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Comment Has nothing to do with opinion (Score 1) 92

There you go, this is proof that you can't even have an alternative opinion.

You are right, you can NOT have an alternative opinion, because this is not about an opinion. If I put a knife in your kids head and you say that that killed your kid, I am not aloud to say "But that is, like, just your opinion." So if you do the same with my kid, I will not allow you that excuse either.

Comment Re:Capitalism of exploration (Score 1) 401

I live in Belgium and Belgians (Flemish) are not the same as Belgians (Walloons). And the difference in working laws and mentality between Flanders and The Netherlands is so great that many companies have a hard time operating in both.
The way you adress people (be it customers or workers) is so different that where it is polite in one place, it will be felt as an insult in the other.

And also: it is al about being efficient. This might be great for managers and companies. Most people I know in Europe are not interested in efficiency. They are interesten in their free time.

Comment Re:Obvious takeaway here? (Score 1) 41

What is the CIAs goal? I am going to take that as "Why would the CIA do it, if it doen't even work in a school."
The reason is "We weren't really seeing a lot there."
The 'not a lot' means that something was seen. For the CIA that something might be an attack that will be prevented or identificaation of a network they were not aware about or even info on a person who now can be seen as dangerous and needs closer observation.

1 in a million is worth it for the CIA. 1 in a million is not worth it for a school.

If you agree that they do it or not and/or if it is legal is a whole different question, but that is why they want to mo,itor everybody and everything. Because it makes their job easier.

Comment Re:the real reasons for this (Score 3, Informative) 401

European here:
1: 35-40 IS a work week. And if you work half time, you are still insured for that period. For the company having somebody work full time or two people half time will cost about the same. Part time might even cost more. The reason to get part time people is
a) Because people want to. e.g. moms who want to work part time and still have time for the kids
b) You have hours that need it.
There will be people who are willing work 4/5th (4 day week) or 9/10th (e.g. every wednesday afternoon off) or other situations were they decide to work less in agreement with the employer

2. If by schedules you mean fixed hour weeks, then yes. Working overtime in Belgium is just not worth it. The taxes on your over time are about 85% or more. So you would be stupid to do it. So how do they deal with situations where overtime can not be avoided? You get paid in extra days off. e.g. working 1 (unplanned) Saturday will get you 1.5 or 2 days off. Sunday will be 2-3, depending on where you work. As a company you will learn very fast that most unforseen days are not really unforseen. It is just bad planning. And the situations will suddenly happen less.
And yes, there wwhere situations where I did a lot of extra work one month and had 2 weeks vacation extra.

3. It is about living wages. Where I work and in many other places, public transport is not only an option, it is paid for by the company. Imagine if you would not need to pay for your car. No taxes, no payment, no maintenance, no fuel. Look at it financially, not practically, because that is not possible. For me that was 200-300EUR difference per month, easy. If you are at the low end of earning, that will be a HUGE difference. So all of a sudden, I make 200EUR more per month.

4.. Credit is obviously available in Belgium and other countries as well. And some people fall into that trap. However top get a credit (in Belgium) the credit company will be forced to look how much other credits you have, how much you make and how much you need to live. Give credit to somebody who should not get a credit and he does not even need to pay it back. Not ever. Not when he starts making money. Just no pay back at all. Complete write off for the credit company. So how does this work?
a) You need a minimal income to get a credit. Below 1100EUR per month netto and no credit.
b) Deduct from you income a standard for living. e.g. food, rent and such. Not sure what the amounts are, but say 750. That leaves 250 per month. Now look at every other credit. Not: a credit (card) is calculated as if iut where maxed out, because that is what you would have to pay back in the worst case scenario. So a CC for 2000EUR would be 100EUR as there is a minimal payback of 5% per month. That leaves you 150EUR to buy a car.
So many people will say: If I ditch the card, I can buy a bigger car. Many will even have to ditch their cards to be able to buy a house.
So you do not build credit, you get it when you work and things are not added, but deducted.
Interest rates are fixed by law. Charge more and they will close you down without blinking and good luck trying to get your money back.

Comment Re:Well, there goes the 4th Amendment again... (Score 1) 204

The amount of cards to me makes it reasonable to at least look into it. Just like when I get stopped and I have a suitcase of 20USD bills with me. There could well be a very reasonable explanation, but I would understand if they start asking questions.
As for "what is too many" I say that that would differ from situation to situation. If you are a beggar sitting on the streets and you have 10.000 with you, to me that is suspicious. (and yet legal, but it would be understandable if there are questions asked). If you walk into a second car dealership, having a larger amount with you is more normal.

I live in a country where I have to have an official ID with me and I have been stopped in the street and have been verified and I have no problems with that.

Imagine that there is abuse by the police person, I can file a claim. If I am the only one, it will most likely be seen as in favour of the police officer. If there are more, you can bet that there will be an investigation and he will be reprimanded. So no, you can nu just ask how much money have people on them and even then it does not mean that what they have is illegal.

The real problem is that there is no real accountability for police officers in the US. Change that and I am sure that the rest will become reasonable as well.

And again: no, you can't put exact numbers on these kind of things what is reasonable. Yes, that will mean that you have some false positives and false negatives.

Comment Re:What does this even mean ? (Score 1) 365

That is the case for humans, because we do not HAVE the reaction time.especially in stressful situations. e.g. you push down the wrong pedal and the car starts moving. Youwant to stop, so you prss down harder. Car goes faster; so you press down harder. This untill you realize what is going on, but more likely till you hit a building or another car 2 seconds later.

Just in those two seconds you were unable to react correctly, because that is how the brain works. So with humans you are correct: reaction time is not that important.

Now take a computer. The computer will not "shut down" because there is a stressfull situation. It will be able to do many calculations per second and react on each of those calculations depending on the past, current and predicted situation.
Reaction time is a human factor if you look at a failpoint. It is because of the increased reaction tme that many accidents can be prevented.

Comment Re:what about security? (Score 5, Informative) 549

As you did not stat you are a doctor, I assume you are not. I will talk as somebody who has been on call (not as a doctor) and being on call means that I get paid to ber available and that also means I am restricted in what I do. e.g. I can not drink any alcohol, as I need to be able to drive. Because of these limitations, I am paid for my time. Not going the the movies is not forbidden, but something that I am not willing to do, because I will be disturbing others. Not by the phone, but by me walking out.

The doctors I know will not go to the movies when they are on call. We will go to restaurants, but it is then very clear that it would mean they could leave any moment, so they avoid that as much as possible.

If you are on call 24/7, you are doing it wrong. If not alone from the point of view of being hit by a bus.

Comment Re:Change the name! (Score 1) 106

The Marketing companies select the names of cars, because of what they mean. They select the wording ads, so they give us certain feelings. They decide the colors to be used in ads, so specific emotions are being targeted, yet they had NO idea that the general public would think of when they said "auto-pilot"? I think THAT is the problem.

They hide behind semantics like a 12 year old who holds the hand of his brother and yells "Stop hitting yourself."
And no, naming it "I can't believe it is not an autopilot." is not a good name either, not is taking a trademark on 'AutoPilot' and claim it is just a name.
By naming it Autopilot, they where very well aware of what that idea would mean.

Comment Re: Auto automatische Rücksitz Schwiegermutte (Score 1) 106

"Rechts is frei" sind die letzeten Woerter des Beifahrers. (Sorry for the errors)
This means 'No traffic from the right' are the last words from the person sitting next to the driver. (Traffic from the right has right of way).
So I would go for "Automatishe beifahrende Swiegermutter"

Comment Re:A little perspective (Score 5, Insightful) 435

Hiding behind what people did 200+ years ago means that you are either unable, but more likely unwilling to solve anything.
So no, do NOT take it up with the founding fathers. Go out there and solve the shit that is going on yourselves.I live in a country that is younger than the US and has gone through more changes on a political level.
Stop blaming others for the mess you are in.

Comment Re:US Post Office always secure. (Score 1) 454

Not sure how it works elsewhere. In Belgium every several years Union reps are voted for in all companies that have more than 50 employees. Voting is done by every employee, not only union members and it is not an electronic process.

Sometimes people will not be able to be at the place where the voting is done, so they get to vote by letter. This is how that works:

They get a blank letter with a ballot and two envelopes. One envelope is blank. No identification on it. The other has the identification of the person on it. So what happens is that on the day of the election all the envelopes are first taken by one person. name (or number. I forgot) is read out lout. Another person checks it of a list. The envelope is opened qnd the second envelope is checked and if OK put to the side. Not ok; would be not sealed, visible voting, writing or any other indication.
The valid envelopes are thrown in a box and when all are done, shaken,and then they are opened one by one. These votes are varified if they are valid and then thrown into the ballot box.

This is witnessed by at least one person of each union. Where I was there were 7 people from several unions looking over my schoulder. They are NOT allowed to touch the ballots in any way.

What I did during the day was take the ID of a person coming in, saying his name so somebody else would tick it off They then got a ballot and where allowed to vote. After they put the ballot in the box outside the voting booth, they would get their ID back.

Much more details went into the whole process.
The whole system was interesting to witness.

Comment Re:Can you turn autostart off (Score 1) 76

I often open 30 or so tabs for videos I want to watch. I see something, click on related videos and open e.g. 5 of them.Those 5 will have links to another 2 each and then another 1 or 2 of the ones I see. I then start to watch the tabs one by one and close them when I saw them.

If I have to open, go to that tab, stop playing, go back to the original tab, open the next one and so on, I will be less willing to watch that many if any at all.

They have the ability to turn off autoplay for the next in line. It should not be that hard to have a button for autoplay on/off as well. (and have it on by default)

And if I open the 30 at the same time I will not be able to hear anything anyway, so there's that.

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