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Submission + - Google did not run over a donkey (

iONiUM writes: "From the article: "Here’s a story you don’t see every day. Google on Wednesday has gone on record to deny reports that one of its Google Maps Street View cars killed a donkey in the Kweneng region of Botswana. Seriously, we’re not kidding: the story got big enough that the company actually had to waste resources dispelling the speculation."
How long until they have a similar debacle, but surrounding a human instead?"


Submission + - Google Unveils Official URL Shortener (

iONiUM writes: "Today Google has officially release its own URL shortener:, with the public shortener page of On their blog, it notes "There’s no need to fret about the fate of; we like it as much as you do, and nothing is changing on that front. It will continue to be our public URL shortener that anybody can use to shorten URLs across the web." As well, it can be assumed they will start using this service shortly on Google+ shared links, along with Buzz and other services."

Submission + - Facebook admits smear campaign on Google ( 3

iONiUM writes: "From the article: "In a stunning mea culpa, Facebook on Thursday admitted that it was behind a whisper campaign to spread privacy fears about Google." With the speed of this about-face, I'm surprised they even bothered denying it in the first place. I am hoping this, combined with the recent press about privacy leaks, finally reduces Facebook's popularity, or at the very least brings the risks to the public light."

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