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Comment Re:Great news! (Score 2) 343

>2007 - Al Gore for promoting environmental awareness? That's kind of the wrong category.

That depends on your perspective: within the next century or two climate change will likely be the single largest driver of warfare the world has ever seen. With flooding, drought, and famine striking simultaneously around the world things are going to get really ugly.

Still, I don't know that his sensationalist exploits in "raising awareness" should compare to people that actually get things done.

Then give it to Gore in 100 years or so. If we need to give it to Gore now, then let's also give it to the people who warned us about killer bees, overpopulation. and invaders from Mars.

Comment Re:Risk pool payment, not payback. (Score 1) 356

No, that makes no sense. There are inherent risks in investing and the investors assume those risks. Stop creating yet another bureaucracy to manage the private companies that are too big to fail (and who is "too big to fail" anyway?). Just let them fail and lose their investment, then behaviors will change. Your approach continues to reward poor decision making.

Comment Re:Teaching programmer? (Score 1) 381

Thanks you for calling that BS what it was. I also learned all on my own with some books and self-purchased tools. And yes, the bias against white males is universal. I for one do not think we need to do some special programs to get more female programmers, hispanic managers, black quarterbacks, or white male hairdressers. I do think we need the best people in every area, need to level the opportunity field but not the results field (which always goes to the lowest point), and treat everybody with respect and fairness.

Comment Re:You break the law you go to jail (Score 1) 496

But to be representative of the analogy, you have to add that you as the third party signed an agreement and swore under oath that certain information would be given to you that you would keep secret and not divulge to others, including information you do not agree with like the fact that the other party is cheating on his wife. You can go ahead and break that oath and agreement, and you may or may not be wrong, but you are certainly in play for legal action for breaking such an agreement.

Comment Re:Analogy needs one fix (Score 5, Insightful) 218

Or even a bit more. Barak photocopies the diary as described and sets it out for all to see, and it has a lock and key, but not a very good one. And nobody except for Barak and a select few have a key. There is little accountability into when the key will be used, it could be a curious person who likes to feel power; or if they want to make it official, they go and see a FISA judge who is quick to agree, since he is part of the overall system fighting the enemy. A few months later Barak notes that a terrorist has popped up on the radar, and in the interest of national security he reads Michelle's diary from cover to cover. There is nothing in there about the terrorist, but he does note that she has a very close relationship with the gardner.

Feed Engadget: Yahoo shutting down a dozen products, including AltaVista and Axis (

As expected, in amongst the high profile acquisitions that have thus far marked the next step in Yahoo's evolution, the web company is doing some serious house cleaning. EVP Jay Rossiter took to the exclamatory search company's Tumblr to announced a whole slew of shut downs. The list includes properties old and new, from AltaVista to Yahoo Axis, along with the sunset date of each one (July 8th and June 28th, respectively). There are a dozen properties in all -- you can check out the full list of obits in the source link below.


Via: TechCrunch

Source: Yahoo Tumblr

Comment Mouse support (Score 2) 262

May sound silly, but if it supported a bluetooth mouse (I do not jailbreak but know I could and get this) I could use it much more effectively in two ways - easier to select text for copy/paste type operations, and when connected via RDP or VNC to another box I could have the full experience of that box. I would still use my iPad 90% of the time for browsing, email, etc. But if it had this and I added a BT keyboard it would get a lot more use.

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