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Comment Re:Defective by Design (Score 3, Informative) 222

Apple pay isn't on android, by definition. Unless you're talking about the competing Google Pay, which is a different competing standard. And then there's Samsung pay because they have to duplicate everything Google does.

The real question is whether your institution supports it. If your bank, etc, supports Apple Pay but not Google Pay, or vis versa, and you really want that functionality, then your answer is clear, regardless of your brand loyalty.

Also, what is this facetime equivalent you speak of, assuming you're not just talking about Skype?

Comment Re:Use a password manager (Score 1) 38

That is true. I went ahead and bit the bullet cause I couldn't find anything else that had it's feature set. It's broad platform and browser support, multiple vaults, and general polish of the application are very benefits to me. I was also able to get the desktop version on sale, which also helped. :)

The only thing missing for me, is the lack of Linux support, and it's limited sync support (ie: It only supports dropbox and icloud).

If you can suggest a tool that can do what 1password does, AND supports Linux and, say, owncloud, I would very seriously consider it.

My desired features for an ideal password manager:
-Support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
-Support all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera)
-Strong encryption
-Can handle multiple vaults simultaneously and seamlessly
-Support for various sync solutions including Dropbox, Box, OwnCloud, etc. (my preference being OwnCloud)

Comment Use a password manager (Score 3, Interesting) 38

I'll get this in now before it gets buried in comments: Use a password manager. The internet is too risky to be re-using passwords. Although there are various free ones out there, I went and bought 1password. It runs on Windows, OSX, iOS and Android. It has a read-only version that works in Linux. (I wish they'd make a Linux version, but as of yet, they haven't) It also has plugins for every major browser out there. It can also sync your passwords between multiple devices.

You can use it to keep track of all your passwords, and will even generate random passwords for you.

Nowdays, the risk of password re-use is just too high, and you're basically playing russian roulette with someone from a far off country just itching to steal your identity info, or cause havoc in some other way.

Comment Re:Media Tek Devices (BLU) (Score 1) 164

I learned the hard way that buying cheap android devices from lesser known manufacturers is a complete waste of money. They won't be updated by the manufacturer, you won't be able to update them because they're probably using lesser known parts, and it may not even be fit for purpose out of the box.

You're better off paying the extra money and buying a more mainstream device from Google, or devices that at least are supported by Cyanogenmod, miui or some other 3rd party android distribution.

Comment Re:No problem (Score 1) 164

GP may be a smidge hyperbolic, but not by much. And IMO Google does hold some blame for this. They have the power to enforce good behaviour, but don't. At least, they haven't been up till now. I've read rumblings about them wanting to take back some control of android, but I don't know details or timeframe.

True, there's nothing to be done with the crap hardware put out by two-bit companies, but for big companies such as Samsung, etc, who subscribe to Google's value-add services, Google could have very easily added into the contract that these downstream companies are obligated to provide fixes for bugs and security issues on their devices.

It's to Google's discredit that they didn't, and now the overwhelming majority of handsets in the world are badly exposed to various security issues that will never be fixed, cause the companies that made them feel no pressure to support their products. Heck, the last time I checked android stats, a sizable majority of handsets still use some flavour of Android 4.x. Good luck getting updates for those, unless you are lucky enough to root your device and replace the OS with cyanogenmod or something similar.

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