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Submission + - Email turns 35 most embarrassing emails writes: "Happy birthday email. It seems like yesterday that we started using it, but we can be thankful for people like IT programmer Ray Tomlinson who sent the first official email. Has it made communication easier? Sometimes email has been known to backfire as mentioned in the article. See some of the most embarassing emails here at The Sun,,2-2006540735,00 .html."
Input Devices

Submission + - New Zealand Police and Weta eye 3D scanner

webexperts writes: "From the article "Industrial Research has developed a hand-held scanner that quickly creates realistic 3D models of crime scenes, movie sets and large objects, garnering interest from the police and Weta Digital." see,2106,3866952a28,00. html. It works like spray paint,the end result being a 3Dcomputer image. Video of it in action can be found here:,,88162 a14815,00.html"

Submission + - Microsoft's 21st birthday writes: "Its great that finally Microsoft Windows, such an innovative force in how we have used the computer have now come of age in terms of their product. This article at Web Experts hits the nail on the head. What would we do without the start menu. The most clicked, talked about and used button we have come to know. I can almost remember those years back in the younger years of hearing about Windows 95, and "what it would do"."

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