it's easier to remember "." than "/"? Not sure where you're going with this.

Both have, more or less, the same the difficulty to remember. The "22/7'" disadvantage is that you still have to perform the division to have the value while 3.14 already is the number.

I remember out to 3.14159, but that's wasted space and I'm not sure how those wasted digits snuck in there. Either 3-digit estimate is good enough for just about everything you're likely to run into.

I remember also 3.14159.

Of course, when you are in a situation where you need more digits. (I faced moments like that...) you probably already have the tools to fetch an approximation with more digits...

Comment Re:nobody remembers (Score 1) 262

it's worse for technologies that are not a single, atomic (as in undividable) invention - depending on who you ask you will hear lots of different names as "The Father Of X". "Inventor" of the telephone? Marconi, Reiss, Bell, depending on who you're asking. Not even possible to agree on a single "first" here.

The "inventor" is most of the time wrongly attributed. It is so common that there is a law (Stigler's law of eponymy) for that:

Comment Re:More and more abstraction (Score 1) 289

"These kinds of questions led Jack Reeves to suggest that in fact the source code is a design document and that the construction phase is actually the use of the compiler and linker. Indeed anything that you can treat as construction can and should be automated.

This, This, A thousand time this...

I am still amazed how difficult it is to accept this. It's like people can't handle the truth... (and there are many, also deluded on not, just using that to make a buck)

Comment Re:Germany should pay war reparations for WWII (Score 1) 743

I mean that if you get a paycheck in Drachmas, and the Drachma drops in value, your paycheck is effectively gone down when measured in euros. You can get the same effect by keeping euros, and just lowering the amount. The difference is psychological. People don't like it when the number on the paycheck drops. They don't mind it as much when the number stays the same, and the currency drops by an equal amount.

No it is not psychological, you are forgetting a few details:

- If you own the bank $$$ Drachmas and the Drachmas drops in value, the amount you own also drops, while if you drop your paycheck and the $$$ amount you own the does not drop YOU are literally worse off.

- If you are rich and have a lot of Drachmas and the Drachmas drops in value, you are literally worse off. On the other side if If you are rich and your employees take a pay cut, that is good for you.

- Also, when the Drachmas drops in value the German cars become more expensive and the Greeks will buy less of them while some local goods keep their relative price. That is not good for Germany. Worse, some other EU countries can get the same ideas...

Comment Re:Liberty (Score 1) 1097

Thomas Jefferson said "A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have." I warn you - A government big enough to protect you is strong enough to destroy you.

Well. The bad part is that "A government that is not big enough to give you everything you want is still strong enough to take everything you have."

Worse: "A government that is not big enough to protect you is still strong enough to destroy you."

Even worse: if your government is not big enough to protect you then there are a lot of people strong enough to destroy you.

Comment Re:His hotheaded attitude might turn people away (Score 1) 361

I suspect there are some mission critical projects which have decided to not use Linux when they found out how unprofessionally the leader acts. "Cool kernel, but can we really put our trust on this kind of guy?"

They looked at his track record, leading a 23 year project from something that he started alone to having a global community of developers. How linux it is the kernel in the majority of mobile devices and supercomputers and said: "No, we need to choose something else marketed by a sensitive weasel..."

I just hope that those mission critical projects stay very far from me...

Comment Re:Deliberate (Score 1) 652

No need to. In terms of safety the biggest catastrophe with the largest kill count and biggest population displacement was wonderful green hydroelectric dams.

That is why there are so many people afraid of hydroelectric dams! Oh wait... Aren't they?

No one is hiding nuclear from renewables using coal. Renewables is not the answer due to their inherent lack of baseload, so you compare nuclear to any other baseload system. Coal just happens to be the most popular and also a natural fallback for when .... e.g. the Germans shutter nuclear facilities. So why wouldn't you compare them?

You are wrong (from Wikipedia):

" Among the renewable energy sources, hydroelectric, geothermal,[3] biogas, biomass, solar thermal with storage and ocean thermal energy conversion can provide baseload power."

Renewable energy sources can provide baseload and, right now, coal just happens to be the most popular because things are rigged to make others pay the real price of using it. Again, don't hide the nuclear problems comparing it to coal.

Comment Re:Deliberate (Score 1) 652

A coal plant, working absolutely perfectly according to its design parameters, will cause much more environmental and health damage than even a "catastrophic" nuclear failure. So no, it's not a technical issue. It's an emotional issue.


Why is that, in every discussion about renewable sources (hydro, wind, solar), the pro nuclear crowd has to bring the coal, only to try to make nuclear look better?

Those pushing for renewable sources also don't like coal, so don't hide the nuclear problems with the coal problems.

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