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Comment its about perception (Score 0, Offtopic) 480

people are concerned about the issue of terrorism on airlines, so there's money and effort pushed towards this problem. it doesn't mean the effort or the technology is effective, its more like a groping in the dark to get something done, and more importantly, the perception that people are trying to solve the problem, regardless of how intractable the problem is

now a lot of people on slashdot might gripe and groan about lack of effectiveness, but you have to think about this from a political perspective: effectiveness is less important than perception that you are trying to be effective

that is, your average citizen, concerned about terrorism on airplanes, doesn't want to see zero screening and the pat answer "well, we have no effective technology to screen for this, so take your chances". then they get angry. they want to see barking dogs, stern men in uniform with stun guns, and people passing through electronic sniffing doodads. even if its not going to prevent something like the crotchbomber

actually preventing bombings isn't an issue, perception of an effort to try to prevent such bombings is the issue

so all of the inevitable griping on slashdot about technological ineffectiveness is completely besides the point. you are 100% correct. but it doesn't mean we won't get millions spent on ineffective technology

peace of mind, though resting on a flimsy foundation, is better than no peace of mind at all

Comment Re:Will the same happen to phones? (Score 1) 394

> I remember it running really well in machines with as little as 32 megs of memory. What did they do wrong?

KDE and Gnome both embraced the "Active Desktop" metaphor... the same reason why Win95OSR2 (with IE4) ran tolerably well on a 166MHz Pentium with 32mb, but the same laptop would fall over die gasping if you installed Win98 on it (there was even a program, 98lite, that basically created a FrankenWindows installation that gave you 98's USB support (well, ok... USB mouse support...) with 95's faster Explorer).

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