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Best Backup Server Option For University TV Station? 272

idk07002 writes 'I have been tasked with building an offsite backup server for my university's television station to back up our Final Cut Pro Server and our in-office file server (a Drobo), in case the studio spontaneously combusts. Total capacity between these two systems is ~12TB. Not at all full yet, but we would like the system to have the same capacity so that we can get maximum life out of it. It looks like it would be possible to get rack space somewhere on campus with Gigabit Ethernet and possibly fiber coming into our office. Would a Linux box with rsync work? What is the sweet spot between value and longevity? What solution would you use?'

Submission + - Adobe's global customer service lines are down

An anonymous reader writes: Looks like the entire customer service operations at Adobe has grinded to a halt. It seems calls are taking 40 minutes to answer and some don't even get through. Someone in Australia has complained and the press have picked it up. It is a worldwide problem looks like. From the story: "We had some customers waiting for about 40 minutes and some calls couldn't get through," Brett Frazer from Adobe said. How long will this last? Wait for it, Adobe says a whole month which means they'll fix it in August!
Operating Systems

Submission + - London Stock Exchange to abandon Windows for Linux (

apachetoolbox writes: "The LSE (London Stock Exchange)'s Windows-based TradElect system brought the market to a standstill for almost an entire day. TradElect runs on HP ProLiant servers running, in turn, Windows Server 2003. Since then, the CEO that brought TradElect to the LSE, Clara Furse, has left without saying why she was leaving. Sources in the City-London's equivalent of New York City's Wall Street--say that TradElect's failure was the final straw for her tenure. The new CEO, Xavier Rolet, is reported to have immediately decided to put an end to TradElect. LSE's competition, such as its main rival Chi-X with its MarketPrizm Linux based trading platform software, was able to deliver a high level of performance and in general it was running rings around TradElect."

Submission + - Zeus Trojan Cost Kentucky County $415,000 (

An anonymous reader writes: The Washington Post's Brian Krebs has a piece that dissects a cyber attack this week against Bullitt County, Ky. The home of Fort Knox lost $415,000 after a Windows PC belonging to the county treasurer got infected with a scary new variant of the Zeus keystroke logger Trojan, which includes a back-connect feature that allows the crooks to log in to the victim's bank account using the victim's own Internet connection. The story breaks down in detail how the attackers were able to defeat the bank's two-factor authentication and the county's checks-and-balances system, and includes interviews with two of the 25 money mules in the United States who were hired or duped into accepting unauthorized transfers from the county and then wiring the money to the fraudsters in Ukraine. From the story: "Bullitt County Attorney Walt Sholar said the trouble began on June 22, when someone started making unauthorized wire transfers of $10,000 or less from the county's payroll to accounts belonging to at least 25 individuals around the country (some individuals received multiple payments). On June 29, the county's bank realized something was wrong, and began requesting that the banks receiving those transfers start reversing them, Sholar said.

Submission + - New York Times Dropping Silverlight for Flash (

An anonymous reader writes: Another one bites the dust. After the news of Major League Baseball dropping Silverlight and switching to Adobe Flash (link) here comes another bad news for Microsoft: The New York Times is also dropping Silverlight and replacing it with Flash. The timing couldn't be worse as Microsoft was just promoting its New York Times Silverlight Kit. The reasons:

Silverlight version has been plagued with problems, both political and technical. The biggest hurdle was the lack of cross-platform support.


Submission + - Climate change shrinking Scottish sheep (

An anonymous reader writes: Milder winter weather has caused a wild breed of Scottish sheep to shrink in size by around 5% over the last 25 years, and now experts think they understand why. Curiously this has occurred despite the evolutionary benefits of large body size in the harsh conditions in which the animals live. The research, reported today in the U.S. journal Science, suggests a mechanism by which climate change can very rapidly act to alter the size and shape of a species.
The Internet

An Inside Look at the Great Firewall of China 165

alphadogg writes "An interview with James Fallows, national correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly, who has experienced 'The Great Firewall of China' firsthand, an experience people from around the world will share this summer when the Olympics comes to that country. Based in Beijing, Fallows has researched the underlying technology that the Chinese use for Internet censorship. One good thing to know: With VPNs and proxies, you can get around it pretty easily." Will these Olympics lead to a more free China, or is it just corporate pandering?

Microsoft 'Shared Source' Attempts to Hijack FOSS 381

aacc1313 writes "An article that details how Open Source is being hijacked by Microsoft and the sort via 'Shared Source' licenses and how Open Source licenses have become so much more confusing. From the article, "The confusion stems from the fact that Microsoft's 'shared source' program includes three proprietary licenses as well, whose names are similar in some ways to the open-source licenses. Thus, while the Microsoft Reciprocal License has been approved by OSI, the Microsoft Limited Reciprocal License (Ms-LRL) is not, because it allows users to modify and redistribute the software only on the Windows platform" and "The 'shared source' program was and is Microsoft's way of fighting the open source world, allowing customers to inspect Microsoft source code without giving those customers the right to modify or redistribute the code. In other words, "shared source" is not open source, and shouldn't be confused with it.""

Where Are The Space Advocates? 327

QuantumG writes "Greg Zsidisin appeared on The Space Show today to ask Where Are The Space Advocates?. For the first time in decades Space is once again a political issue with all four major presidential candidates having something to say about space policy and yet nothing is being heard from space advocates. As we enter a new "Space Nexus" like we did after Apollo, now is a critical time to let your representatives know how you feel about space exploration, and yet no-one has anything to say." The show itself is a podcast if you want to give it a listen. Personally I'm hoping that this election puts space exploration back in the public consciousness- Apollo inspired a generation to learn math and science. I want my kid to be inspired by something bigger than that. And as some readers have noted- there are 3 candidates left (and really only two) so the submitter is probably high.

Newly Discovered Fungus Threatens World Wheat Crop 236

RickRussellTX writes "The UN reports that a variety of the rust fungus originally detected in Uganda in 1999 has already spread as far north as Iran, threatening wheat production across its range. The fungus infects wheat stems and affects 80% of wheat varieties, putting crops at risk and threatening the food sources for billions of people across central Asia. Although scientists believe they can develop resistant hybrids, the fungus is moving much faster than anticipated and resistant hybrids may still be years away. Meanwhile, national governments in the path of the fungus are telling folks that there is nothing to worry about."

Submission + - Comcast Blocking all SMTP 7

JoeRandomHacker writes: Comcast has long blocked outgoing traffic on port 25, forcing users to go through their mail servers, on the grounds that it causes too much spam, but allowed incoming traffic on port 25 for those wishing direct email delivery. Today I found that even port 25 on their mail servers was rejecting traffic, and no incoming mail has gotten through. Online chat with Comcast customer support indicates that this is a new policy, and all users are forced to go through port 587 and use authentication for email. I didn't get a specific answer on incoming email.
So much for having my own private webmail (via Squirrelmail), free from the control of corporate giants. Time to see if Verizon can do better over FIOS.

Submission + - CIA claims power grid hacked (

supabeast! writes: PC world reports that the CIA claims hackers have successfully intruded, via the internet, into computers controlling the American power grid. The hackers then attempted to extort money from their victims, and have even caused power blackouts, on at least on occasion affecting multiple American cities.

Submission + - Google phone platform due out in mid 2008 (

dnormant writes: Google will come out in mid-2008 with a mobile phone platform that incorporates a variety of Google online services and lets outside developers create applications, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

The goal is to make Google applications and services as easily accessible on mobile phones as PCs, so that the company can extend its advertising business to cell phones and other wireless devices. Google may announce its mobile platform within weeks, according to the Journal.


Submission + - Original MST3K cast annouces new project (

Tempis writes: "It's going to be powered by the original cast of MST3K! Trace Beaulieu, J. Elvis Weinstein and yours truly (Joel), along with some friends who came along later to make the show great: the beloved Frank Conniff and the scathingly brilliant Mary Jo Pehl."

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