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Submission + - Egyptian spam vanishes after internet shutdown (

An anonymous reader writes: Is there a silver lining to the shutdown of internet services in Egypt?

Security boffins at Sophos would like you to think so, reporting that spam received from Egyptian IP addresses has dropped more than 85% in the last 48 hours.

However, the firm does not believe that internet users are likely to spot a drop in the spam levels seen in their email inbox.


Submission + - Facebook McAfee 'fans' get free security suite

An anonymous reader writes: Facebook has inked a deal with McAfee that will see all 350 million members of the social networking platform eligible to receive a free copy of the firm's Internet Security suite for six months — if they become a 'fan' of McAfee. In addition, if consumers take up the offer and then find their Facebook account is hijacked, the companies have developed a process to help clean up the victim's system and restore their Facebook profile.

Submission + - Top 10 strangest characters in IT (

Slatterz writes: This article about the strangest characters in technology includes some interesting trivia, including the story of 1980s software icon Charles Simonyi, who in addition to leaving Eastern Europe to attend college in California, ended up developing Microsoft Word and Excel, and then flew to the International Space Station. Then there's Seymour Cray, who spent the Second World War in Europe and supporting the Philippino Guerilla army in the Far East, and went on to design the Cray I and Cray II supercomputer; or Perry Barlow, who in addition to helping establish the Electronic Frontier Foundation, co-wrote Greatful Dead songs. Some of the people on this list are successful billionaires, Some Nobel prize winners or high-tech nomads.

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