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Comment Re:Control vs. Publicity (Score 1) 221

I don't know about you, but I'm generally in favour of interested tapirs.

As for Boaty McBoatface, surely we all knew from the start that wouldn't be the name? They never promised (or even suggested) that the name with most votes would actually be used. At least it gave us Trainy McTrainface and Horsey McHorseface. So there's that.

Comment Instance or class? (Score 4, Interesting) 220

So is each individual instance of an AI a driver? Each version of the software? Each combination of hardware and software?

If a single car is found to be doing something that would have its license revoked, does that car lose its license, or are all Google cars immediately banned from driving? Would a version tweak cause that license to be reinstated, or would Google be out of the self-driving-car business?

Comment Re:In Alaska... (Score 2) 602

The question, of course, is whether this is a permanent fix or a temporary one; as the idiots who like to drive above a safe speed for the road (which doesn't necessarily match with the speed limit and isn't consistent along the length of the road) and overtake inappropriately get more familiar with the road, they may well revert to their old ways, and now the road markings are missing it's likely to increase certain elements of their bad behaviour.

Comment All of them, obviously... (Score 1) 311

Your claim that a single logical fallacy is to blame for the world's woes is wrong - probably because you're a cretinous fool who likes Slashdot polls. Just think about it - if you claim that one fallacy is less bad than another then you'll be ranking them all, increasing the spacing between them, and soon you'll be discounting major logical flaws entirely. You're dooming our children and their children after them to a world where logical fallacies are accepted and even encouraged! Won't somebody think of the children? Einstein was against the ranking of logical fallacies, stating that any flaw in logic was as damaging as any other. CowboyNeal takes a similar view. Hundreds of thousands of Slashdotters can't be wrong on this, can they? Of course not. Oh, and everyone I know who suffers from cancer also has been seen suffering from logical fallacies. Seems to me that faulty logic causes cancer, and you don't want to get cancer, do you?

Your only option is clear; vote for all of the above.

Comment No. Fund homeopathy properly. (Score 1) 668

This is a horrible idea. Government needs to fund homeopathy as much as possible.

By my understanding of these things, that should mean the tiniest fraction of a cent's worth of funding to cover the next 50,000 years. With that sort of money behind them, homeopaths should be the richest people in the world!

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