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Comment Re:MacBook Pro (Score 1) 288

The laptop I have is a HP Envy 15 with an intel core i7 4700mq processor, a hybrid graphics setup (intel 4600 and nvidia 740m), an Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230, a 1TB HDD and 500GB mSATA SSD and 16GB of RAM.

All the hardware works as intended:

I can switch between graphics cards (using proprietary drivers now but it worked with Bumblebee too),
Dual monitors work like a charm regardless of the graphics driver (using the nvidia card makes text go extremely small on the external monitor unless I fiddle with the DPI settings which makes the text on the internal monitor go way too large, intel card doesn't have this problem though).
Never had a dropped connection over wifi.
Had to fiddle to get the sub-woofer working (the stereo inbuilt speakers and the combined 3.5 mm jack were already working)
Had to change a setting in a config file to get audio recording from the internal mic working (for viber and skype, there was too much noise without the adjustment).
Bluetooth works (paired my android phone and a bluetooth speaker without any problems, the connection is always stable).
Fingerprint sensor worked with GDM (I am using SDDM now and haven't tried getting it to work with the fingerprint scanner)
The modified function keys for volume, screen brightness, dual monitor, wifi and media playback worked out of the box (media keys work with Amarok, Clementine, VLC and dragon player).
I can put the laptop to sleep and it resumes without any problem.
The temperature sensors for the CPU, GPU, RAM and HDD all work.

As you can see everything works without any major hassle, the only thing that refuses to work despite spending a lot of time trying to get it to work is hibernation. Regardless of the hibernation method being used (swsusp, uswsusp, TuxOnIce) it looks like the laptop has gone into hibernation but on trying to resume, it usually loads a fresh session as if it had been restarted with the log files stating that the laptop hibernated successfully. The closest I got after a lot of fiddling was to get it to sometimes hibernate and resume and throw a kernel panic and die at others (the throwing a kernel panic and dieing was completely random and the log files post kernel panic were no help, they just said something about a bug with ACPI and the BIOS). Contacting HP support was an exercise in frustration as they just said Linux is not supported on this particular model and apologised very politely (no point getting mad at them, is there? They can't change the corporate culture).

So no, just looking at the spec sheet (which I did) does not give you the complete picture when things like BIOS and ACPI can make the laptop not hibernate. My next laptop is definitely going to be a DELL XPS 15 or a System76 (if I can somehow manage to import one).

Comment Re:Canonical Certified Cloud Suppliers? (Score 1) 47

Uhuh...if they're modifying Ubuntu, they can't call it Ubuntu. They can call it OurSuperCoolLinuxDistro (based on Ubuntu Linux) but they can't call it Ubuntu Linux. If Canonical doesn't defend their trademark in this particular instance, the trademark will get diluted. Why's that so hard to understand?

Comment Re:MacBook Pro (Score 1) 288

it's not that simple to be honest. All the hardware in my current laptop (a HP Envy 15) is supported under Linux, haven't had a problem with WiFi, Bluetooth, sound, graphics or anything else (hell even the fingerprint scanner works) but the laptop just wouldn't hibernate (it looks like it has hibernated but fails to resume) due to the BIOS (UEFI). The BIOS vendor and version are usually not that easy to find unless someone posts a question about them.

Comment Don't get a HP Envy (Score 1) 288

Whatever you do, steer well clear of the HP Envy series. I have tried pretty much everything I could but hibernation under Linux just doesn't work on this thing. Pity really, everything else works really well (from suspend to the temperature sensors to the fingerprint reader, even the Fn function keys such as the volume rocker, screen brightness, media controls etc have worked out of the box since at least Kubuntu 14.04 which is the oldest distro I've tried on this laptop) and overall it's a pretty decent machine.

Comment Re:Still a need for what he was origally doing (Score 1) 75

An hour a day or even 2-3 hours a day is not going to cut it when working on something like Cyanogenmod even if someone is maintaining only a couple of devices. It is a time consuming (and pretty expensive) endeavor that will very quickly turn into a full time job. Add to that the fact that there aren't that many people who are doing it and the situation only becomes worse (people are more interested in creating their own ROMs as opposed to working on something like Cyanogen or Paranoid or Omni etc unless there is some incentive involved).

So if working on something like CyanogenMod with a full time job is not really viable, what other options are available to developers? Most people do not want to donate money (I paid for the PHONE, why the fsck do I have to pay for a software upgrade?) so that's not a revenue stream that can be relied upon and a lot of people seem to think they're entitled to support by the devs so there are a lot of pretty rude comments if a device hasn't received an update (just visit the CyanogenMod forums sometime or just look through the comments here and witness someone complaining about how their HTC Desire HD (released 2010) is still on CM 7 (I own that phone, installed a couple Android 4 ROMs on it which resulted in a myriad of problems because of hardware not being upto snuff)) which results in bad publicity. How do developers manage the development and testing of an OS for hundreds of devices and marketing to offset bad publicity without a stable revenue stream?

Comment Re:Still a need for what he was origally doing (Score 1) 75

Not really, I have a HTC Desire HD sitting on my desk, I have tried multiple ROMs and the performance is atrocious on pretty much all of them (frequent hangs, random reboots, especially annoying if it happens during a phone call).

I also have a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Cyanogenmod 13.1 sitting on my desk and while it is still mostly functional, it has started to struggle with some of the latest apps, lacks hardware encryption and doesn't have a fingerprint scanner and I am looking at a replacement (thinking of getting an LG G5 at the moment because it seems to tick all the boxes).

Comment Re:Still a need for what he was origally doing (Score 1) 75

Are there any open source projects you have worked on personally?

You seem to be under the impression that its advisable for someone to code 8-12 hours a day at a day job and then spend another 8-12 hours a day working on an open source project. While I have personally contributed to some open source projects back in the day and know some people who have at some point in their life done something similar, despite being someone who loves to code there is only so much coding you can handle during a 24 hour period what with the need to sleep, socialize and maybe even indulge in a useless hobby like gaming or stamp collecting or watching tv shows (all of which, mind you, are human needs). There is a reason that these days most successful open source projects aren't created/maintained as a hobby but are full time jobs.

Comment Re: Oh dear (Score 1) 742

one of the daftest things I've read in a while...and there have been some pretty daft things posted here in recent times.. So you'd automate everything AND reduce corporate taxes...definitely a yuuuuge WIN for the average American trying to make ends meet, of course since the manufacturing process is now in the good ol' US of A now and everyone knows its MORE expensive to manufacture in the good ol' US of A, so the price of everything will get jacked up, that's another yuuuge WIN for the average American right there. Poor people protesting in the streets because they can't afford pretty much anything? Well we have already set up internment camps for those miscreants and with forced labour (and pennies in wages), we will make them productive members of our once-again-great-nation. Remind me, how's this vision of 'greatness' different from what was happening in sugar plantations in the not-too-distant-past?

Comment Re:Childish... (Score 1) 412

In response to:

It is pure bullying by her parents

you said:

Victims are now becoming the bullies.

Since the gp called the parents bullies and you countered with what I presume means that the gp is calling the victims in this situation bullies, it follows that you think the parents are somehow the victims here, if I missed something kindly point it out.

As for your question, how do you know that she hasn't been filing complaints with FB for months and getting pictures removed only for her parents to re-upload them? It would appear that the parents have made it a point of pride and believe that since they took the pics, its their right to do with em whatever they want. Since its her parents we are talking about, unfriending them on Facebook does not really guarantee that people won't intentionally (or unintentionally) find their profiles and if they're uploading these pictures as public (which I believe they are) anyone can view them. Since its an ongoing problem for the girl, I believe it would become pretty cumbersome pretty quickly to keep filling out the Facebook complaint form and getting the images removed each time they get reuploaded. In this scenario, I can't see any options besides either forcefully deleting the images and any backups that the parents might have which I think is not going to go down too well (and could result in violence) or get legal help against the ongoing harassment which would possibly forcefully stop the parents from uploading the offending pics.

Honestly, talking to you has reminded me of Juror 3 from 12 Angry Men. Hmmph lets see if I can rope my pops into re-watching the movie with me...ciao angry old man, here's to hoping you resolve whatever issues you have with your son...

Comment Re:Childish... (Score 1) 412

I posed two questions in my comment and you sidestepped/ignored both of them so let me ask them again:

1. How are the parents victims here?
2. If this girl does not want her nude childhood pictures on Facebook, what options does she have after repeatedly asking her parents has failed?

And kindly read my comment again, I never said these pics had ruined her life. I did however mention/imply that they'd make her life harder and elaborated as to why I thought that, if you disagree kindly blow/poke as many holes as you can in the points I raised instead of acting like a grumpy old man throwing a tantrum about how all young'uns are spoilt li'l snowflakes who want everything presented to em on a silver platter.

You're the only one talking about prison mate, I never said or even alluded to incarceration for the parents. As far as I am concerned, as long as they take the pictures down or are forced to take them down, the problem is resolved.

Comment Re:Childish... (Score 1) 412

How in blazes do you reckon that the parents are the victims here? Reading your previous comments on this thread, I know that you're a parent yourself so I guess you're biased in their favor but come on, there's no way they're victims in this situation. I'll try and convince you as to why the girl is in the right and the parents are being jerks (obligatory XKCD comic).

There's a number of issues that nude childhood pictures plastered all over the internet create for this girl:

Bullying from Peers
All it would take is for one of her class-fellows/co-workers to find and share her nude childhood pictures with the rest of her peers to turn her life into a living hell. Not a situation I'd want to be in.

You do realize that most employers these days do an extensive online background check on any potential employees, I think nude childhood pictures are not something that any of us want to be in the list of things they find about us. I'm a bloke so I am not certain but I think this issue would be even more sensitive for women (correct me if I am wrong).

Romantic Relationships
The pool most young adults find their partners from is mainly comprised of people in their close proximity. I doubt anyone is going to take someone with nude childhood pictures plastered over the internet seriously. This, too, is probably more problematic for women (please note that when I say more problematic for women, I am not implying that its not problematic for men, just that its more of a problem for women because of the way our society is structured). Paraphrasing a previous poster, it can't be fun to have every creepy dude in your school/workplace commenting on your physical features.

Lack of Respect
Even if we were to ignore all the potential societal problems this issue would create for the girl (she does not live in a vacuum but let's be hypothetical), this still leaves the issue of her parents having a complete disregard for her wishes and trying to do what they want with her person. Dunno about you but I think that in and of itself demonstrates a pretty big failing on the part of the parents.

As the summary states, repeated requests to the parents to take down those pictures has fallen on deaf ears, could you please point out what logical or reasonable recourse this girl had besides the one she opted for? Also note that it wouldn't matter if she removed her parents from her friendlist on Facebook, it wouldn't matter if she even deactivated her account (not having a Facebook account apparently raises red flags so not sure if that's even advisable anymore), someone is bound to stumble upon her parents' profiles and find those pictures so this is not an issue that she can just ignore.

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