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Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 1) 755

If it does not say who committed what, no, it is not enough. And I'd like to point out that the UN report does not say who was responsible, because the attacks were not carried out using standard chemical weapons, that is SCUD missiles or other specific rockets which were in Assad's arsenals at the time, but rearranged standard rockets were used instead. If it were the former, there wouldn't be much doubt, because only Assad had the right rockets, but the difficult part about chemical weapons is not producing the chemical agent (even a sect could do it), it is weaponize them: so the conclusive proof is in the rockets.

Comment Re:Why would Putin send in the sarin? (Score 1) 755

Seems unlikely that the rebels could get the sarin.

Sarin is quite difficult to use effectively, like most chemical weapons, but it isn't hard to produce. The Aum Shinrikyo sect was able to synthesise Sarin in a few months ("in 1993, the leader Asahara directed his cult members to begin the mass production of Sarin, and in November 1993, they had succeeded"), while trying to hide it from police. The difficult part is to use it as an effective weapon on your enemies.

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 1) 755

But I know that nothing that you say to a "false flag conspiracy" theorist will ever be listened to.

It's funny (or sad) that you say that, while you're trying to support your point of view using the same "false flag conspiracies" you seem to disdain so much: the Khan-al-Assal chemical attack was perpetrated on Assad's Syrian positions, killing scores of soldiers and loyalist civilians.
The official rebel claim on the issue: "Qassim Saadeddine, a spokesman for the Free Syrian Armys Higher Military Council in Aleppo, [...] accused the government of attacking its own people in order to smear the opposition". That's a flase flag in my vocabulary, perhaps yours has different words depending on who is accused.

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 2, Informative) 755

Amazing how the rebels keep bombing themselves with chemical weapons while never hitting Assad-controlled areas with them.

They did. The first reports of usage of chemical weapons in Syria were about the rebels using them against Assad.
Moreover the manufacturing of dangerous chemical components is quite easy. The difficult part is to use them effectively against an enemy. It is far easier to use them in false flag operations, than directly hit your foes.

And how they keep simultaneously destroying their hospitals at the same time. Silly rebels!

The rebels sold all the medical equipment they found to hoard money for their war. Those hospitals were already destroyed.

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 5, Interesting) 755

Putin and the people working for him are very good at asking that sort of "question" and that is where this one comes from.

After Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, after Nayirah's testimony, after Afghanistan involvement in 9/11, after a lot of other "facts" that I'm not listing here (including alleged atrocities committed by Gaddafi), I'd say that sort of "question" is quite legitimate.

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