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Comment Re:Parliament? (Score 1) 613

That happens because politics are stupid and blind... instead of joining hands with the main opposition party, that are usually, they go to other side, joining hands with radicals.

Also, in Europe, several countries where ruled by victory party with parliamentary minority... it is harder, because the ruling party have to negotiate everything and can not force their decisions... but that is how democracy should work, having people to agree, not imposing what "i" think it is correct, because "i" 'm never wrong (too much of this line of thinking will generate dictators)

Comment HELL NO!! (Score 1) 403

Please go monkey dance "developers!" to your visualbasic developers instead!
Even if we can run linux tools on windows kernel, the system is still to heavy, outside our control... and have a still shitty company behind, just look to all the user tracking MS added to it and "edge is safer than firefox and chrome" bullshit... not, MS is still a shitty company

on the good side... MS is clearly jumping to the "then you win" step from the First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 1028

Because USA started first by installing "anti-missile" system near Russia borders with the excuse to protect from Iran, when everybody knows that is to push Russia to a less powerful position and to protect from Iran, they would be located near its borders (like Iraq, Turkey, Israel)
The USA pick a fight by doing that (your missile are useless now) , they are just responding with this move (then try to intercept this brand new missile)

Comment Re: How much of that is entirely Microsoft's fau (Score 1) 524


my company uses google apps, i have my calendar, i have several shared calendars in my calendar, mostly from other users and other global shared calendar even meeting rooms.

when i entered the company, i didn't had any email, but my contacts list had a shared contact list with ALL company emails

I don't even like google web interfaces, but we have all this... so what are you talking that is missing

Comment Re:How much of that is entirely Microsoft's fault (Score 1) 524

also try , it have several good features

you can always use Thunderbird+Lightning addon for the client and calendarserver for the server:

you can replace exchange with or replace outlook and keep exchange with as a proxy for other clients

on windows you can also replace outlook with and on mac, use their own clients, most mac users prefer then

you can try other apps/servers in this list:

Comment Re:How much of that is entirely Microsoft's fault (Score -1, Troll) 524

it is not just support...

windows need antivirus, malware prevetion, monitoring, Active directory, MS office (because stupid people can only use outlook for email), backups, configuration management, update management, HW inventory, remove management, chat, Visual studio (because again, stupid people can only use this), etc, etc

on mac, people will not need most of this software, they accept other emails clients, IDEs, use open source tools, have ssh and a unix behind the GUI... so in the end, it all cost a lot less.

Now imagine the TCO of linux, the cheap hardware, with the cheap software and even more flexibility. Setup puppet or salt on those desktop, used ssh and the included software... after the initial setup cost, everything else would be very low cost.

Comment Re:You keep using that word (Score 1) 287

just do not buy a cheap "win-printer", those that have as little hardware as possible and totally dependent of software to work...very hard to support without the manufacturer support. You get what you paid for... junk
If possible, choose printers with postscript support... if not possible, then PCL support. This printers have hardware and work always.

Comment Re:You keep using that word (Score 5, Informative) 287

you are kidding, right? or just ignorant? or maybe one more shill?

ODF is a official standard, older than OOXML, simple, consistent and very well documented:

OOXML on the other hand, was heavily pushed by MS to be a standard and only got approved by using very shady tactics. The format have fields of "closed binary" blobs for "compability" reasons and is not even correctly used by MS office, as their documents fail to pass the standard validation tools. The format is also extremely complex (that is why it needs 6000+ pages spec) and have patents (MS promises to not sue anybody due to this... but this is MS and history show that it can be trusted). Finally, it uses embedded objects in several formats that only exist in windows, instead of already existent standard format objects. Everything to lock up the format to windows and MS office, even if the format is (almost) "open"

Comment Shit happen (Score 1) 67

Firefox uses google blacklist (and helps build the list), to avoid duplication of work.

This list grabs several info from several sources and sometimes innocent sites get in in the cross fire... google added some google sites to the blacklist at least twice in the last few years. Usually the source of the problem is comments/posts and ads networks. If the comments we can control, ads networks are shitty and very hard to control... so yes, shit happen

Comment Re:Are they big enough? (Score 1) 111

yes. for 3 reasons:
-when you get a CA, you want it to work in all browsers... market share may not be high, but it is still a very popular browser. spread the word that the site do not work in all browsers is enough to cause panic in many people

- mozilla, microsoft, google and apple are usually in sync about CA issues. This was found by mozilla and they decided the action they will take... other companies will now analyze this and take their own actions. As mozilla action is a good one, it may be accepted by the other companies as well. The political power of mozilla is a lot higher than the 8%

- MS Edge have 5%, less than firefox... would you ignore it? market share numbers change a lot across countries, sites, user type and type of device. Mozilla on mobile have a very low market share and higher on desktop... all this is just junk numbers, when users start to complain, the perceived small market share number seems to increase by magic :)

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