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Submission + - The beginning of the end of Facebook? (

iONiUM writes: "From the article, "...Facebook lost nearly six million users in the United States, falling from 155.2 million in early May to 149.4 million by the end of May. Canadian usership also dropped from 16.6 million to 15.08 million over the past year." There is another article saying that it has also dropped in Britain last month."

Submission + - Facebook admits smear campaign on Google ( 3

iONiUM writes: "From the article: "In a stunning mea culpa, Facebook on Thursday admitted that it was behind a whisper campaign to spread privacy fears about Google." With the speed of this about-face, I'm surprised they even bothered denying it in the first place. I am hoping this, combined with the recent press about privacy leaks, finally reduces Facebook's popularity, or at the very least brings the risks to the public light."

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