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Comment Re:is comcast conning me? (Score 1) 141

a 70 mph windstorm will bring down so many Douglas Fir trees that it can take two weeks to restore power to some areas. During any of these our land line will continue to work as long as the phone line itself isn't broken,

What makes you think the lines are separate? I've had my power go out from downed douglas fir trees numerous times. Never had my cell phone go out in the PNW once. If I was designing a system to provide emergency communication in a disaster area I wouldn't rely on physical wires to every destination.

Comment Re:The speeds are good enough! (Score 1) 50

I'd rather have a consistent 5Mb/s speed that's truly unlimited and not throttled.

Really? What if the throttle is at 0.5MB/s * 60s * 60m * 24hr * 30 days = 1.2TB?

I would rather for most applications have high burst potential to decide where and when I want my data than to arbitrarily spread the transfer out over days or hours.

All else being equal faster is better. And I would very much be interested in uncapping for bursts by the MB like Amazon AWS.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 50

All this speed doesn't mean anything with data caps.

Limited speed *is* a data cap. It's just a datacap that forces you to somewhat arbitrarily spread out your usage. If you want to download a BluRay quality film that is 50GB then you have to wait 50,000MB / 10mbps = 14 hours of downloading before it finishes. Or you have volume capped gigabit of 100GB/day and you only have to wait 8 minutes before it's finished downloading.

You can't say "doesn't mean anything" as long as the data caps are reasonable. Sure there is something to be said for a 10mbps connection which gives you 2.5TB of transfer per month. But there's also something to be said for a 1000mbps connection where you can only transfer 200GB. It's safe to say that there is no way to argue that a 2.5TB capped gigabit connection is worse than a 10mbps (2.5TB/month at max speed) connection of equal price.

Comment Re:That just means (Score 1) 50

Throttling speed is worse than throttling bandwidth. Let's say you have 1TB of data you need transferred.

Your ISP might throttle your speed to 10mbps for $30/month.
1MB/s * 60s/min * 60min/hr * 24hr/day * 30days/month = 2.5TB/Month cap but you have to wait a month to transfer that 2.5TB.

If you have 2.5TB to transfer it's far better from a user standpoint to have a 1000mbps connection where the transfer is completed in 8 hours overnight.

Both are effectively 2.5TB caps, one objectively though is superior since it does the exact same job in a fraction of the time.

Comment Re:Rape sympathizers (Score 1) 222

The problem is that there is "Rape Culture" which is the academic and thoroughly intellectualized concept. And then there is just a handy term that gets used as a bludgeon. The same is true of "Cultural Appropriation". It's a narrow and specific concept but then a bunch of people who took a class once read it and like all things that someone once took a class on without actually thoroughly learning, they start applying it willy nilly until the concept is thoroughly generalized to just mean "bad people doing bad things". It's the Sociological equivalent of the word "disrupt". "Look at this 'Disruptive' hammer I made! It has a rubber grip!"

Comment Google Scam Department is setious business (Score 4, Informative) 105

Google actually takes these guys on. I wrangled one of them into giving me a mailing address to pay by check and reported it to Google they were prompt in responding,got me in touch with their legal department and took as much info as I could give them. I saw on the news 2 months later that they filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against that exact company so it's clear they're always building cases against these guys.

Comment Re:We live in a 2 OS society (Score 1) 189

The problem is Apple is overly complacent.

Today you can write a top app for Windows UWP, Android and iOS in short order. You can even maintain an app on all 3. But these are really truly "Apps". And the dev effort is "Only" a couple million for most. They're glorified websites by and large. Apple is happily sitting on the premium customers and losing market share but enjoying app parity or even superiority. The question becomes though what do you write for when you want to write the next Autocad or $3,000 program? I think companies will stop seeing iOS as a given when faced with substantially higher dev costs for multi-platform development vs quick and easy apps. I expect sometime soon as apps are expected to do more for there to be a second round of winnowing to one dominant OS again.

Comment Re:We live in a 2 OS society (Score 4, Interesting) 189

The question is can Google move Android/Chrome to the desktop fast enough to capitalize on their phone dominance. Apple isn't showing any interest in OSX anymore. Linux has to wait for someone to win and then copy.

Essentially you have Google and Microsoft in a duel where the first to finish assembling the gun in front of them wins. It looks like nothing is happening but as soon as one of them gets an OS and app library that solves both desktop and mobile the race will be over in a near instant.

Major innovation started and stopped with the shift to capacitive touch/multi-touch touch screens and the availability of 2G Edge data. People scoff at Windows Mobile 5 using a stylus, but anyone who has tried to use a resistive touch screen with their finger knows why styluses were necessary. Apple got there first but their first-mover success is rapidly evaporating and they've lost all advantage they once had on hardware quality and design both in mobile and the desktop market.

So the question becomes who gets Photoshop first? Windows Mobile as a Universal Application or Google as an android app for the Chromebook?

Comment Re:So it's a PC (Score 1) 263

That's not at all true. Look at the release of No Man's Sky this week. Some people had VC++ 2010 installed, some didn't. Some people were on the latest drivers, some weren't.

Then you get into the unpredictable performance issues. We have a farm of 20 machines and about 5 different hardware configurations. The render time is pretty different across XGhz * YMemory * Zarchitecture. Some frames render really fast thanks to fast memory, some render really fast because high GHZ. It's a total crapshoot on how long a simulation on the CPU will take. So sure your GPU is a well understood quantity but there is a lot of slop in predicting precisely how many fragments a box can break into without taking longer than X ms to process on the CPU.

These are all surmountable problems. Obviously because the PC gaming industry exists. But generally speaking the criticism that consoles are better tuned for performance is true due to their smaller target size. But it's false that 3 consoles is equivalent to the 10 billion PCs all unique out in the world with different drivers, different libraries installed, different hard drives, different network cards etc..

Comment Re:Famous words... (Score 1) 263

No one needs more than Project Scorpio.

He didn't say they wouldn't make a faster box. Just that they don't see themselves releasing "generations". Instead of there being a clean break every 6 years you're going to pick your price point and get all of the latest games at that quality.

2016 : Xbox One: 1080p HDR gaming.
2017 : Xbox One Scorpio: 4k HDR gaming and VR.
Xbox 2019 : 4k HDR gaming and VR w/ raytracing.
Xbox 2021: Lightfield Raytraced UHDR 4k gaming. Xbox Ones no longer play AAA titles. But will play indie games and DOTA 4.
Xbox 2022: Lightfield Raytraced UHDR 8k gaming. Xbox Scorpios no longer support AAA titles.

They will stick to 6 years of depreciation where 6 year old systems just can't handle it I imagine, but the transition will be easy and you can jump in to "modern" hardware at any given point in time.

Comment Re:So it's a PC (Score 1) 263

Take that away and what exactly would differentiate Scorpio from a gaming PC?

There is a big difference between 2 hardware platforms (One and Scorpio) supported at a time vs the 2,000,000,000 hardware combinations on Windows. You might even say it's a 1,000,000,000 times different.

- Let's say we all stuck to the last 3 generations of GPU alone with a Low/Mid/High GPU selection per generation. Ok that's 6 GPUs from AMD and NVidia that's 18 GPUs total. But we also need the 2GB vs 4GB RAM in each of those...
- Let's say there are "only" 7 CPUs from Intel: M, i3 low, i3 mid, i5 mid, i5 high, i7 high and i7 enthusiast.
- Let's say AMD narrows their portfolio to 3 CPUs.
- Let's say that there are 5 motherboard chipsets worth paying attention to and 3 RAM speeds.
- Let's say everybody is on the last 4 versions of Windows: 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

36 GPUs * 10 CPUs * 5 Motherboards * 3 RAM speeds * 4 Windows versions = 76,000 combinations... vs 2.5 combinations (Xbox One/S, Scorpio). And we radically narrowed the supported specs to only target the most common probably 25% of PCs.

Also does your PC have an HDMI in, almost certainly not? All of the XBoxes do. Are you on the latest Windows Patches? The Xbox is.

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