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Comment Re:Until the money runs out... (Score 1) 73

Seeing as how it just donated a quarter million to privacy sites, I would say they are OK for cash right now. (From the article above) And advertising still pays without having to need the whole pie. (Searched for on DDG)

Comment Google as last choice (Score 1) 73

A lot of people (myself included) will look for any other alternative to Google first. That simply became too intrusive, and people are getting very uncomfortable with it. Those same people are still on FaceBook only because that is where everyone else is. If another option becomes available, (What I would love is federated social networking somewhat like e-mail works on various servers transparently) FaceBook may see the same kind of change.

Comment Re:most of those reasons have in common (Score 1) 252

But setting up a good VPN so your do not get letters is a bit more trouble, and slows things down. Or a seedbox, which again adds complexity and trouble... I will pay to not have to mess with all that. If they had what I wanted... But when they make the paid service as much of a pain as the free service...

Comment Re:most of those reasons have in common (Score 5, Interesting) 252

Most of those reasons for pirating are because they can't get the content very easily in a legal way. I guess most people are willing to pay, as long as it doesn't get too complicated.

I would rather pay in money than in time and frustration. I WILL NOT pay in both money and time/frustration.

Comment Re:How much bandwidth per plane and how meany AP's (Score 2) 71

Free movies? Haha, that's funny. You'll get free viewings of the in-flight safety precautions video and maybe some ads for hotels or attractions at your destination but you'll pay for anything remotely entertaining. And you most certainly won't get any sort of Internet connectivity.

This is Jet Blue, not United.

Comment Re: WW3 is going to be a nightmare (Score 1) 113

WWII brought us nukes. WWIII will have bigger nukes.

The drones mean nothing in a world of nukes.

Nukes are a "doomsday weapon". You don't win a war with them, unless you want to rule an irradiated wasteland. Drones are better suited for real war.

Unless you use a small nuke for the EMP to destroy the drone swarms... Because you know that will be the thinking.

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