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Comment Proof of China's Superiority... (Score -1, Flamebait) 90

No doubt the Communist Chinese are now confident they've stolen enough ideas, tech and infrastructure from everybody else that they can put some poor bastard in charge of a doomed project and hang him as a traitor when their "space plane" accomplishes something a bit..."North Korean" on its maiden flight.

(Let's watch how fast this comment gets modded down into obscurity. ;-)

Comment Re:Long done (Score 1) 503

"...those on the fence about switching to Windows 10 better move quick or risk paying for what they could have had for free."

Having a dog do its business on my lawn isn't right at the top of my list. Paying for the privilege ranks even lower. In either case, I'd rather introduce the dog to my paintball gun in a very direct way than allow it to leave a POS on my property.

I feel just the same about "upgrading" to Windows 10.

How long have you been working for them, by the way?

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