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Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 837

Of course not. What they haven't explained is why they didn't prosecute Karl Rove and George Bush for the TWENTY-TWO MILLION emails they deleted from their illegal server in order to conceal their involvement in illegally firing several prosecutors who refused to serve as their pawns by selectively prosecuting Democrats.

Comment Re: Slant eyes are a serious threat to the free (Score -1, Troll) 155

"Cracker" is not a racial slur. Since the word originated as a description of one cracking a whip (typically to punish a slave or an animal), a person of any colour could be described as a cracker.

Up here in Canada, we typically don't use such language to describe that particular sub-species of Southerner. We usually refer to them instead as "bigots", "racists" or "inbred morons".

Comment Re:Super Exciting! (Score 1) 365

Damn...I never seem to have mod points when I really want them.

I can understand why people who know nothing about computers would install 10 and be happy. I have simply never been able to grasp why anybody who has even a little knowledge about what 10 is actually doing, and the implications, would allow it on anything they use for their actual needs.

Comment Thank god for facial recognition (Score 1) 142

Apparently even identical twins, maybe even identical twin babies, would fail this test. I'm so glad there's nobody out there who could fool a guy I've know literally since we were infants into walking right up to the wrong person before realizing he'd made a mistake.

I suspect they're unaware that actual humans (and probably most animals) don't necessarily use the same criteria to judge whether somebody is familiar to them.

Comment Re:Take off the tinfoil hat (Score 1) 212

Very impressive. You can't even stick with your own logic. Obviously you don't understand technology even a little bit, as demonstrated by your failure to grasp how trivially easy it is to assemble information using computers.

Go back to your fingers and toes for arithmetical operations. Anything more would be beyond you.

Poor li'l guy. Tech has eaten you, digested you and shit you out, and you don't have a clue any of it happened.

Comment Re:Nobody is opening your mail (Score 1) 212

Sigh... (facepalm)

To use your own silly analogy: Are you seriously unaware that the government now has the capability to look at the address on the outside of the package, then match it up with data concerning what you've bought recently that would fit in the package, where and when you mailed it, and the religion, sexual orientation and profession of the addressee?

You haven't yet grasped that this is a bit of a game-changer? Seriously?

Comment Re:I wish Seagate well... (Score 1) 224

I'll simply do a little research and go with the company that has, in my opinion, done the least harm to First World work forces. There's not that much difference between drives in quality and price. Also, I got over that pernicious "everybody's some degree of evil so you might as well do nothing" argument years ago. On fait c'q'on peut.

And I don't play games on my computers, so I don't need bleeding-edge tech.

Comment I wish Seagate well... (Score 1) 224

I use two computers regularly. I have two others that I employ occasionally, and am gradually being made the steward of quite a lot of others at work. I have another computer under construction. One of those boxes has a Seagate boot drive and a Seagate data drive. They have performed well.

I don't believe for one minute that Seagate's cuts will result in anything even close to the quality of those two drives I have not experienced the quality programs some have, and until this moment, I would have disputed them). So I have now taken Seagate off my list of potential hardware suppliers. Then can take a long, hard suck on my...whatever.

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