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Comment Re:Where's the source code (Score 1) 134

Widevine is "DRM and Content Protection" scheme (see But is it open source? The Widevine plugin appears to be a binary without any source code.

Is Mozilla putting a binary blob into Firefox, or do they have the source code for Widevine?

And queue a bunch of the beginner Linux sites releasing articles on how to pin Firefox on 48. Because "Hell no" to that crap on my system.

Comment Re:more features for the feature god. (Score 2, Insightful) 134

Firefox has lost the point and become a fat bloated monster. And Chrome is not far behind. (And this ignores the massive data gathering both do) So there is a fantastic market opportunity for a lightweight browser that can still render the bloated modern web... Any ideas?

Comment Re:This move from modularity to massive monoliths. (Score 0) 134

This move from modularity to massive monoliths...controlled entirely by three major vendors for some reason is praised by the software development community.

What is it about freedom and control of your own systems that makes even professionals so afraid?

And I thought Firefox was a fat bloated pig before. Anyone have any recommendations for a lean browser?

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