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Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 1) 297

O_o Unless I've looked at the scraping-of-the-barrel-bottom end of devices, I haven't come across anything in last few years that doesn't have an HDMI port.... but regardless.

Yes, I agree that it makes perfect sense to sit down at your desk, plug in one cable, and boom, there you go. And being able to do that without relying on one of the bajillion proprietary connectors that dell, lenovo, etc, have, is wonderful. So I'm not sure we're actually disagreeing at all.

My primary beef is that Apple *already* has a line of slimline laptops. In fact, they have *two*. Macbook, and Macbook Air. They are fine, high quality machines that suit the majority of people's needs.

Macbook Pro meanwhile has been a hard core machine for people who need extra capabilities/flexibility. And yet Apple insists on turning that into a clone of two product lines that they already have. People for whom wifi isn't good enough. Who's photo collections measure in gigabytes per shoot. Who routinely need a high-powered mobile workhorse. These kind of people need the kind of flexibility that previous generation MBPs delivered. Flexibility has been (within reason) the name of the game since day 1. But in the last few years it's been getting locked down more and more to the point where it's basically a toaster with a pretty screen.

I'm still using my 2011 MBP because:
-It has an ethernet port
-I was able to upgrade the ram myself to 16GB
-I was able to replace the HD with a 1TB SSD.

Yes, having to have a bunch of video dongles was annoying, but the overall package was so good that the dongles were only a minor ding.

There's no way I could have afforded a MBP with these specs at the time I bought it. If I spec'ed out the current gen MBP to what I believe would satisfy my needs for the next several years, I'm looking at a *minimum* of $4000, and even then it still isn't good enough cause, like you pointed out, it maxes out at 16GB. That's just flat out, unadulterated bullshit.

And this is why I'm pissed off to hell, and why I feel (if I were being completely honest) betrayed. I've been using Apple for over a decade now, and now Apple is so clearly and unequivocally taking the piss out of their customers that I now being forced to reconsider my computing needs. Do I want to go into debt just to buy a new computer that won't even fulfill my needs now, let alone 3 years from now, or do I want to go back to Microsoft and let them forcibly take away all control of my machine to the point where I may not even have a working computer from one day to the next cause they f__ked up yet another update.

I would move to Linux, but the linux software ecosystem is just not fit for desktop use and it looks like it never will be. LibreOffice, despite it's recent improvements, still has some shocking gaps. Linux doesn't have one single email client that has the polish of even an average-level Windows or Mac client. (Even Evolution, which is supposedly the best there is, is basically a clusterf__k unless you connect it to exchange.)

Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 1) 297

Oh, don't be so hyperbolic. Of course a laptop doesn't need all those ports. But it isn't even slightly unreasonable that a laptop would be equipped with standard ports that will outlive the life of the laptop itself. And your point isn't even well made, because we arn't even talking about edge cases. Apple is forcing you to buy dongles for ALL cases. Doesn't matter what you do, or if 99.9999% of the world needs to do a particular thing... you HAVE to buy a dongle. I mean, FFS, You can't even connect a brand new iPhone 7 to the latest MBP, without a dongle.

HDMI is the new VGA. You go into *any* meeting room, and they will almost guaranteed have an HDMI connection available to the projector/tv/whatever.
SD cards are still very heavily used by professional photographers, as others have stated, and they won't be going away anytime soon.
Ethernet? I will be surprised if Ethernet disappears any less than 3 decades from now.
USB? There are literally ZERO external mice or keyboards that use USB-C. There are metric fucktons of perfectly good USB3 devices that are still being actively used. They are still being actively developed and manufactured.

And with the exception of ethernet, *all* of these ports could be included while still obsessing over unnecessary thinness.

The most frustrating part of all this is that there is absolutely NO reason why this had to become and either/or scenario. I love the TB3 ports just fine, but Apple could have included the TB3 ports and still included those other ports, and this whole debate would never have happened. But they didn't, and people like me that rely on our laptops to be mobile workhorses are feeling justifiably betrayed.

The single most important point here, and this is one that seems to be inexplicably glossed over by literally everyone defending Apple's moves, is that this is a PROFESSIONAL level laptop. Professional users have much more demanding needs and requirements than the average sitting-in-starbucks-reading-facebook person. I had no issue with the fact that The Macbook Air and Macbook were designed the way they were. They are perfect for that market segment. But don't pull this horseshit on a laptop labeled "Pro", and then expect people to be happy.

Comment Re:Expected /. response (Score 5, Informative) 500

You forgot "Microsoft can access your machine and pull anything they want from it at any point in time without your knowledge and/or consent".

You also have zero control of updates. Unless you have a WSUS server, your machine WILL get updates on the schedule Microsoft forces upon you, and if those updates happen to hose your system, then too bad so sad.

I have a small pilot of Windows 10 machines at our company, and the last Anniv. update hosed *all* of them. Some were able to get up and running again by reverting to the previous version. One couldn't even revert, requiring us to re-image the machine.

The problem is that Microsoft wants all the control of your computer, but none of the responsibility. Maybe that's all well and good for home users, since the average home user wouldn't know what to do anyway, but for professional users and administrators who (for whatever reason) don't have the benefit of WSUS, that is *absolutely* unacceptable.

Comment Re:Fitbit must die (Score 1) 101

Is it unsupported thought? The last time I looked a few months ago, Android 5 devices were still being sold, so you'd have to forgive people for thinking that their device *was* still supported.

Hell, looking at Google's own metrics ( Android 6 *still* has less than 30% marketshare. Android 7 is practically a statistical error despite having been out for 6 months now.

Knowledgable people like you and me can sort through the garbage and pick out the good stuff, but point remains that the watch phrase for the entire Android ecosystem is "Caveat Emptor".

Comment What the heck is going on at Apple? (Score -1, Offtopic) 338

I want to know what is going on over at Apple, and if the process has begun to get Tim Cook fired.

I want to know when is Apple going to resume making the excellent hardware they made a decade ago, or if they're just going to continue to slap silly gimicks onto otherwise substandard hardware, while raising the prices beyond all reason?

I want to know if Apple is going to make it simpler to develop iOS applications on non-Apple hardware, since it's becoming harder and harder to justify buying Apple's increasingly lacklustre hardware, and Mac OS itself has been (essentially) deprecated.

I want to know if Apple has outright admitted that they don't care about professional users anymore. Their behaviour has certainly demonstrated that fact beyond a shadow of a doubt, but I'm curious as to whether this is an official policy or just breathtakingly myopic incompetence.

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