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Comment Re:More condoms less climate change (Score -1, Flamebait) 161

There is overwhelming evidence that Climate Change is real. The problem isn't the evidence, but your refusal (for whatever reason) to accept it. It's the exact same attitude as anti-vaxxers or anti-evolution people. The evidence is overwhelming, yet instead of accepting that the evidence exists and adjusting their opinions accordingly, they double-down on their pre-conceived notions because of some kind of emotional investment in what they believe.

However, I agree with your main point. People need to stop fucking like rabbits. I see religion as being a serious factor in this, because most religions *insist* that people fuck like rabbits for "the greater glory of god" or some bullshit. The Catholic Church, for example, consider contraceptives to be Bad(tm).

We're eating this planet alive with our collective greed and self-obsession, and nobody seems to care. I hate to say it, but we *need* another world war to thin down the numbers.

Comment Re:... what? (Score 2) 90

They probably mean just that the paint app included with Windows 10 is being updated. The line between Core OS and applications included with the OS has been blurring for a long time now. All OSes are subject to this, including Linux.

Hell, most modern programming languages do this now too. mutter mutter grumble

Comment Re:Legit Question (Score 1) 48

This is utter nonsense. Either you can program or you can't.

Now THAT is utter nonsense.

What is your metric for determining whether someone can program or not? There are tons of people who are basically code monkeys. They can program, but the code they produce is absolute crap. They just vomit out code without having the slightest understanding as to what that code is doing underneath.

A great example is, once I saw code from a supposedly 'senior' developer that iterated through a hashmap to find the value he needed.

No language reduces code from, say, 40 lines to 4 lines, just like that. What it's actually doing is abstracting the hard work away from you in the form of a library or whatever. And that's well and good when you understand what is going on. But when a language has all this stuff build into the core of the language, it gives the impression that this knowledge is not important, so when all hell breaks loose, the inexperienced developer is stuck.

It all boils down to structural vs functional knowledge about what you're doing. Someone with functional knowledge could write a routine that writes data to disk, one byte at a time, and not understand why their code runs so slowly. They will likely complain that "the computer is too slow." Meanwhile, a programmer with structural knowledge of how a computer functions, will understand the limits of what an HDD can do, and cache up their writes so that they write an entire block at once.

Comment Re:Should have used APPS! (Score 1) 109

Modern app appers know that ONLY apps can app apps, NOT LUDDITE software like LUDDITE Linux, so appy app apps can't be apped by LUDDITE hackers!

You know, you gotta admire his persistence.

He could re-invent the smurfs, except everyone wears hipster clothing and says "apps" instead of "smurf"

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