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Submission + - Treadmill Performance Predicts Mortality (

An anonymous reader writes: Cardiologists from Johns Hopkins have published an analysis of exercise data that strongly links a patient's performance on a treadmill to their risk of dying. Using data from stress tests of over 58,000 people, they report: "[A]mong people of the same age and gender, fitness level as measured by METs and peak heart rate reached during exercise were the greatest indicators of death risk. Fitness level was the single most powerful predictor of death and survival, even after researchers accounted for other important variables such as diabetes and family history of premature death — a finding that underscores the profound importance of heart and lung fitness, the investigators say." The scoring system is from -200 to +200. People scoring between -100 and 0 face an 11% risk of dying in the next decade. People scoring between -200 and -100 face a 38% risk of death within the next decade. People scoring above zero face only a 3% of less chance.

Submission + - Earth second almost Moon

StartsWithABang writes: Planets can have not only moons, but gravitationally captured bodies co-orbiting the Sun either ahead or behind them in orbit. Jupiter, for example, has not only all the moons that orbit around it, but thousands of gravitationally captured objects in addition: the Trojans (and Greeks). While Earth may have only one true moon orbiting our world, what of these Trojans? Do we have any captured asteroids or comets hanging out around one of our Lagrange points? We absolutely do, but only one of them is here to stay, and it very likely isn’t the one — 3753 Cruithne — you’ve heard of.

Submission + - Redmond Duo Axed for Alleged $7k Korean Hostess Bar Expense Inquiry

ian_po writes: Two Ex-Microsoft Managers are suing their twice former employer for wrongful termination stemming from inquiries into a subordinate's questionable business expenses. Ted Stockwell and his supervisor, Eric Engstrom, claim that a member of their Bing team racked up more than $7,000 in costs for meetings held in South Korean 'hostess bars' while entertaining business guests. The pair believe hostess bars in Asia provide guests sexual services akin to prostitution. The two say that after they reported the employee to Human Resources, as well as to their Boss, they were told to drop their complaint by HR. An executive intervened and had the accused employee transferred. Their subsequent poor performance reviews, which led to their layoffs, will be fodder for a pending court case.

Comment Given Name or Official Name (Score 2) 146

People don't have "real" names. We are not born with a unique ID burned into our souls; there is no primary key for you in the CosmosDB. Names are what people refer to each other by. My name could as easily be Big Brother as Zheng Wu, both are just as valid. To be entirely too pedantic this OP should have used the term Official Name, i.e. the name the state uses to refer to you in governmental matters.

Comment Re:My Windows Skype just booted me during a call! (Score 2) 267

Many people have petitioned to have the "ring all speakers" re-implemented.

There is a feature in some versions of MacOS X that allow you to create a logical Multi-Output Device for audio playback. The documentation says: "If you have several stereo output devices, you can have audio play through all of them by creating a multi-output device..." You can create a Multi-Output Device in Audio MIDI if the feature exists in your OS. Then you could try setting the new device as the sound effects output in: System Preferences:Sound:Sound Effects:Play sound effects through:. This all presupposes that the Skype app uses the sound effects device for it's alerts and not the regular System Preferences:Sound:Output device. If skype alerts used the regular output and you have regular output set to a Multi-Output, it might be annoying if every speaker and line out is blaring your voice chats in surround sound.

Comment Virtual tour (Score 5, Informative) 101

Whether or not Mitsubishi fucked up their cutter head bearing design, or Seattle Tunnel Partners forgot to read the documents that described the exact location of the previous exploratory bore pipe, regardless of if it's even possible to sucessfully extract the cutter head without sinking the current viaduct with all the additional excavation and ground water pumping, this virtual video flythrough from four years ago is my favorite thing to come out of the project.

And if you enjoy crappy flash web cam software, you can watch the current progress on the cutter head replacement shaft here.

Comment Pupil dilation (Score 2) 98

Ok, so current systems can be tricked with photographs, and that seem pretty silly. But future versions could record stereo images while altering the illumination of the subject's eye. Properly functioning (attached) human eyes should have irises that dilate with extreme changes to illumination. By masking the subjects eye or eyes from the surrounding environment and changing the illumination levels over time, a complex system could measure pupil dilation characteristics to evaluate if the eye before it is valid and alive. Randomly timed flashes would be hard to predict and might cause predictable blinking in most humans in addition to dilation changes. By using stereo images, the system could also verify the 3 dimensional shape of the changing iris, which would be much harder to fake with pictures.

Add an infrared camera to mesure eye temperature and faking iris with a screen gets even harder.

Submission + - Terminal Mixup Implicates TSA Agents in LAX Smuggling Plot (

ian_po writes: The U.S. Attorney's office has filed indictments against 7 people, including two Transportation Security Administration Screeners and two former TSA employees, after federal agents set up several smuggling sting operations. The alleged smuggling scheme was revealed after a suspected drug courier went to Terminal 5, where his flight was departing, instead of going through the Terminal 6 checkpoint his written instructions directed him to. Court documents indicate the plan was to return to Terminal 5 through a secure tunnel after being allowed through security by the accused Screener. The courier was caught with 10 pounds of cocaine at the other checkpoint by a different TSA agent. If convicted, the four TSA employees face a minimum of 10 years in Federal prison.

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