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Comment Re:Windows? (Score 1) 797

Indeed you deserve what you're signing up for: a familiar and usable UI. The Desktop has always been a contentious point between Windows and *unix. Windows likely wouldn't survive if it made flagrant UI changes because desktop users would be confused. At least there are alternatives. In this case alternatives to Gnome for those who do not wish to use it any longer. On a side note it reminds me of the damned ribbon bar introduced my Microsoft into Office products and no way to change back - people still have a hard time finding what they need, but then again they still use it, so that works against my previous point.

Comment Re:How about uname? (Score 1) 397

Oracle owns it. This is less likely a Larry thing and more likely regular marketing dept changes. From a pure business standpoint (ignoring the technical issue for a moment) why is there anything wrong with a name change to bring a new acquisition in line with yourself? There's not. If you were to keep the original company name on every product acquired from every company acquired, especially when the size or Oracle, it would become hard to manage everything.

Submission + - Programming Jargon (

icepick72 writes: Every field comes up with its own jargon, and oftentimes subgroups within a field come up with their own specific words or phrases. A question recently posted on Stack Overflow asked for people to submit programming terms that they or their team have coined and have come into regular use in their own circles.

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