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The Military

Submission + - Did Chinese TV pass off Top Gun footage as a milit ( 1

heidaro writes: "As part of its ongoing expansion, has the People's Liberation Army signed up Goose and Maverick? Chinese bloggers are accusing state broadcaster CCTV of using repurposed footage from the 1986 film Top Gun for a story on a recent air force drill."
Is it just me or are communist nations very skilled an embarrassing themselves?

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - In other news Conan to sell Tonight Show on E-Bay (

stilldead writes: In what appears to be a bold move to make some extra money off the Tonight Show before Leno comes in with something that I'm sure will be completely different it appears that Conan will be offering the show to the highest bidder on E-Bay. Of course he may end up using Craigslist instead. Now all we have to hope for is that he'll add in Triumph the Comic insult Dog and the Gaseous Weiner to really sweeten this deal.

Comment Re:Blakes 7 (Score 1) 922

(Avon activates the star drive incinerating Dr. Langstrom in the Process)

Dayna: What about Dr. Langstrom?
Avon: Who?

Orac: We need to lose 63 Kilos in order to achieve orbit.
Avon: Who do we have left to jettison that weighs 63 Kilos?
Orac: Vila weights 70 Kilos.....
Avon: Vila, where are you?

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