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Comment Re:Opera (Score 1) 129

I've gone to Pale Moon, but I have Opera as a backup. I'm not pleased that they've been acquired by a Chinese company, because I have little doubt the only thing standing between me and full-scale surveillance by one of the nastier totalitarian regimes on the planet is their lack of interest.

Comment Re:Aren't we getting a bit ahead of ourselves... (Score 1) 289

The method for reaching the surface of Mars wouldn't be the same as the one for getting on/off Jupiter's moons. Difference in gravity plus presence/absence of an atmosphere are two of the factors involved. The length of the journey presents one set of challenges. What they do when they get to their destination is an entirely different question.

Comment Reality Check (Score 1) 537

Solving big problems is a great way to get yourself summarily dismissed as a nutcase. There was a doctor back in the 60's who said the evidence presuming a cause/effect relationship between cholesterol and heart disease was flat-out wrong.

He was practically disbarred.

Just today I heard that the manufacturers of Tylenol will have to put a warning on the bottle about drinking and taking it. Check out the death toll from people who didn't know any better.

There are many other examples, mainly in medicine and pharmaceuticals, but also elsewhere.

Very rich corporations are raking in billions of dollars every year by not solving problems. They don't appreciate it when somebody comes along and actually solves one. It puts the brakes on the gravy train.

Comment Rats? What could be wrong with them (Score 1) 429

"Humane or not, what is so especially "undignified" about rats? What makes them worse, than, for example, cats, deer or wild horses?"

Well, there's the fact that cats, deer and wild horses rarely gnaw wires inside walls or leave feces in suspended ceilings. Oh, and they don't usually carry the Black Death.

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