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Journal Journal: This nick for sale

Since /. is moving to big annoying ad format, and I can't (and won't) pay for regurgitated news, I'm removing it from my bookmarks.

I'm not saying I won't visit ever again, nor that I won't ever post here again, I'm just not interested in /., as this is the last straw for me.

To interested parties, this UID has M2 privs and 50 karma. Let the bidding begin (as if I'll get any takers) you must contact me via email, as I won't be back.

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Journal Journal: Bang on my site 4

Series Cross Reference is close to going live. I'd like to invite those of you who read this to bang on it and explore.

You should be able to add new terms, books, authors, etc. If you can't, flame me in a comment or email. I'm also looking for comments on how easy the site is to use, etc.

Some things I know are not 100%, like the books that are not part of a series, user registration (just be anonymous). Anything else you can consider broken.

This site looks best in Mozilla, but I've set it up so it should look almost identical in IE, I've not tested Opera. Text-mode browsers should also render in a sensible fashion, similar to the way NS4.x shows the document.

Journal Journal: Alternatives to /. 1

What alternatives to /. are there? For BSD news I've got, for Mozilla news I've got Is there an all-in-one?

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Journal Journal: Missing journal functionality

Where is the top posters link ala I've been wondering due to some of the things that have happened as described in FortKnox's latest journal. Do the powers that be not want people to have an easily-visible place to read criticism of slashdot?

(mind you I've done no research whatsoever...)

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Journal Journal: Weekend

Whew, I didn't go very far this weekend but I got alot done, the first thing I did was get a level 18 Gnome Mage killed while playing Angband. At level 18 I wasn't quite powerful enough, but I was doing pretty well. Magic Missile was up to 6d4, IIRC.

The coolest part though was getting SXR up to a minimally functional product. More details on its journal page.

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Journal Journal: Gimpy cat

My roommate brought home a gimpy cat. It isn't much more than a kitten, but it is hillarious to watch, it limps its back legs like its knees are locked and when it tries to run it falls over. It is seriously miscoordinated, but otherwise fine.

I told her she should trade two her cats in for this new one, but I don't think that's going to work.

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Journal Journal: WA DC Trip

Went to Washington DC, saw the following:
  • Fort McHentry
  • Annapolis
  • Holocaust Memorial Museum (best damn museum I've ever been to)
  • Various monuments (Roosevelt was my favorite)
  • Senate building (the security people there are fools)
  • Air & Space Museum (only a few exhibits)
  • Mount Vernon
  • Arlington National Cemetary
  • American History Museum (only one exhibit)
    • You aren't allowed to take pictures of the Senate or House of Representatives or the surrounding hallways. This is a load of crap, anybody could take a standard camcorder and remove or obscure the recording LED and walk around the place recording everything. Same with a digital camera with the flash turned off, the advantage being that it is silent. If a spy really wanted to it would be trivial for them to create a detailed map of the area.

      My sister's got to perform the wreath-laying at George Washington's crypt. Really cool place he had there, I really liked the idea of the sunken walls.

      The Holocaust Memorial Musuem is a very very good museum. I recommend it to anyone. The best part of it is all the artifacts they have. The atrium is of the building gave me a feeling of being completely and totally wrong. I don't know how to describe it exactly, but oppressive and confinging barely scratch the surface.

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Journal Journal: Second worst night of my life

Almost the same thing happened last night as happened on the worst night of my life, only this time it hurt less. It involved lots of anxiety, adrenaline, wondering why I bother, thirst due to adrenaline rush, etc.

No, I won't tell you what it was.

I haven't slept since 1:45 this morning PST (PDT, whatever). I feel really shitty. I go on vacation tomorrow to D.C., but I don't really want to.

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Journal Journal: Bus Ride

Yesterday I rode the short bus (school bus sized, more comfortable seats) from work to the transfer point. A lady with a huge behind squeezed passed me and woried about my head getting hit on her behind. I don't see why she didn't sit forward one row, the bus has seats along the side of the bus then two rows of forward facing. Puzzling.

Then while waiting for a transfer an Indian (from India) woman asked me I would make sure her mother (? - grandmother?) got off the bus at the University Street station in the tunnel. On the bus I played backgammon on my palm pilot and watched some little kids going to the Mariners game.

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Journal Journal: Time to go home (almost)

On Friday A.M. I leave for a trip to Washington D.C. where I'll do all the touristy things with my family. I'll need to bring lots of film, (I've got a Mintolta SRT-101) then I'll come back on the 30th with my sister to take her to college in Spokane.

When I get home I'll probably start working on my latest web-project, SXR I'll need to update that journal over there too.

Four more minutes until I leave for the bus, upon which I'll read IBM and the Holocaust by Edwin Black. It is very interesting, but I'm only 72 pages into it so far.

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