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Comment Re:What the hell is wrong with you people!? (Score 1) 506

Driving is a chore. We would do well to be rid of it.

In the future wealthy folks with nothing better to do will keep cars and drive them around on private tracks, much like those that ride horses today. But it is a certainty that once the tech is ironed out, the lower cost of insurance for self-driving vehicles will ensure gradual adoption, and human-operated vehicles will become rarer and rarer, and eventually they will be banned outright on public streets.

Comment Re:Kill timezones already (Score 1) 140

I've worked on a ship. On US-flagged vessels, it is customary (probably even mandatory) to change the shifts when switching time zones. A one-hour change is normally broken into three 20-minute chunks, to distribute across the three watch shifts. There is a special board labeled 'advance clocks' or 'retard clocks' hung under the clock in the mess, so everyone is made aware.

During the month I spent on a ship in the arctic, crossing time zones every day, they stayed on a single zone. Of course, the sun never set, so it wasn't much of a problem.

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