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Comment Re:This simply means we're succeeding. (Score 3, Insightful) 231

Air travel should be one of those novelty things that the lucky few can justify, same with having something air freighted, sure its nice to get stuff 2 days, but reality is waiting a week or two isnt a problem.

The rest of us should be traveling via high speed rail or hyperloop.

Thank you for deciding how fast I need to travel, or how quickly I need something. And thanks for killing many people as auto travel is much more dangerous then air travel. Sure appreciate it! And can you direct me to a hyperloop, please? I can't seem to find mine.

Comment Re:I am? (Score 1) 219

If you steal food, they no longer have the food. If you "steal" content, they still have the content. It took a lot of work to twist the English language around copying be "theft." It may still be a crime, and it may have some disproportionately stiff penalties, but it is not stealing.

This is my only reply to you, because you lack the simple understanding of how economics works with something like content. You are still stealing from someone by not paying for the content, because you took part in the content w/o compensating the creator(s) and the theft is their revenue, from the money charged, that represents time/materials on their part.

So I can "steal" the GNP of the entire planit, and double our productivity? The theory of "lost revenue" implies that the revenue was there to be lost.

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