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Feed EFF takes up arms against IPRED2 (

Brandishes web petition

The European wing of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has taken on the might of the European Commission by beginning its opposition to IPRED2, the proposed new directive that aims to harmonise European copyright laws.


Submission + - Job-placement firm threatens suit against blogger

Chmcginn writes: "Instapundit reports that a Tennesee woman, blogging about her & her husband's expierence with a "pay us first, then you get job placement assisstance", has recieved a takedown notice about her February 27 post, among others. Numerous other local & national blogs reporting on the same story — notably Qando's "How to Ruing your buisness in one easy step"."
United States

Submission + - Libertarian Ron Paul's Strong Internet Support

LuckyJohnson writes: Libertarian Republican hopeful for the '08 Presidential race, Ron Paul, has been shown to have surprisingly strong support on the Internet, while he seems to be relatively unknown outside. He even has a very popular YouTube Channel with over 35,000 views. Have we now reached a point where the Internet is allowing candidates who have small amounts of funds to spend on campaigning, to now compete with the big dogs in being able to reach people with their message and gain support?

AMD's New DRM 382

DefectiveByDesign writes "Remember how AMD said they'd make use of ATI's GPU technology to make better technology? Well, not all change is progress. InfoWorld's Tom Yager reports that AMD plans to block access to the framebuffer in hardware to help enforce DRM schemes, such as allowing more restricted playback of Sony Blu-Ray disks. They can pry my Print Screen key from my cold, dead fingers."

Submission + - Vonage CEO quits

bednarz writes: "The latest in the Vonage saga is news that CEO Michael Snyder resigned and quit the company's board of directors. Chairman and chief strategist Jeffrey Citron will fill in as CEO until a replacement is found. Vonage also announced plans to cut its costs by $140 million, including $110 million in marketing expenses; freeze staff recruitment; and lay off 10% of its workforce during the second quarter. e-ceo-resigns-cost-cutting-moves.html"
Operating Systems

Submission + - Korea launches a switch to open source

An anonymous reader writes:
Thousands of computers in ministries, government-linked organizations and universities in South Korea will replace Microsoft's Windows operating system and Office productivity suite with open-source alternatives under the plan, according to the country's Ministry of Information and Communication.

Twenty percent of desktop software and 30 percent of server software will be changed to open source by 2007, said a representative from the Ministry of Information and Communication.

Submission + - Wii Browser Released - Already Bugs

aardwolf64 writes: Yesterday, Nintendo release the full edition of the Wii browser. Anyone with an Internet connected Wii was greeted by the blue glow informing them of a system message. It took me almost 5 minutes to find the first bug. The first thing I did was fire it up and try one of my internal websites. The URL is, and it is case-sensitive. Apparently the Wii browser can only type in uppercase at the very beginning of the URL. Once something not-uppercased has been entered, using the Shift or Caps-Lock keys are useless. The workaround is to type NFP first in all caps, then go back and type the first part of the URL. Have you discovered any bugs so far?
The Internet

Submission + - Apple, Opera, and Mozilla Push for HTML5

foo fighter writes: "The insular World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has been slumbering the past several years: HTML was last updated in 1999, XHTML was last updated in 2002, and no one is taking their largely incompatible work on "next-generation" XHTML or "modularized" XHTML seriously. Both HTML and XHTML are in sorry need of removing deprecated items while being updated to reflect the current practices of web and browser developers yet remaining compatible with legacy Recommendations. The much more open and transparent WHATWG formed in 2004 to address this problem and has been hard at work on developing a draft spec for HTML5 to update and replace legacy versions of both HTML and XHTML. The quality of this work has reached the point that Apple, Opera, and Mozilla have requested the adoption of HTML5 as the new "W3C Recommendation" for web development."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Skil bill reintroduced to Senate

hemp writes: Senator John Cornyn (R — TX) reintroduced the Securing Knowledge, Innovation, and Leadership Act of 2007 or the "SKIL Act of 2007". The Skil bill increases the annual cap of 65,000 to 115,000. Automatically increases the new cap by 20 percent each year the cap is hit, and creates a new exemption to the cap for anyone who has an "advanced degree in science, technology, engineering, or math" from any foreign university. No provision was included that would reduce the cap if the previous year's limit was not met. Skil Would Expand H1-B Visa Quotas

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