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Comment Re:Apple and patents... (Score 1) 383

You're lucky. I have to enter any 7-digit prime number to use my microwave.

That's what you get for having expensive tastes. I can't afford prime so I eat ground numbers, far cheaper although I'll agree, they're not a nutritious. My neighbor eats imaginary numbers, but it makes sense for her because she's on a diet.

Comment THESE LAWSUITS ARE STOOPID (Score 0, Redundant) 367

I can understand it if there's a chance that someone might be confused between the Apple iPad or the Fujitsu iPad, but that's not likely to happen. Yeah, they're both portable, use batteries, and have plastic cases and digital screens, but there's pretty much where the similarities end. Oh, and one is so like ten years ago that most people wouldn't have even thought of it much less confused it.

Can we stop the stoopid litigations so that people can focus on doing things to make money, instead of suing each other for it. Oh, wait...first we must get rid of all of the lawyers...insert favorite lawyer joke here...

And Apple should have just done us a favor and called it the "iPod Jumbo" and been done with it.

Comment Re:Give a discount to those running clean systems. (Score 1) 213

I think you're opening pandora's box by endorsing OS discrimmination. The equation will look like:

OpenBSD Price =
    - 20% discount for no viruses
    + 200% surcharge for probably hosting their own server
    + 200% surcharge for being a smartass to tech support

= 480% of Windows price.

Comment Re:Divide it first (Score 1) 282

What's wrong with all you people!?!?

The correct method is to just cut the pizza however you want. Then offer the other person the opportunity to pick their slice(s) first. While they are distracted selecting their slice(s), club them like a baby seal. Then you may eat all of the slices and possibly make a profit after searching their pockets.

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