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Submission + - Nightingale Media Player 1.11 Released for Linux, Mac, Windows (getnightingale.com)

ilikenwf writes: "Nightingale is a fork of the Mozilla-based Songbird media player. You may recall the preview release of the Nightingale Media Player back in December. Since then, the project has become version concurrent with Songbird's code, fixed many bugs, and added Macintosh support. This new version is marked with speed and efficiency improvements, and has the newly added features of play queueing, automatic update support, and a refreshed look. The project is still seeking users and fans, as well as people willing to contribute code, bug reports, and documentation. Nightingale's cross platform nature and it's consistency between these platforms makes it an attractive choice for users desiring consistency and familiarity in their media player between all members of the desktop OS trifecta."

Submission + - Nightingale Media Player Preview Released (getnightingale.com)

ilikenwf writes: "You may or may not remember the Mozilla-based Songbird media player, which dropped official Linux support in April, 2010. Since then, the Nightingale community fork has waxed and waned in terms of membership and progress, but thanks to having a completely new dev team has today produced a preview build based on Songbird 1.8.1. The team promises a release of a Songbird trunk based build later this year, with fixes and an upgrade to Gecko 6. Plans to support Linux, Windows, and Mac are in the works, with the preview builds being available only for Linux and Windows at the moment. Aside from trying to pull in refugees from the Songbird community, Nightingale wants more developers to aid in fixing dropped and broken features from Songbird — and to add new ones."
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Submission + - PSPP: An Open Source Clone of the SPSS Statistics (mattparnell.com)

ilikenwf writes: SPSS is an extremely expensive piece of software. After showing it to a professor and proving that it does all of the necessary statistical functions, I have been able to convince my school to use at least one piece of opensource software over a closed source version that they are currently paying thousands of dollars for. PSPP is fully functional and a GNU project, and I for one am satisfied. It does all of the functions I need to get through my assignments. A demo video is included.

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