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Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 85

Depends on what was covered in the degree program. The Comp Sci Engineering degree at UF has *one* programming class (Java). Here at "the other college" in Gainesville someone who graduated last spring would've had the chance to experience C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, both iOS and Android app, and now with our BAS degree we are covering UML and a few other things. But nothing about say Python or Ruby. So if I were looking for a job and there was lots fo work for people who had experience with Python, doing a boot camp on top of my degree (BS, BAS, or AS) would make sense.

Comment Re:Bad Ideas (Score 1) 671

Not sure about VB6, but I used VB4 and 5 as a "scripting language" on Windows to do stuff to text files. Wrote a few things that basically did file format transformation so other people could do it. I was allowed to install VB/Visual Studio stuff but not anything else extra from the default image. Of course, this was in the late 90s and there wasn't really much else there.

Comment Re:"lazy" !? (Score 1) 254

Mowing the lawn? I put on the headphones, grab a cold "lawn mower beer" (Amber Bock or similar "lighter" beer compared to what I normally drink), and mow away. Sure it takes me 3 hours to do my acre and a half on a riding mower, and I'm not good for much else when I'm done due to my BAC levels, but at least it isn't mind numbingly boring.

One of my friends from high school got a job on a lawn crew - Fridays were "LSD Days" - drop a tab and get to work... too hard core for me.

Comment Re:Is it feasible to block Cortana with the router (Score 1) 535

IIRC there was something posted a while back about these programs ignoring the hosts file, dunno if they always do a DNS lookup or if there is a hard coded IP/name set in the actual code.

If spoofing the DNS doesn't work, you'll need to do something in the firewall part of your router, either to deny connections to whatever IP or subnet(s) it uses or something else.

Comment Re:Research (Score 1) 136

May be something worth crowd sourcing. My 2 cars have average mpg over time displays. Set up a small site asking for car make/model/year approximate number of miles, reported mpg and a rough description on driving style (how much highway w/ cruise vs. city w/ light to medium traffic vs city w/ stop and go). After enough entries for a particular make/model/year it should be pretty easy to see just how off the EPA "as advertised" numbers are.

FWIW my 2013 Nissan Versa is reporting 39.3mpg average over the past 50k miles... 60/40 split between high way or back country roads and city w/ medium traffic levels...

Comment Re:It was to half-assed to have a future (Score 1) 211

I recall plenty of code being printed in magazines - either computing magazines in "learning to program" articles, or in other publications like Dragon Magazine (a few character generators, a map generator, etc). But was it Free ? Probably not, at least by the current definitions. But you had access to the source....

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