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Comment Re:Lame (Score 1) 114

Bullshit. OS upgrades used to be a total crapshoot of your computer even booting. I've only had one failure in over a dozen Windows upgrades (my home machine is on Insider beta builds). What they're doing now is avoiding the heartburn and pain of upgrading and finding some random driver isn't compatible. "Hey, we see people have reported that your WiFi card has issues. Don't upgrade yet." Instead of the very real experience I had several times updating an OS only to find that I couldn't connect to the internet anymore and there was no solution ready yet.

I don't know what rose tinted world you used to live in where every update was smooth and trouble free but I don't think you're describing most people's experiences.

Comment Re:prediction... more good comments... not (Score 1) 478

Funny, every study on minimum wage has seen negligible if any reduction in jobs. But you just state as "fact" the opposite.

We compare all contiguous county-pairs in the United States that straddle a state border and ïnd no adverse employment effects.

God do I feel like such an asshole right now for claiming that your rant on the minimum wage is ideological opinion based on economic theory not empirical study.

Comment Depends on your precision (Score 1) 221

I would say development time falls within powers of ten:

1) Nation-State scale applications: Windows, Linux, AWS, Apache => Tens of Billions in developer time to a usable product.
2) Flagship applications: Adobe creative suite, Microsoft Office, Quicken, AutoCAD, Chrome, Xbox Live, World of Warcraft => Hundreds of millions of dollars in developer time
3) Applications: Popular PC and Console games, Regular, boxed software = Tens of millions of dollars.
4) Utilities: Enterprise specific tools, Cloudberry, most mobile games = millions
5) Crapware and Scripts = Thousands to Hundreds of thousands.

Comment Re: Nobody (Score 2) 236

Great idea! Hobble their whole Surface line of PCs and every single Mac vs PC comparison in order to win a pissing contest over browser efficiency.

Microsoft would be idiots to sabotage Chrome performance when they know that Chrome would be a normal battery benchmark when people reviewed their computers.

Comment Re:Hey GM, how about that EV1? (Score 1) 289

Tesla wants to sell its self-driving car tech to other car companies. At let's say $2.5k profit per vehicle if they could up-sell 10% of new cars that would $5B/profit a year.

There are a lot of other non-obvious ways Tesla is poised to potentially make its market cap downright sensible. For instance if Tesla owners started Ubering out their self driving cars in 2-3 years and Uber took a 33% cut of every dollar Tesla-Uber revenue they would be making billions. That's already worth $50B.

Eventually solar roofs will be a no-brainer cost/benefit choice for most of the country. That's a multi-billion dollar industry.

You have to view Tesla as a tech company with growth potential outside of folded metal. If you added up the market valuation of MobilEye ($15B), Uber ($51B) and a conservative Tesla Cars ($5B) you're already well in excess of their $50B valuation.

Meanwhile GM almost went bankrupt already once within the last 10 years. What are the odds they won't go bankrupt again in the next 10? Best case scenario GM is worth $10B/year for the next 10 years (probably less profit). Worst case scenario you're wiped out in bankruptcy. Best case scenario for Tesla they are cranking out $10B in profit a year (they already have 5x increase in reservations for next year than this last years' sales so that's a good trajectory), selling another $10B in self driving car tech to Ford and Nissan and Honda and Chevy, selling $5B/year in self-driving car rides, capturing 20% of the $144B independent semi-truck driving business with a fleet of self driving electric trucks... the list goes on and on. Or they like GM also go bankrupt.

The upside to Tesla is massive. The risk of losing it all is probably higher in my opinion for GM. Their last CEO went on the record calling Tesla a scam. Anyone who thinks Tesla is just a cash -> steel and wheels business doesn't get why they are valued what they are.

Microsoft used to be microscopic compared to IBM as well...

Comment Re:Author is deluded (Score 1) 88

The universe in which Evan Spiegel's product can't be patented and can be copied by larger, better funded companies in a week or two (tops).

Facebook is doing Snapchat's potential investors a favor by clearly demonstrating that there is no value in Snapchat since it can't differentiate itself and therefore can't compete.

Comment Re:Now "fixed" (Score 1) 114

Hey just to rub it in here is the official Microsoft statement on the bug.

Edgar explains that it needed to detect the browser being used because not every browser supports prefetching. While a technique it used worked with Safari on Mac, it hung for Chrome on Linux.

"The second technique does not hang on Safari on Mac, but it does on Chrome on Linux. We will definitely ensure that more Linux testing is done."

What do you know, it was a compatibility issue where different solutions were used on different browsers and changing your User String would result in a different code path working better.

Comment Re:Now "fixed" (Score 2) 114

Go back to your job at Radio Shack.

Speaking of potential Radio Shack employees... changing the user string is a perfectly plausible fix.

Let's say you have a bug that creates an expensive UI watch thread. When you change your user agent the UI library will deliver the wrong version of the javascript that either is in a different commit that doesn't have the bug or the script fails to execute on the 'wrong' platform, raises an error to the console and dies (and no longer wasting resources). Sometimes a javascript thread crashing and being killed speeds up a website. You lose some piece of functionality you didn't realize the website was trying to provide and your experience greatly improves. That's the entire concept behind adblockers: trim superfluous javascripts to improve privacy and performance.

Comment Re:Well, you could be _that_ guy... (Score 1) 456

im_thatoneguy and I don't feel like I've ever really even needed to mandate anything I just generally respond to the last incoming message format.

Strangers (American) : Email or Facebook Messenger.
Friends and Family: SMS (for throw away communication) or Facebook Messenger (If I want a log).
Strangers (Foreign): WhatsApp
Intraoffice: Slack

Comment Re: no comments? (Score 1) 271

BLS 2014: 3.9 million
H-1B Visas (New and renewed) 2014: 315,857

315,857 / 3,900,000 = 8%

I'm also incredibly curious how companies are hiring "11% fewer employees" because of H1B visas when H1B employees only make up 8% of the CS workforce (And that's even assuming 100% of all H1B visa applicants go into CS). That would imply that H1B employees are so efficient that the total workforce can be scaled down by nearly 33% thanks to their presence. Which would mean H1B employees are incredible!

Comment Re:Desert (Score 2) 457

Also, decay of plant material under hyrdo reseviors and active aquatic microbial digestion is a source of added methane emmissions. Studies show these emissions may be quite high.

No headlines make these emissions sound "quite high" relative to every other energy source they're in-line with solar and wind. They aren't perfect, but they aren't worse than fossil fuels by a factor of 10.

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