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Comment Re:Not news (Score 1) 472

UI (I still like 7's start menu better, many new apps and versions of common apps like image viewer have touch optimized UI. I don't like touch optimized UIs on PCs).
Telemetry (that can't be completely disabled)
Ads in the OS (in the live tiles, the OS "helpfully" suggesting that you use Edge instead of Chrome or Firefox)
Heavy pushing towards using Ms' services (Microsoft login, Cortana, Bing, their cloud storage service, Windows Store)
Loss of control for the user (forced updates)
Many updates have caused instability

Comment Not news (Score 5, Insightful) 472

Of course Microsoft is going to criticise their own old versions of Windows and recommend people to upgrade to the latest. Why is this even news?
Also, their incredible insistence in people upgrading to 10 makes it clear they learnt with Windows XP that people don't rush to upgrade to a new OS if they're happy with what they have. Also that they had a plan to make a lot of money off Win 10 even if people upgraded for free (increased used of MS' services (bing, hotmail, their cloud service), data gathering, people buying from the Windows Store ...).
And pretty obvious that "Windows 7 increases maintenance and operating costs for businesses" actually means "we'll make less money if you don't upgrade".
Maybe if you gave people what they want people would willingly update to your latest OS instead of rejecting it even when given away for free.
Make a Windows 7 with the internals of 10 and I'll upgrade.

Comment Re:Oh yeah, just what I need. (Score 1) 229

Yeah, obviously we do have the hardware needed for running voice recognition locally. Maybe sending the voice data to the "cloud" allows for more precise recognition. Anyway, I bet that's not why that's done. You and I know that the game nowadays is to get all data you can get from the user to build a profile of them to send them ads and generally get money off the user/user data.
It's everywhere nowadays and more often than not, you can't opt out making me hate many modern services. Yeah, I understand I can get the service cheaper (or free as in no money exchanged) if I give you some of my data but sometimes I want the option to pay just with money. That's even embedded in the OS (or included apps which you can't remove which is effectively the same) as you can see in Android and Windows 10.

Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 146

Also a question: I guess it's only really necessary if you're going to use it to drive some special hardware or something like that. For everything else I'd think it'd easier to use something like DOSBox

Comment I like what they're proposing (Score 4, Informative) 173

Submitter here. What they're doing is just giving the users some predefined options for configurations of the toolbar or something with equivalent functionality.
The proposed options are:
  • Classic toolbar
  • Simplified toolbar (just the most common options
  • Sidebar
  • Notebook bar /aka the Ribbon clone

I find great that, differently to current trends in UI design, they're giving the users options. Everyone can choose whatever they like best.
Yeah, it may be confusing to some users that there're several options (although I guess that that kind of users will probably never even stumble upon the option to change the default), it does add a bit of extra code (but not much, since it's just a bit of UI code that ends up calling the same logic code) but I think it's positive overall.
This also touches me personally since I don't like some current trends in UI design (e.g. Win 10's mobile UI elements for every form factor, very limited theming, latest Gnome ...) and usually they give you no choice.

Submission + - Libreoffice will have new "MUFFIN" UI ( 1

iampiti writes: The Document Foundation has announced a new user interface concept for LibreOffice. Users will be able to choose from several toolbar configurations including the "Notebook bar" which is similar to Microsoft Office's ribbon.
According to TDF "The MUFFIN (My User Friendly & Flexible INterface) represents a new approach to UI design, based on the respect of user needs rather than on the imposition of a single UI to all users"

Comment Re:Maybe it's people fleeing Oracle? (Score 1) 257

Please mod parent up.
I'm wary of making a commitment by anything Microsoft. The .NET situation might be ok right now but you never know, specially with a company with the history of Microsoft.
Windows 10 may be technically ok (actually, not even that since its update have created lots of problems: Net not working...) but they made a few very user-hostile decisions and that's why I don't like it.

Comment Re:automated tracking (Score 1) 134

- You'd be required to login into a Microsoft account before starting your car
- You wouldn't be able to schedule sw updates and you could be forced to reboot your car at any time.
- They'd replace the dashboard of your car with a metro screen full of tiles
- You'd get automatic traffic violation tickets since your car sends telemetry to Microsoft

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