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Submission + - NSA Confirmed to Monitor 75% of Domestic Internet Traffic, Store Domestic Emails (nbcnews.com)

ilikenwf writes: Today it has been confirmed that the NSA, contrary to their own word, has the capability to monitor 75% of domestic internet traffic, and stores all domestic emails. So much for their cyber spying programs being limited to suspects and foreign nationals — does this mean they consider every U.S. citizen a criminal? Heap in the fact they're working on a real time facial recognition system to use live with security camera feeds, and you have a situation that makes George Orwell spin in his grave.

Submission + - New Sony Patent Blocks Second Hand Games (ign.com)

silentbrad writes: From IGN: "... the patent application was filed on 9 December 2012 by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, and will work by linking individual game discs to a user's account without requiring a network connection meaning any future attempt to use this disc on another user's console won't work. The patent explains that games will come with contactless tags that will be read by your console in much the same way as modern bank cards. When a disc is first used, the disc ID and player ID will be stored on the tag. Every time the disc is used in future, the tag will check if the two ID’s match up and, if not, then the disc won’t work. The document goes on to explain that such a device is part of Sony's ongoing efforts to deter second-hand games sales, and is a far simpler solution than always-on DRM or passwords. It's worth noting that Sony has not confirmed the existence of the device, and the patent doesn't state what machine it will be used in, with later paragraphs also mentioning accessories and peripherals. ... There's also the issue of what happens should your console break and need replacing, or if you have more than one console. Will the games be linked to your PSN account, meaning they can still be used, or the console, meaning an entire new library of titles would need to be purchased?

Submission + - School Sued for Spying on Students with Laptop Cam (businessinsider.com)

ilikenwf writes: A student and his family have sued his highschool after he was repremanded for “improper behavior in his home,” using a photo taken from the camera as evidence. Surprisingly, this didn't happen in a more police state nation like England or Austrailia — nay, it happened in Philadelphia, PA. While this may appear to be a cut and dry 1st Amendment (and possible pedophilia) violation, the school is actually backing the actions of the principal.

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