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Comment Re:Why not just write an application. (Score 2) 71

It depends on the purpose of the application, performance requeriments, etc but I usually prefer websites to applications. On something like Netflix I certainly prefer a website. The greatest advantage is that it works everywhere there's a browser (a few pretty specific browsers in this case).
Anyway, what I really hate is things that could perfectly be delivered through the web to force you to access the content through an app only. I have to little free room on my phone I don't need an app for every website I could conceivably want to visit

Comment Re:You missed the point. It's about relativity. (Score 1) 167

Yep, I think it's impossible to design an UI that works well for both touch and mouse and that's why my proposal for this kinds of situations would be to make 2 different UIs, one for every input method and make them the best they can be for the input method. Microsoft clearly disagrees and so we get the lowest common denominator

Comment Re:You missed the point. It's about relativity. (Score 1) 167

Of course making UIs is a balancing act. I'm with you there. The problem is. IMO, that recently UIs have swinged too much towards being good for touch use. That makes some sense since mobile is where the growth is but such an UI is problematic in certaing settings. e.g.: Windows 10. We know that Microsoft wanted to make it suitable for tablets and convertible devices but Windows is still used by a lot of people (I'd wager a big majority) with a keyboard and mouse. You can certainly use a touch oriented UI with a mouse but a lot of real estate is wasted by making the targets big enough for touch use.
That's one of the reasons I hate Win 10 so much. And Microsoft have stated its UI will change more and more towards a touch one. All I want is a checkbox that lets me use the UI of 7 ...but no, that would be way too respectul for users.

Comment Re:TANSTAAFL (Score 2) 281

Yep, I also want to pay to get a decent Win 10 version as I paid my Win 7 license a few years ago.
I do NOT want a free lunch, I want a nice OS and I'm willing to pay for it. Sadly, Microsoft is no longer interested in selling a nice version of Windows to people. Also, while they may tweak a few things now and then it's pretty clear what I want from Windows (basically an updated version of 7, with an UI adapted to mouse usage, no ads, no forced Microsoft services and no spying) is fundamentally opposed to want Ms seem to wan from 10 so a "nice" version of 10 will never happen.

Comment Re:Edge is a disgrace (Score 1) 205

Personally, I'm still on Firefox because it's still for me the best browser not because I like their changes of the last few versions.
I'm glad it hasn't affected their marketshare much because having Firefox is good for diversity and for the web ecosystem (if anything to prevent Chrome from becoming the next IE). But they aren't done with the disruptive changes: Some time this year (I think it was in version 57) the old style add ons/extensions will cease to work and with them it'll dissapear one of the most important reasons for running Firefox. That could really affect the marketshare.

Comment How about a version of Win10 without the crap? (Score 1) 42

Every update of Windows 10 seems to include more and more extraneus things which really don't belong in an OS. The OS should be lean, and if you wished, you should be able to install all these extras.
As it's now, Windows 10 includes lots of Microsoft software I have no use for that just wastes bits on my HD.
Of course, I'm not talking about the spying/telemetry since it's pretty obvious that's one of the main features (for MS) of Win 10 and sure as hell they're not gonna remove it.

Comment Re:User Interface Hell (Score 1) 383

Yeah, it's hard to make UIs that work everywhere but you could work well on the vast majority of devices just by having 2 UIs: One designed for mouse and keyboard and another one for touch. Yeah, that wouldn't work for something like smartwatches but if you wanted to do some kind of complex work on such a tiny device you'd realistically had to connect it to a dock with a big monitor and keyboard and mouse anyway.
What I do hate is things like what you said: Forcing a touch oriented UI on everyone since it's the lowest common denominator

Comment Re:Java (Score 1) 383

Yeah, you can't and that ties with what I was going to say about this topic: Technical limitations are the least of your worries. With enough work they could be overcome but the problem is many of the mentioned OS are owned by companies and usually they're interested in having exclusive software that only runs on their OS. That's the case for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android and more so on the consoles where exclusive games are one of the most important features to get people to buy that console. Linux and other open source OS would be the exception since there aren't interests in having exclusive software there.
TL;dr : Technical problems can be overcome but propietary OS vendors want exclusive software

Comment Re:Expected (Score 1) 90

I don't want to leave Win 7 either but if I want to keep using Windows I'll have to someday. Some day new hardware won't have drivers for 7, some day most new games won't work on 7.
I hate Win 10 as much as anyone and I plan to only use it as a games console when I do have to use it but people can only keep using Win 7 for so long.

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