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Comment Rod Johnson (Score 4, Funny) 197

Rod Johnson?? Really?! Rod Johnson is easily one of the top 5 names of all time. Rod Johnson wins by name alone!!!! It's settled. Java is the best language. Suck it, other languages and your weakly named representatives! I'm a PHP programmer more than anything... but I must concede to Rod Johnson. You can't make that name any better! Maybe if his middle name was 'Motherf***ing'.

Comment I have a guess... (Score 2, Interesting) 575

I own a computer service/repair business mostly for residential customers... like geek squad, for lack of a better national example. There's lots of small businesses like me all over the US and I'm sure get the point... Anyway... One thing I can say for sure, is that IE8 has really changed things for Microsoft in the browser wars. It's horrible! It seriously crashes more than it gets closed normally, it is REDICULOUSLY slow, even compared to IE7! Hell... I long for the days of IE7 and when that came out it it was hard to explain to my non-technical residential customers what this new browser was...It takes SOOOO long to load, pages render slow, its just unusable. I've never seen seen anything as bad as IE8... while FF, Opera, Chrome are all competing to make the fastest, most compliant browsers, Microsoft is STILL(?WTF?) doing it's own thing releasing a bigger, fatter, slower browser that have features that even technical people aren't asking for... I think they've finally made the people who have no idea what a browser is to become so fed up as to say "This thing is going so slow, maybe I should try that firefox thing I heard about..." I bet the numbers are right. I believe IE8 is THAT BAD

Comment Re:Symantec products are apparently the same. (Score 1) 459

This would be a very good point, if it were actually correct. The uninstaller is most certainly resident, and uninstalls Norton from a computer when it works. The Norton Removal Tool is for installations of Norton software that has become so inexplicably damaged that it's uninstaller wont work. Ive had to use it plenty of times on installations of Norton that for whatever reason, wouldn't uninstall the normal way. It's a fix that probably came from consumer demand as a result of so many hosed installations of Norton. It's not the uninstaller. But thank god it was available, becuase the alternative would probably be a reinstallation of Windows.

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