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Journal Journal: Back to Slashdot.

Well, back to Slashdot for me. Had to take a break for a while ... and from Michael's dribble. Well, he's gone, looks like the Eds are paying a little more attention to things.

Ah, back to Slashdot it is. Good times.
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Journal Journal: Michael.

Well, i normally rip on the guy for posting the stuff he does, but ya know what? Tonight, he is on target and picking well.

Seriously, he's been balanced and posting stuff the geeks wanna know about (or at least this geek). It is more on target and /.-like - fitting with the rest of the Ed's. i used to bitch a lot about it - but, hey, you know what? Fuck that noise, people can change, morph, and listen (to me? heh, why do that?).

Tonight's posts have been solid and on-keel - no complaints. The guy has been solid by me (as if i mattered). Anyway, i'll bitch when need be, but he's bought much slack by me for tonight.

Peace out, kids. Stay safe, read those logs, lock down those AP's, update that shit that need be, and sleep tight.

Over. Out. 'night.
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Journal Journal: Fuck OpenOffice 1

Fuck OO. Fuck it. And here's why:

i use blosxom for my journal-style CMS. So, i write a loooooooooooong ass piece that i want to post at my site. i'd like to spellcheck it as i like to do - no sense in posting shit if it's riddled with a mess of errors (hell, i'm typing this directly as i don't have AbiWord in yet). So i type up all my thoughts and links and reasons and refs in emacs...just my style. It's only text, wtf, why not? i'd run into probs with OO fucking up my quotes, so emacs it was and then just spellcheck that bitch in OO ya?

Not so, dear brother, not so. i opened her up, spellchecked and proofed it. All good to go ya? Lo and motherfucking behold when i "save as" into TEXT and move her over with sftp, i get garbage from blosxom. So, i move it back over in a different file to "just see" what's up. MOTHERFUCKING OO JUST BUTCHERED THE MOTHERFUCKING HELL OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Fucking "span" this and cutesie-poo little new quote moves and all that shit....fucking BUTCHERED some links that it apparently decided to "help out" with. Motherfucking fuck me sideways and bitchslap my ass, NOT MOTHERFUCKING TEXT!!! TEXT! FUCKING TEXT YOU GODDAMN SACK OF SHIT@!!!!!!

So, what now? It's fucked. Fucked i tell you. Some of those were hard to find, dug up links. i won't get into motherfucking Gentoo fucking up X with my mouse (a generic MS ps/2 mouse i might motherfucking add).....jesus fucking holy mary in the ass, i'm am hot and pissed and......god. fuck, i'm done. Fuck it. Fuck OO all to hell. Fuck it. If this had cost me anything other than my time, i'd be out of the motherfucking roof.

Motherfuck some OpenOffice, you motherfucking MS-Word wanna-be motherfucks.
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Journal Journal: Michael sucks.

Goddamn, take a look at the stories posted today/tonight by him. Slashdot - Ads for Nerds, Stuff that makes OSDN Money. Or something stupid like that. And then his little "gnutella-still-free-for-all dept." comment on the Real Player story (and the stupid title that he let go through...yet again painting Real as the bad guy). Not that i'm a fan of Real, but fucking christ, if Slashdot wants to keep whatever street-cred it used to have, this moron has got to go. Read this comment for more.

Michael sucks. Read the comments in the stories posted - the natives are getting restless and posts pointing out Michael's failure as editor are no longer being modded down, more and more of them are being modded insightful. 'Bout fucking time.

Journal Journal: Yeah, FlashBlock, kids.

Yep, we got it: FlashBlock!

So, now where was i in discussing Slashdot's Flash Ads? Oh wait, you're right, it doesn't really matter at all anymore. Thank you Moz devs...once again a great tool to fill a need of the community. i've not determined if it goes ahead and loads all the flash content in ram then just waits to display it if you wish. i'm leaning towards thinking that's what it does based on quick recollection of what i've seen so far. Then again, it's normally tempting the fates to make such wide postulations without having done real testing (or reading heh) first. Then again, this is Slashdot: everyone from "editors", users, clueless users, whip-sharp users, and regular joe's feels free to wildly wave their unbalanced opinions in lieu of rational thought and the scientific process (for further reading on the phenomenon, see slashdot::editor::michael). i'll do more of that thar readin'n'book larnin' today and get the scoop on FlashBlock, but damn does it work nicely so far. Enjoy :)
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Journal Journal: Microsoft Flash Ads on Slashdot. 2

In case you haven't noticed Slashdot is now running shitty Microsoft ads at the top of the page. "Nothing odd, they do that all the time," you may say.

Not so, my good Slashdotter, these new ads are, wait for it, Flash. That's right, no blocking the images anymore. What a shaft. We'll get around this too. i just find it very interesting that Slashdot (linux cheerleader), is running non-mozilla-crushable ads. Fucking strange. Yes, yes, i know there's ways around, i just find it interesting. Way to go, Rob.

Journal Journal: EarthFuckers.com Launched.

Nothing spectacular there at the moment, but i am just getting started: EarthFuckers.com i know the images still need lots of work, etc. Enjoy the photographs, i have quite a few rolls to develop at the moment; they'll be up soon. Anyway, enjoy the ride.

Write your representatives and congresspersons (state and fed), and for fuck's sake, VOTE IN NOVEMBER - these fucktards MUST be removed from office. Period.

Journal Journal: The "Ed's"

So, anyway, a few more things have come up. Poor Slashdot has been wandering and waning terribly. No longer really a source of "News for Nerds", Slashdot has floundered under the personal misguidance of its "editors". While many, many people agree that linux is a great tool, most of us do not tailor our lives, beliefs, and pedagogy around it. The "editor's" blind belief in the church of linux has hindered and yes, even harmed Slashdot in the credibility department. They have fostered and encouraged this zealotry via the "hush-up-editor-only" mod system, poor journalistic integrity, and gross neglect by leaving paranoid, off-balance, ego-maniac, Michael at the helm whilst jetting off to where ever it is the pseudo-news geek-dorks summer.

Ah, the "editors" of Slashdot, the so-called "news" site you are currently reading, are most pathetic. Sweet, little Michael being the most pathetic of them all. Wow, what an unbalanced tool he is.

Don't believe me, craft an anti-linux, pro Microsoft post (OSX is okay for the *nix in it, but don't get cocky and tell us our l337 linux graphics handling blows the ass it does)....and watch what happens. If the "mods" don't get you the "editors" will in thier gestapo style, quiet-censor rounds.
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Journal Journal: The moronic toolishness continues... 1

Post by an AC:

" Re:Troll? What? (Score:0) by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday May 04, @03:34PM (#9056000)

'Oh wow. That has got to be one of poorest mod decisions i've seen in a while.'

Given such ridiculously high UID, just how long do you define 'a while' to be ??"

End Post by AC.

i find it quite comical that someone posting as an AC would question how long i have been reading/posting Slashdot based on a UID. Stunning that the AC missed the fact that i could use his MO for years, then sign up recently, have a high UID and be completely a Slashdot Oldhead.

Wow. The stupidity of people is fucking astounding. H.Christ, i bet that tool is allowed to vote as well...and drive...and walk about in public...and most horrific of all: bring a life into this world that will be molded by him or her. Fucking amazing. Thank fuck i only have to live for another ~50 on this heap of a rock.
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Journal Journal: Ah, the joys of slashdot.


Damn, what a place this has become. Just found this complete fucktard jacking reviews from Amazon book reviews and posting them as his. What a fucking tool. I supose the only real "value" of doing this is to garner mod points...which in itself seems like a "good" idea. Until you stop to recall that the metamods will catch and ass rape you for modding up stupid shit like GNAA and the like.

So anyway, not much poppin. Michael is still a completely out of touch editor and a fucking tool to boot. Rough life. To be an "editor" for a geek site, but you are out of touch with them and a tool in the off-duty hours...man, i'd cry myself to sleep every night if i hadn't done myself in.

Work is ramping up, Senior Thesis presentation is in a week, semester is ramping up for the last hurrah (hell week). Shitty part is, no rest for the weary. i have to start linear algebra first summer session to graduate this spring. No rest. Then grad school starts in the fall...that'll be more non-stop fun. 'Course without this shit job, i'll be fulltime student again. Thank fuck. This whole working like a normal person is bullshit. i'll stay in school, get the masters, then consider a crew that doesn't keep hours, just expects shit to get done.

Bah, fuck it, back to work!
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Journal Journal: ooohhhhh booooo hooooo!!!

Boo fucking hoo, Michael and the Staff are all pulling out the mod points to pipe me down. Oh boo hoo.

So anyway. Nothing terribly interesting happening today. i did find out something interesting about RedHat: they have a discount service for faculty, students and staff of k-12 and Universities. Sweetness. i was going to be unable to pay $179 dollars for the upgrade to RHEL, but now i can keep RH for my dev, firewall and fileserver machines.

Some cockfuck got off on "reprimanding" me for bitching about the $179...some drivel about it not being much at all. Well yeah, no shit fucktard...if i make a salary and wasn't in engineering school at this time. What a little bitch. And his friend that pointed it out, heh.

Boy, most of that little tyrade got modded down in a hurry...thanks Mikey and Taco! Anyway, my little on-topic, point-out-the-obvious post got modded as a troll even though it was mad on-topic. i think the wagons were circled to protect Michael's sweet, little, sensitive ass. Here's some Gold Bond, son.

Anyway, Gentoo will be passed up now that i can get an extremely generous discount on RHEL. Gentoo can still play on the Sparcs though.

Whew, what a day. Peace and happiness. Enjoy the code and connection. i'm off to catch up on the Stallman, Raymond, and k10k blogs. Ah, the FLaC Cannon is coming along nicely; should be flying by thesis giving time! w00t!

Journal Journal: Damn 'em All 1

Well, i'd overlooked posting this on my Slashdot journal thus far, but now is a good time. What follows is my public 2048 bit key. Regardless of where you are geographically in the world, what your beliefs are, what your national affiliation is, you may use this key to contact me securely.

It is NOT the United States Government's fucking business what or how you send information to me.

"But what about the export laws on encryption? What about supporting terrorists? What about supporting communism? Are you a terrorist? Are you saying that you are a terrorist? Didn't encryption allow the USSR to brainwash terrorist super soldiers that now pose as Iraqis? Is breaking a US law the worst crime in all of the world religions? Won't i burn in hell if i use encryption agaist the US Governemnt's will?"

If any of those questions just popped into your head, feel free to stop reading now, report me to the FBI, vote Bush into office again, sit quietly in your home, watch your sitcoms, pay your taxes, keep up with the Jones's whilst pounding yourself into debt (the US government likes you that way - keeps you from being "uppity"), and let the honest, trustworthy, righteous, truthful, open, noble US Government capture and kill all those "evil doers" (which by the way are "Arabs" for the time being according to Uncle Sam). Who will it be next week? Tune in to the Georgie and Rummy show next week to find out.

Anyway, point being, here's my key, fuck the government, encrypt and send if you like.

Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (GNU/Linux)

mQGiBEAdOA4RBACeseXU9lxbrn0tPqPwZfy2G2W8RtRYNrcJV2f3at8ioogAb9QT /lY+T3TXrGo+tzWCjMdkoVi18S/WA+PwEQ5UEqusWqZO5agFEhl0Dz70K3FYYCbG Y3pnsX0h9YA6/r9eFFPz9R00hY7x4VB6GB5dLFFO3h5fsOa/w892+olSEwCgugzm UnBpRKiqL4Eq4ZUEK/guGE0D/2TaqvwdzX0CIWumPHqk+9WlAdjxAHVaxZElPAMU pfPWOqk3vQKTWCn3EaGTKNwgOecI/rCJW70YbmLcZOMl4WXrJy54mvIVupXovk5J ELU816eo5tKHAThWV/u6sVkPCO41OV9Ywd7EHQXBP16ZHGho+j7tgYuZQhKk1VxC 1EHNA/oCsximmdu05J3ghJt08Cbo86qZEI9WR6V3+VzBGRZ/mv2XwzJ/EOD4Try7 c7lWz3hQPXD7sBLrB5ukzNvPWF4+VWW3QKsQXS53td6MpErrluioGalLjnObWYar hlzK5h/Fderce+g1vTxn2nI3g7nwZdAPFONTYCljFwmgxFwYVLRBSm9zaHVhIE0u IEJyb3duIChTdHVkZW50IFVuaXZlcnNpdHkgb2YgQXJrYW5zYXMpIDxqbWIxMEB1 YXJrLmVkdT6IXgQTEQIAHgUCQB04DgIbAwYLCQgHAwIDFQIDAxYCAQIeAQIXgAAK CRAW1KlV+VNM8mQ/AKCXO2bRzL7iwia86ZfnAZYPd9i7lgCfTUzRd3DVfIIywoGv bE5fUsQQP9y5Ag0EQB04ExAIAL0RGQtNnA1Omo5uMYT2aUWaah4mTd8pWJ3Qo5OQ Xjj0BJ2TEdel6Up+0TEX4zljccP3gDC2lb6/DchUJGJfkaRBb0xoWkSBAZ+Wdda+ 3eQb0Wh/A2IjDScni8jUsunwEpcfzEeEnuGOHJGmp88fvkHM1AWEesGIBiBK0xF0 VlAMq2WR3QuH40KjdklaIM6lVV1wUT7tPx69q2SYEoaf5/IsEM0723qEisVDx7cL GlT1Dp+M5AMbZzVl1//ZLnsUv12X0gf/unmNxAUUmblEAF+aqZV1AoQK9/s/9BQi wg0UJuSPA+zMcdMp+hLK0r6zB2LzELrGJSBfKrL+BOG4fc8AAwUH/Rud92LNtrEq QfaOYe6Nb6PKmJv12/YkRYPYa3gk+H6jsk3EZr3dJG9BW3ruqm7/fYzW9x59veYn WzVevZATf1TYeNcZWnzoFa256tlpv1f/29XyGwSHYhsp1tc9JMfM7VJPK/4B6ZA9 YlfYUN7dhy4sjbAlA33z7Z86Z/gW7ilUnpNnXZ9jtkts19f6fWXV2+4oHQ7GK7S3 Y7uZxoWCwomSIpu/1tD6Ei8BSPinv+8VdJ0pdPUrfYTkpR2zVbrHuJrboeQnNclO LBYJovV9vx6IJHWOZ0CuAXNQauq0qS2dKqCch+JPoGZS5rjwuIX2hnktnpWusr3U VjQehU0QztCISQQYEQIACQUCQB04EwIbDAAKCRAW1KlV+VNM8gujAKCFKy6FRFPD bLQcPxb5403Ll8p2cQCdFMkonn0mLv7hcMppqDLQtWmlAto= =4gVj

Journal Journal: Unbelievable

Wow. Some people around here are well, just Not That Bright (tm). Latest example: This dumbass, ~Ophidian P. Jones (466787). Quite a stunt this lamer tried to pull. Remember kids, passing off other people's writing as your own is fucking stupid. Period.

That little slip up by user 466787 was found on the first hit upon googling his comment! What a lameass. Christ, i tell you, these kids get more stupid by the day.

More fun news later.

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