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Submission + - Microsoft Allows Transfer of Office 2013 License if PC Fails Under Warranty (

hypnosec writes: Microsoft, in a bid to calm things down a bit about its recent Office 2013 licensing ‘boo hoo’, has issued a clarification regarding the changes in the licensing terms of its latest office productivity suite. Microsoft confirmed a few days back that the new licensing terms in Office 2013 does actually tie a perpetual license of the suite to a computer on which it was installed first – meaning that if a PC is dead the Office license dies along with it. In a blog post that details the licensing terms of Office 2013 and how it compares to Office 2010’s terms, Redmond does admit that the license of the latest office productivity suite is indeed tied to a single PC but has clarified that it would allow users to transfer license if their computers failed while under warranty.

Submission + - Researchers Mine Old News, Web to Predict Future Events (

hypnosec writes: Microsoft Research has teamed up with the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology to develop software that can predict events like outbreaks of disease or violence by mining data from old news and the web. The project, if successful, will result into a tool that would provide information that is more than just educated guesses or intuition. To ensure that the software’s output is according to expectation, the team consisting of Eric Horvitz from Microsoft Research and Kira Radinsky from Technion-Israel Institute tested it with articles from New York Times spanning over 20 years from archives between 1986 and 2007. The test data also included data from other sources such as the web enabling the software to see more things.

Submission + - Researchers Develop Surveillance System that can Watch & Predict (

hypnosec writes: Carnegie Mellon university researchers have developed a surveillance system that can not only recognize human activities but can also predict what might happen next. Researchers, through the Army-funded research dubbed Mind's Eye, have created intelligent software that recognizes human activities in video and can predict what might just happen next; sounding an alarm if it detects anomalous behavior. The high-level artificial visual intelligence system that has been presented in the paper, titled “Using Ontologies in a Cognitive-Grounded System: Automatic Action Recognition in Video Surveillance," focuses on artificial intelligence cognitive engine that automatically detects and interprets a person's actions using a surveillance feed.

Submission + - Researchers Create Home-based Self-Assessment Tool for Dementia Screening (

hypnosec writes: Researchers over Georgia Institute of Technology have created a tool using which adults can screen themselves for early signs of dementia. The tool is based on paper and pencil clock drawing tests which is one of the most commonly used screening tests for cognitive impairment. Dubbed ClockMe, the tool helps adults identify early signs of impairment using two main components – ClockReader Application and ClockAnalyzer Application. Using ClockReader participants draw a clock with number and correct minute and hour hands while the ClockAnalyzer Application that checks for 13 traits to identify signs of cognitive impairment.

Submission + - Windows 8 Secure Boot May turn tables on Microsoft Says Developer (

hypnosec writes: A Red Hat developer, Matthew Garrett, has claimed that there are ways to modify Microsoft’s cryptographic keys and users can replace the keys that are shipped by default with their own keys allowing them to run any software and as a matter of fact keep Microsoft’s software from running on the system. The whole problem around secure boot is that Windows 8 requires Microsoft as its root of trust meaning that only that code or application or software can be executed onto a Windows 8 system which is signed by Microsoft. The developer has found a way of getting rid of all the keys supplied by Microsoft and in a way turning tables on Microsoft. This particular finding is a results of Windows 8 certification requirement itself "insists that the key databases be completely modifiable." This gives users the power to delete the cryptographic keys supplied by the manufacturer and even those of Microsoft. This deletion would render the system in what is called a "Setup Mode" whereby it will boot just about anything – even something without a valid signature.

Submission + - CyanogenMod 10 Nightlies Released (

hypnosec writes: The team behind custom Android ROM, CyanogenMod, has officially announced the release of its next version — the CM10 nightlies. On its Google+ post, the CyanogenMod team made the announcement. “Today we kick off the nightly builds of the CM10 JellyBean code branch, builds will show up later this evening.” the team wrote. The custom ROM builds, which are available for download, will require rooted Android devices. The team has announced that the ROM will be compatible with Samsung Galaxy S III variants, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Nexus S, the Nexus 7, the Transformer and Transformer Prime and quite a few other devices.

Submission + - Adobe to Nick Flash Player off the Android store from 15th August ( 1

hypnosec writes: Adobe has announced that it will be making the Flash Player for Android unavailable for new devices and users from August 15 in continuation of its plan to discontinue development of Flash Player for mobile browsers. The company announced its decision through a blog post and further said that only those users who have already installed the flash player on their devices will be receiving any future updates. To ensure that this is the case, Adobe is going to make configuration changes on its Google Play Flash Player page.

Submission + - Apple Releases iOS 6 Beta 4 to Developers, YouTube App Removed (

hypnosec writes: Apple has released iOS 6 Beta 4 operating system for developers and is available for iPad, iPhone iPod Touch devices about 3 weeks after it released iOS 6 Beta 3. The fourth version of the iOS 6 beta is currently being given out to developers as an over the air update and the developer website should soon be updated with new builds. One thing that is going to take users by surprise is that Apple has decided to get rid of the YouTube app this time around according to reports but, it wasn’t confirmed initially if this was a permanent change. An Apple spokesperson confirmed the removal of the app later on.

Submission + - Android Jelly Bean Code Reveals Multiple User Account Capabilities ( 1

hypnosec writes: Android has been a very successful mobile operating system and one can’t help but wonder if Google has had other thoughts like giving Android a facelift and turning it into a desktop operating system. Chrome hasn’t appealed to the masses and Google might just want to cash in on Android’s popularity. Phandroid got a tip late last night which actually puts Jelly Bean towards being a desktop operating system as it actually suffices one of the most basic requirements of such operating systems – support for multiple user accounts. The discovery has been made within the code of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean AOSP.

Submission + - Mac OS X Mountain Lion Gets Three Million Downloads in 4 Days (

hypnosec writes: Apple has announced that its latest Mac OS X version, Mountain Lion, has had three million downloads in just four days thereby making it the most successful OS in Cupertino’s history. Philip Schiller, iPhone maker’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, said, “Just a year after the incredibly successful introduction of Lion, customers have downloaded Mountain Lion over three million times in just four days, making it our most successful release ever.”

Submission + - Developer Switches Paid Android App to Free Citing Rampant Piracy (

hypnosec writes: Android based devices are being activated at the rate of million a day and users are downloading apps and games at a rate never seen before. Despite these promising stats, developers of Android based games and apps are not really keen on porting games and apps that have been successful on iOS to Android. Why? Rampant piracy on Android! Madfinger Games has joined the long list of developers who have recently turned their paid Android based game, Dead Trigger, to a free one. Originally priced at $0.99 on Play Store, the first person shooter game is now available for free. The iOS version of the game still costs $0.99 and hasn’t been made free. The reason developer cites for this move is the amount of piracy on Android platform. On its Facebook page, Madfinger Games said, “The main reason: piracy rate on Android devices, that was unbelievably high.”

Submission + - Android 4.1 Jelly Bean SDK Released (

hypnosec writes: Google has released the full SDK for its latest edition of Android, Jelly Bean, which was unveiled during Google I/O. Google has already released the source code of Jelly Bean earlier. Google announced through a blog post that developers can develop application against the API level 16 using the new Jelly Bean APIs. Developers would be able to develop apps that will run on Nexus 7 tablets. Jelly Bean is touted as one of the best from Google and it promises a smoother and more responsive UI across the system.

Submission + - Augmented reality: Window to what is lost! (

hypnosec writes: Imagine a 65 million year old dinosaur coming to life. You might ask if I am kidding. A Canadian museum has come up with an app that uses augmented reality to bring back these extinct species of animals to life. Through the app, ROM Ultimate Dinosaurs, Canada based Royal Ontario Museum is giving a virtual view of dinosaur. Visitors can point their smartphones at select markers spread across the museum and they can see the dinosaur come to life in flesh and bones. Visitors can also use iPads that point towards skeletons and are mounted across the museum. Augmented reality is coming of age and is exceedingly being utilized in museums, exhibitions and art galleries across the globe to deliver different experiences to their visitors.

Submission + - Microsoft Office 2013 not compatible with Windows XP, Vista ( 2

hypnosec writes: The newly unveiled productivity suite from Microsoft, Office 2013, won’t be running on older operating systems like Windows XP and Vista it has been revealed. Office 2013 is said to be only compatible with PCs, laptops or tablets that are running on the latest version of Windows i.e. either Windows 7 or not yet released Windows 8. According to a systems requirements page for Microsoft for Office 2013 customer preview, the Office 2010 successor is only compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012. This was confirmed by a Microsoft spokesperson. Further the minimum requirements states that systems need to be equipped with at least a 1 GHz processor and should have 1 GB of RAM for 32-bit systems or 2 GB for 64-bit hardware. The minimum storage space that should be available is 3 GB along with a DirectX 10-compatible graphics card for users wanting hardware acceleration.

Submission + - Apple Outs iOS 6 Beta 3 for Developers (

hypnosec writes: Developers of iOS apps have been blessed with another update to iOS 6 around 21 days after an update of the iOS 5 successor was doled out and it contains quite a few new features. The 3rd update, dubbed iOS 6 Beta 3, can now be applied to the existing iOS on iPhone, iPad and iTouch and full downloads are available from Apple’s developer portal. MacRumours notes that this update doesn’t come with any change list and developers seeing the over the air update get the message that iOS 6 Beta 3 contains some “bug fixes and improvement”. The latest build contains new options under the Settings application for Apple's latest Maps software. The beta allows developers to customize certain aspects like the volume of turn-by-turn navigation, and whether to measure distances in miles or kilometers notes Apple Insider.

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