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Comment Re:Guess I just never paid attention (Score 1) 201

You're backing down, you now realize NO INDUSTRY WAS EVER CREATED WITH SUBSIDIES.

solar panel INDUSTRY existed for decades with no subsidies.

Farming, thousands of years and not created with subsidies.

Coal industry, existed centuries with no subsidies.

Subsidies only prop up bad business models. Home solar power is not cost effective without subsidies which just makes every solar home owner a parasite on the rest of us.

Comment Re:ideas (Score 1) 129

erlang gives you nothing that couldn't be done in many other languages. Bad to start a project using niche language when other languages have rich set of libraries, large talent pool for hiring, and many personnel in house for maintenance. erlang has none of the above. immature to get infatuated with the "shiny", real world doesn't want it.

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