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Comment Re:EEE (Score 1) 402

Netscape became Firefox which did just fine. And Netscape has its share of proprietary extensions that were just as non-standard as Microsofts because the web sucked without them back in 1999. Most of microsoft's DHTML became HTML5... which was only ratified like last year. Nobody is willing to sit around for a decade for a standards body to work.

POSIX is alive and well in Linux. Windows wasn't a Unix based operating system so it's not shocking it wouldn't stick to Unix compatibility.

Xenix was from the 80s and Microsoft clearly wasn't interested to focus on Windows. It's not like Microsoft slowly extended Unix until it became Windows and Linux/Unix is dead today.

You mostly just listed a bunch of competing products as if that is anything like what is happening today.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 460

They haven't nominated Hillary yet. Her coronation is next week

I didn't know that nominating the primary candidate with the most votes of any party in a democratic election was a "coronation". Did Kings also win the most votes? It's been a while since I read up on monarchies, guess I forgot that detail.

Comment Re:They should fix their user schema first (Score 1) 57

Change tracking / historical retention can be achieved in many ways. Depending on what you want to preserve and how you expect to need to recover it, you can simply backup the transaction logs, regularly backup the database itself, or create a history table for each table you need historical data on and create a trigger that copies affected rows, along with a timestamp column with a default of SYSDATETIME() or similar, on UPDATE or DELETE.

Or... instead of triggering a database wide update because a user changed their name.. just use a key like everybody else in every other database schema.

Comment Re:What a mess (Score 0, Troll) 460

The US has a choice between a politician so sleezy as to be a caricature of a cliche politician, and a narcicistic psychopath who would quite happily plunge the world into world war 3 if someone makes fun of the size of his hands.

I love how people assume Hillary is "a sleezy politician" based on the word of a "narcissistic psychopath and pathological liar who would plunge the world into world war 3."

Here's a wild idea. Maybe Hillary isn't a sleezy politician and the narcissistic pathological liar who would plunge the world into world war 3 is... *gasp* lying about her just like he lies about everything else.

The most dirt Trump seems to have on Hillary is:

1) She kept a private email server against institution best practices which ended up having 100 emails (out of hundreds of thousands) that had information the FBI considers top secret.
2) She kept a private email server against institution policy in which someone emailed her classified documents that were mis-labeled.
3) She passed NAFTA while first lady (which the CBO has concluded neither really hurt nor helped employment overall). (But Trump is totally fine with his VP who is a huge free trade advocate).
4) She voted for giving Bush the power to use military force against Sadaam. (But Trump is totally fine with his VP making the same choice.)
5) She won't say "Radical Islamic Terrorism" enough.

Even for a narcissistic pathological liar like Trump that's a pretty short list of attacks.

Comment Re:It is not unlimited. (Score 1) 420

It's not sleazy to end a sweetheart grandfathered deal that they only ever continued out of the "kindness of their hearts" for the customer's goodwill. If I move into an apartment for $1,000 a month and a year later when my lease is up my landlord allows me to stay at $1,000 a month even though the new rental rate is $2,000 they still can decide in 6 months if I'm throwing loud parties every month that they aren't going to keep me on my old less expensive lease. They can say "You know what, we're not interested in renewing your lease." or they can say "If you're going to be eliciting complaints regularly from your neighbors for noise you're going to have to pay the latest full monthly rate for a unit of your size which is $2,000.

"Maybe it's technically legal but it's still sleazy" applies as much or more in my opinion to being given an unlimited *phone* plan and then using it to substitute a fixed land-line internet plan at the latest network speeds even though you originally probably signed on for an unlimited 1mbps connection.

Another good metaphor would be you move into a pet-friendly apartment building. But you have a dog that endlessly barks. They can decide that while they are pet friendly *your* pet is not welcome and choose to not renew a lease. To be even more accurate it would be like moving into a pet friendly apartment, the apartment building being sold to a new owner and pets being banned, but anyone currently renting can keep a pet indefinitely. A year later your pet turns out to be a nuisance and you are evicted because your pet is loud.

Comment It is unlimited. (Score 2, Informative) 420

Their unlimited plan is unlimited. But if your unlimited usage is exceedingly high they can decide they don't want to sell you an unlimited plan anymore.

I know people who setup a wifi hotspot with their unlimited Verizon plan and then serve dozens of people on job sites for months on end uploading media and video. They're not normal users. I can understand why Verizon wouldn't want them anymore.

Similarly I use 10TB of backblaze for $50/year. I'm I imagine not-profitable. So I could understand if they told me that I have 2 months and then they don't want me as a customer anymore even though it's Unlimited. It's unlimited but not every unlimited customer is one they want. Maybe you go over one month and they allow you to spike for free. But I can see how a sustained money loser is not someone they are interested in keeping on. (Then again with backblaze I've converted numerous people to be customers and became a cloud storage customer at work so I imagine their generosity has paid off now.)

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