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Game Developers Note Net Neutrality Concerns To FCC 74

eldavojohn writes "A list of notes from game developers (PDF) was sent in a letter to the FCC which represented a net neutrality discussion between the developers and FCC representatives. Game Politics sums it up nicely, but the surprise is that developers are concerned with latency, not bandwidth, unlike the members of many other net neutrality discussions. One concern is that each and every game developer will need to negotiate with each and every ISP to ensure their traffic achieves acceptable levels of latency for users. 'Mr. Dyl of Turbine stated that ISPs sometimes block traffic from online gaming providers, for reasons that are not clear, but they do not necessarily continue those blocks if they are contacted. He recalled Turbine having to call ISPs that had detected the high UDP traffic from Turbine, and had apparently decided to block the traffic and wait to see who complained.' It seems a lot of the net neutrality discussions have only worried about one part of the problem — Netflix, YouTube and P2P — while an equally important source of concern went unnoticed: latency in online games."

Submission + - Fed Figures Show H-1B Hiring a Young Person's Game

theodp writes: According to previously undisclosed government reports recently obtained by the AFL-CIO labor union, most of the H-1B visa-holders are less than 35-years-old and half work in computer-related occupations. Two thirds of H-1B petitions approved in 2008 were for workers between the ages of 25 and 34, which is likely to reinforce the concerns of visa critics who contend that the pool of young workers is helping to foster age discrimination in the IT workplace. Among the FY2008 report's other findings: 1) 43% of approved H-1B petitions were for workers with only a bachelor's degree. 2) Only 2.1% of the approved petitions were for workers in math and physical sciences (combined). 3) The 75th percentile income for new H-1B beneficiaries in computer-related occupations was $61,000, compared to $160,000 for law and $195,000 for fashion models.

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