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Comment Dan Carlin's two podcasts (Score 2) 268

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is just awesome.

Dan Carlin's Common Sense suffers for the amount of effort that goes into Hardcore History. It takes him months to research and put out HH.

I keep up with EconTalk, ContraKrugman, Freakanomics and Security Now every week.

If you like Freakanomics give EconTalk a try.

I have a list of podcasts called 'On The Road' which is for when I have guests / gf in the car. This has:
Selected Shorts
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
This American Life

Random others:
The Dice Tower
Test and Code
Talk Python to Me
Science Friday
StarTalk Tadio

Comment Re:What a bunch of jerks (Score 1) 460

NH was far more libertarian than any other state to begin with. Show up, be a good neighbor, make friends. Show them that their doubts about how things operate now in their government aren't strange, aren't just them, and that there have always been folks fighting back the size of government in NH's citizen legislature. Then get them to run. :)

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 460

Called the "Silicon Millyard". Every morning Segway's creator flies in on his helicopter, employees plug in their Tesla's, dozens of startups load up on coffee. Many of these are concerned with the blockchain - this is the epicenter of bitcoin innovation going forward.

I moved to NH for the Free State Project in 2008 after learning of the project here on Slashdot years before. I've since met the folks that wrote those early articles and got to thank them personally for getting me here.

Rather than list of the hundred reasons to live here I'll list just one penultimate result: NH is the wealthiest state per capita in the country. The FSP's inadvertent founder, Jason Sorens, recently crunched the numbers and reports it may be one of the wealthiest province/state per capita in the world. Crunching numbers is what he teaches for a living.

Comment Re:The Free Staters chose my town as the test bed (Score 1) 701

It is true that amongst the small set of early movers, a smaller still subset of this small set of individuals have chosen to further concentrate their subset of ideas of how to best minimize the effects of force on their lives.

Meaning - yeah, if you live in Grafton then you will live in interesting times.

Comment Re:Good luck... (Score 1) 701

There are a whole lot of anarchists here in NH. They decide to engage in the political system, or not, as they wish. It is great to have anarchists as part of the greater discussion. When talking about politics, one is talking about force - at least here in NH that is not disputed and is part of the framework of debate. ... some of them are even elected, under different costumes.

Comment The last time the FSP was front page on /. (Score 5, Interesting) 701

The first time the FSP was on /. I was tempted. The second time the FSP was on /. I signed up.

Now I've lived here for five years. This is the real deal, NH has the perfect state and local government for this experiment. Politics is the unofficial state sport of NH with 400 state reps for only 1.3 million constituents that are about equally divided between the two major parties. Republican and democratic parties engage our ideas, sometimes in battle, other times in courtship. You don't have to explain first principles over and over again, everyone here knows government like fire can be a dangerous master, you get to have debate and make an impact on people and policy with all that stuff as accepted framework of the discussion.

Comment Re:Secession? (Score 1) 164

Some Free-Staters (again, not all) actually have been working hard on the notion of State Sovereignty; see the FSP page on this topic.

Also, a new bill has been introduced this session:
  HCR19 - Affirming States' powers based on the Constitution for the United States and the Constitution of New Hampshire.
There are also a few bills in play this session asserting the NH manufacturing shall not be regulated by the federal government. Longshots? Well, with over a dozen Free-Staters elected to the NH House of Representatives, maybe less long-shot than in other states....

Or even which is having a hearing today.

AN ACT relative to lawful commerce in goods and services sold, made, and retained in the state of New Hampshire.

Comment Re:Small government? (Score 1) 164

The states nullified the Real ID act which shows that it works if the people are politically active enough in their states

In point of fact - Free State Project early movers were largely behind NH nullifying Real ID. The other states followed NH's lead.

Nullifying RealID is a point of pride in the NH legislator and you hear them refer to it over and over again in committee hearings.

Now pardon me, I've got to get back to work writing Drupal Feeds plugins to parse that nerd friendly data dump so citizens can get cell phone alerts for every move their Representatives make. With their reps email and cell phone number, of course.

Submission + - New Hampshire begins open-data efforts ( 1

Plugh writes: The Free State Project was created to move 20,000 small-government activists to New Hampshire (here's the Slashdot story from 2002).

IT people, with our ability to work anywhere, were some of the first to move. Now, with over a dozen Free Staters elected to the NH legislature, these geeks are starting to affect government data-sharing policy.

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