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Comment And I'm surprised. (Score 1) 103

Anyone who posts here should have access to enough evidence to already know that the law is even further behind than that.

Electronic "evidence" is extremely easy to kludge together. Should not be allowed in courts.

You can examine paper to find out what it's made of, and where it might have been made. Likewise ink. You can analyze handwriting in probabilistic terms. Etc.

Noise is noise when you're trying to communicate a message reliably, but when you're needing to analyze the source of the data and such, noise is data.

But when noise is deliberately turned into data and stored, once again, it's easy to manipulate.

Comment Re:This is a significant breakdown in the law (Score 1) 335

He didn't presume that it was all illegal, he just said he never saw anything legal, and I would agree.

Go to the Top 100 Video/Movie section on their website and skim the Top 100, you will see nothing but copyrighted material, and if you see something legal it will be 1 or 2 of the 100.

He never states there is nothing but illegal material on the website. He is saying that the majority of the stuff you find is copyrighted, which cant be denied because I bet at least 95% of everything on there is copyrighted.

Comment Re:Maemo (Score 1) 97

Nokia ships multiple lines of products, perhaps also that's why it is by far the largest phone manufacturer in the world.

They currently have S30/S40, Symbian S60v3, S60v5 and Maemo. In that order from cheapest to most expensive devices. In that order from most to least popular. And I'm not even sure whether or not phones like Nokia 1100 (the most popular single model of consumer electronic device in history; more than families of other "most popular" products) fall even under S30...

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