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Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 0) 294

The REAL pathetic thing is that people still think there is somehow a difference between the two parties. Spoiler alert: there isn't. Not really.
Well, there are differences, but those are pretty small. It is like asking the kids what fast-food restaurant they are wanting to go and one kid wants to go to Burger King and the other to McDonals.
Pretty big decisions for the kids, but for the parents, not so much. They don't want to go to either, but giving in to one or the other gives the kids the idea they have something to say and they stop yelling.

Comment Re:Once truth gasps its last breath... (Score 1) 294

"One is worse than the other" is like saying you have a coice when knee they break if you do not pay your insurance to Mario "Kneebreaker" Spumanti.
What is needed is a reform of government. And instead of repeating what some dead guys 200+ years ago said, you need to say things that are valid NOW. 200+ years ago the situation was not what it is today. If the situation is different, you can not do the same and hope for a good result, because that is obviously failing.
It is that not enough people are pushing for a real reformation of politics. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to change and the more resistance there will; be.
Change will happen and just as two tectonic plates will cause an earthquake. The longer you wait, the more violent it will be.

Comment Re:I'm sure that'll work (Score 1) 112

the best source of news is a source that you trust to be true and accurate

That is not true. The reason it is not true is that truth does not care if _I_ believe the source or not.
If NewsA is something I trust, does not mean they are telling the truth. It only says something about MY trust, not if they should be trusted.

So what is the solution? First you need to have multiple sources. They need to be independent from each other. e.g. not one paper and another one owned by the same company. If possible they need to be as far apart as possible. They can be from different countries.
e.g. Foxnews, CNN, BBC and Al Jeziraa. If there are any that you detest, good. And now you can start to think for yourself. Also: do not limit yourself to these and understand that the truth is also not interested in amount of people who say something. Just because 3 f the sources say something does not mean they are wrong.

The self thinking comes from the fact that you will start to notice that one source might be telling more lies than others, You will also start to realize that many articles are almost identical and the wording is just a bit different. This often means that they have it from the same source, like Reuters or a press release.

So if you not have the time to do your own research, you are screwed, as you do not know upfront what sources depend on their reputation and which ones depend on hype.

Comment Re:No, ABMers. No. For the last time. NO. (Score 1) 178

I would not be wanting to give my details either, but if others want to do so willingly, that is up to them, not to me.
There are people who give their details to stores they shop at in real life all the time, just so they can get a reduction or whatever. I don't have that and I don't want that.

Comment Re:No, ABMers. No. For the last time. NO. (Score 1) 178

Don't like it? Don't use it.

No, just no! If a company puts lead in their products, you are not just saying that you should stop buying them. And if the law does not forbid the sales of lead in the consumer products, you do not say 'oh well'. You change the law.

So if they are allowed to do this and it is wrong, you need to change the law to handle that wrong, so it becomes forbidden.

Now if they would at least make it opt-out by default, they could offer some incentive for people to opt-in, then there should be no problem. All they need to do is say "you get Office free for one month longer" or the like.

Until then: they are wrong and the law should forbid these opt-ins. Not just talking about Mickeysoft. This goes for all companies.
And the data should not be allowed to be sold. Again, talking about all companies.

Comment Re:So how many terrorists? (Score 1) 167

In Brussels there is a pre-check. Mainly showing your ticket and some people are profiled and a fast search will be done.
The reason is that the idiots who blow themselves up did not even had a ticket. And buying a ticket if you are a known fugitive it a little bit harder.

At the beginning there where long lines and that obviously defeated the purpose, so they changed procedure. Goes pretty fast now.

Comment So how many terrorists? (Score 2) 167

So how many terrorists have they caught? Also: do they know where the idiots in Brussels exploded? It was before any check in the check-in area.

So no, we are not safer with them. If idiots want to blow themselves up, they will. Standard scan is already good enough. And obviously I could just go into the tax-free store and buy what I need there.

Comment Re:No safe-guards? (Score 1) 108

The part that makes it hard is that it must be activated worldwide. You can not have e.g. somebody from country A not be allowed to not buy something in country B from the point of view of MC or Visa.

At this moment they are working on getting the card distributors to enable 3DS. I believe they must be done by beginning or end of 2017. At least in Europe. When that is done, they can start to require it from the online sellers.

Comment Re:Think of the children ... (Score 1) 258

What? The kid doesn't learn how to add 15% for the tip as well? And is that 15% calculated with or without the sales tax? And do they learn what professions do get tipped and what not?

This used to be the case in Belgium till, I think he 1950-ies or the like.

And about not including taxes:
To me it is strange that people say it is hard for companies to do this, while their cash machines can do the calculation, so it is somehow possible. Also often it is said that it is hard because of the different taxes in different places. That means you are looking to companies that are in multiple places, like those that operate in e.g. Europe where there are different tax systems in the different countries with different currencies and yet here the same companies are somehow able to do it.

It makes it a LOT easier to compare prices if the taxes are included. In Europe we even introduced new money to make comparing prices much easier (The exchange prices where already fixed for a few years). But then the EU is much more customer driven and the US is much more company driven.

And about tipping and the quality of service: I did not notice any difference in the quality of service in Europe or the US. There where cultural difference as there are in Europe, but all in all the service was at the same level in comparable places.

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