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Journal Journal: Troll Slaying Roundup 3

I apologize for the time between entries, but as many of you know, CmdrTaco has now all but eliminated trolling on Slashdot - and deserves our thanks for all his hard work! However a recent upsurge in trolling over the last four months has created some changes in the Master Troll Blacklist, and I'll document some of these changes for you now.
  • Fortknox - Beloved by many, Josh Marotti recently announced that he is in fact a troll. Needless to say, he has been eliminated.
  • Zeinfeld - Eliminated for trolling.
  • Dancin_Santa - A long overdue death for a known abuser.
  • Jack Wagner A new troll account, swiftly demolished for wanton abuse of posting privs.

I'd like to thank the intensely stupid collection of idiots who attack Slashdot for documenting their abuses - it makes my job a whole lot easier. Way to go, idiots!

I'd like to thank my loyal userbase for all the encouraging (and instructive) email, and I pledge to continue making Slashdot readable into the new millenium. Remember, spread the word:

Slashdot Troll-Free mode: Making Slashdot Readable .

User Journal

Journal Journal: Answering the Mailbag 9

miagfmu writes:

To: TrollBlacklist
Subject: Non-troll request


I was looking at your list and am about to sign up. But, I saw a friend-of-a-friend
on the list, and thought it might not be such a great idea.

The "troll" is tps12. If you look at his postings, he's posted funny, insightful
comments. Recently, he had one rated "troll" (which I disagreed with.)
He also has some rated "flamebait", some of which are rather witty cutting

Here's his link:

Note: I have no particular attachment to this guy (or knowledge of him)
other than he is a friend-of-a-friend, and I respect my friend's opinions.

Thanks, John.

John, thanks for your input. Sadly, you have been tricked by a very nasty person. Tps12's positive comments are what we call "karma whoring", i.e. an attempt to gain and maintain the +1 posting bonus in order to leverage more effective Troll posts by exposing his Troll posts to a larger audience. The saddest thing about trolls who "karma whore" like Tps12 is that many could have been constructive members of society. Consider this misinformation post in which tps12 willfully posts false information, thereby ruining a Linux story for hundreds of Gentoo users, many of whom wasted their time refuting him.

Tps12 is even "famous" as trolls go, making regular appearances in their little hidey holes. We've caught him, we've nailed him to the ground, and he won't ruin any more discussions.

Please continue to keep the feedback coming. Together, we can stop the few Slashdot trolls who ruin the experience for everybody.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Recent Troll Slayings 1

Discovered and destroyed troll SteweyGriffin, added to foe list today. Blacklist users won't have to worry about him any more.

Please email me the names of trolls to destroy, and let your friends know about Troll Blacklist. You don't have to put up with crap to read Slashdot.

If you believe that I am in error about a particular troll, please email me with your argument and/or evidence. Abuse will not be tolerated. Please email constructive opinions only.

Journal Journal: Curbing Slashdot Abuse 1

Like many web based discussion boards, Slashdot has a small vocal minority of abusive and disruptive users. Many of these users spend hours online attempting to harass and provoke normal Slashdot users. CmdrTaco et al have devised a trust referral system which allows users to mark bad accounts and assign them a penalty. This account in particular has a running list of ALL of Slashdot's worst abusive users. You can leverage this account to 'block out' this irritating minority by following these simple steps:

This account is configured such that it will not have and Friends, so that it will not throw off your Friend-of-Friend bonus. By following the above steps, you can up your signal-to-noise ratio on Slashdot by a factor of ten.

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