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Comment Re:Variation (Score 1) 534

there is nothing wrong with the rotation=acceleration concept. it's not even that much force, just g. you don't need a huge ring structure, you could have two compartments connected by a cable.. probably want something in the center with a damper for radial motion. the cable would only have to be as strong as needed to hang the compartments on earth. there are probably other things that are holding up long-term human space transport.

Comment Re:One of the better ideas to fix health care... (Score 1) 1270

You're not (in general) getting a good deal even with the discount. The insurance company is a big buyer's club and just about the only thing good they do is negotiate a competitive price for services from the hospital. Sometimes it makes sense to get insurance with a high deductable just to take advantage of this bargaining position.

Since so few people pay out-of-pocket, and since hospitals often try so hard to hide what they plan to charge you for, there really isn't much of a single-patient market economy. Your nice small family doctor might be different, but in general expect to pay a lot more with your own cash.

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