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The Internet

Submission + - Google employees will now alter search results 1

An anonymous reader writes: I read a new term today "googlewashing" from The Register in a thought provoking article about "Google this week admitted that its staff will pick and choose what appears in its search results. It's a historic statement — and nobody has yet grasped its significance... For if Google was applying subjective human judgment directly on the process, it would be akin to the voting machines being rigged..." The author does not state that google will alter results to favor their own properties, control stories, manage the world's perception of google or otherwise, simply that this is a monumental change from the historical stance of it-is-all-in-the-algorithms.

Submission + - Al Qaeda net penetrated -- cover blown by vid leak (

An anonymous reader writes: U.S. intelligence successfully penetrated Al Qaeda internet servers but the access was blown by leaking the last Osama bin Laden video a few days before the scheduled release. The al qaeda sites were down within hours, presumably replaced by secure new sites. Nicely played, cat. Your move, mouse.

Submission + - World's Highest Resolution HDTV Surgial Camera (

docinthemachine writes: "The world's highest resolution HDTV surgical video camera system has been developed and used for laparoscopic surgery. This system is unique in having a native chip resolution of 1920 x 1080p and the first ever (for surgery) 16:9 aspect ratio. The enhanced resolution allows the surgeron to see finer details and pathology. Surgical skills are aided by the resolution and wider field of view as well. The enhanced shadows and tonal range also provides enhanced visual clues for depth perception while working in a 2D environment. This system will be featured in the world's first ever broadcast of surgery in high definition in an upcoming national Geographic HD special. Details of the system are at with details of a new medical HD XDCAm blu-ray disk based recording system used to capture the footage at"

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