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Comment Re:Money Laundering, too (Score 1) 73

humm... how would that work? i have tons of dirty money, buy a item for $400, then what? sell it for $1 ? even if i sell it for $200, how do i get my money back? steam do not give you real money back... maybe i could buy some games and sell the account? you still have to explain where did that $200 come from, of i sell 2000 accounts, that would be VERY hard to explain.

Stupid and rich kids and greedy people, i do believe, money laundering i do not see it

Comment Re:Forget about Edge. It's Firefox that's interest (Score 1) 57

most "memory leaks" today are add-ons related... add-ons had too much access to the firefox internals and simple errors could cause problems.
mozilla tried to limit what add-ons can access and is trying to push then to external process, so it is easier to see where the leaks are coming.

Try to disable add-ons and restart firefox to check where the leak is coming

Comment Re:Forget about Edge. It's Firefox that's interest (Score 1) 57

first, from your text looks like it is a huge difference, but it is inline with the other ones
second, edge is preloaded, chrome tries to have multiple process and be modular, so for this test might not need to load everything... but firefox is monolitic (mostly), so the at startup will load everything. If there is any flash loaded, even worst, as the flash in firefox is still a separate process and will always eat more cpu. Yes, all this are firefox problems, but... read below

finally, mozilla knows that for several years. they already have some code blocks in multi-process (but it was hard, as the base code was build as monolitic since day one) to sustain firefox until the new firefox (called servo) with rust is ready. That one will be more secure, modular since day one and be faster than any current browser. So yes, know problem, already being fixed

Servo should have the first public alpha (beta?) release in the next few months

Comment Re: Origin of "must upgrade" joke? (Score 1) 161

you see, the brand new AMD graphic card, still unreleased is already supported in the kernel and mesa.

All depends of the company behind the hardware. Old hardware is community work, new hardware is owner company responsibility, complain to then if not supported. That being said, not supported hardware in linux is usually a rare sight.

Comment Re:Origin of "must upgrade" joke? (Score 4, Insightful) 161

This is just a empty way to say that this build may or not fix security problems.

In the past, several people complained that linux announces did not warn about fixed security problems,but failing to understand that many fixes are made even without notice that the bug was a security problem in the first place. So some people would only update the kernel when they saw any warning about a security fix and ignored the other ones... and then complained that the previous release notes were broken when it was found that some of the already fixed bug were really security holes and how easy it would be for the developers to add a note to the commit/release notes that everyone should/MUST upgrade the kernel.

As there is no "security team" in linux and the linux code rapid development, no one is really in charge of analyzing each patch security implication. Greg, tired of the complains decided to say that in every release there are bug fixed (except very simple bugs, documentation, etc), so if later it is found that any of those patches where fixing a security problem, they could just say that they were warned to upgrade. Also, some bug fixes are more important than others, so "should" is used for minor problems, but if there is any known bigger problem (security,corruption, stability), Greg usually uses the "must" word

Finally, only a few linux versions are "supported", so when one version is set to be EOL, people are warned to upgrade to one of the supported version, usually the latest

Comment Re:how about supporting basic features first (Score 1) 31

my wife uses one ubuntu phone and complains about this:

- no draft in sms. If you start to write e text, you have to send it or you will lose it
- she uses google task with dates and they show up in google web interface in the calendar as events, but while ubuntu phone do synchronize the calendar, it do not synchronize the tasks and they never show in the ubuntu phone calendar
- the contact synchronization will fetch google contacts, but it not merges/remove duplicates, so right now she have about 5 contacts for each person

Other than that, it works well now... it had some crashes, but are getting a lot better in each release, Bluetooth was broken with toyota cars

Comment Why! (Score 1) 224

Let it die, stop using it!!

It is only used because "other" people use it, no one like it... stop using it and let it die, everyone will win.

Now with webrtc, the standard for chat is webchat, with FULL video, audio support. Just use the build in "firefox hello", , , , or and you will never need skype again . If you need a client with a full "friend list", you can use plain old irc or jabber and send the link, or simply use jitsi and use it as you usually use skype... all free, all working

Again, stop using skype and use open standards

Comment Re:Will it perform? (Score 1) 38

They did release some info for the geforce, only after many years of begging and after all the benchmark showing nvidia cards in last, using open driver, mostly because it was always running at the lowest speed.. they might have some limitation, but not for everything... yet they don't care

As forcing their drivers, all android devices had closed drivers, but that created the old problems of locking upgrades and stability. new devices should push the drivers to the main kernel and google and many producers refuse now hardware without proper open drivers (already include or with a clean plan to push then). China even refused a large gpu cluster based on nvidia due the closed drivers, going to AMD instead because of the open drivers and the better future support on then. Even with good close source drivers, people don't want then due the long ter support

If you pay top money for a tablet with a nvidia gpu, you want it to work for a long time, for various android versions and the closed drivers for android was causing problems on that. Nvidia was then pushed to open up their new light gpu, to avoid builders to go to cheaper and/or open alternative GPU makers. Nvidia gpu for android is so expensive that they really need to remove all other road blocks.

Even after the nvidia "help" on those cards, most of the work is still done by the independent nouveau team and by the mesa, intel and amd teams (due code sharing). nvidia is still just simply not doing enough!

nvidia owners should all thanks to the nouveau team (and mesa/intel/amd teams). sadly is nvidia that in the end keeps the money for their inactivity.

again, intel and amd are supporting the open drivers, both work well already, with the amd being better performance for obvious reasons. no need for close drivers

Comment Re:Will it perform? (Score 2) 38

Mantle was performing good on various games and cards... the game engine and the driver and game quality matter a lot... but it was also a experiment, with little tuning, that showed how capable a new layer closer to the hardware could be

By moving the kernel code to open source, they need to support the open driver for the close part also to work. So if they want to sell new cards to linux, video studios, CAD companies and medical equipment, they need to release the open kernel support for the new card before it is released. That will be how all the new AMD cards will work for now on. Mesa support might still be delayed, but unless it is a radically different hardware, most of features should work with a few changed in to the previous card mesa support

They are contractually prevented from publishing GeForce driver information

Bullsh*t! they don't release because they don't wanted to!
AMD released many docs and specs and still hide all the DRM and video extensions, due legal reasons... AMD also is the supplier for all the current consoles and have any problem release the card specs!
Nvidia could release some info... the most important was the hardware reclocking registers... it would be easy for then to release (and they released SOME a several months ago, after YEARS of begging! yet many cards are still missing that info)

They also don't have any problem to release specs for the hardware that will run with android (as they are having problems forcing their drivers on android, they must support open drivers for that hardware to be able to sell)

Right now radeon and radeonSI work well for most games opengl 4.2, as long they don't require features that are still missing). AMDGPU is almost at same level as radeonSI, with just a few bits missing. the new close source driver, based on the AMDGPU kernel support is also working +- at same level as the catalyst driver but with the vulkan part added and still without any optimization work on it.

i can play all my games in my AMD card in linux and i'm using the open drivers. i don't know about you, but this is good enough for me.

Comment Re:Will it perform? (Score 4, Insightful) 38

They are doing it!

The vulkan was inspired in the mantle and allows more direct control of the hardware... we already have vulkan out, have initial drivers and developers are starting to play with it.

OpenGL, they are mostly killing their close source drive and trying to push and improve the open source one. It already faster than the close source one in some games, but it still needs more work (features and performance optimization, like all open drivers)

Yes, the AMD close source drive is bad, full of bloat and bugs.. they know that and they are fixing it by replacing it with the open source one.
After the open drive is good enough, the close source one will be used only for those that need certified opengl drivers. AMD already recommends the open drivers for all the R600 cards and most radeonSI cards.

nvidia is the one that is doing nothing (or almost nothing) to support the open drivers, both intel and AMD have many developers working in the open drivers, with AMD moving developers from the closed driver team to the open source developer team

Sadly also, nvidia also pushes the game developers to use features that perform well in nvidia, but badly in AMD... and with all the AMD close source driver bugs (and game bugs too), many game developers only test/develop in nvidia, making the AMD cards a lot look worst than they are.
With the open drivers, game developers will be able to see why the code is performing badly and fix either ends (check the steam comments how the open drivers allowed to debug performance problems in game engines, that helped the games perform better, even in windows)

So we are all waiting , things are already a lot better than 2 years ago... but AMD IS FIXING THE PROBLEM... not only that, but FIXING IN THE GOOD WAY, with open source drivers.

Comment Re:Hey hey hey... (Score 1) 288

Actually that article is from 2014... not exactly last year! :)

In the last year, firefox did improved the internal design and is now partially multi-thread, but being a monolith for all these years can't not be solved that fast without breaking things. Only a complete redesign would help doing this faster... but maintain current engine and design and build a new one is still a huge task and takes years, not something mozilla can do, they don't have the MS, Google and Apple money and size.

servo is THE mozilla redesign, it will solve all the current problems... but it required a design of a new language and all the tools around it. If it works as planned, it will make firefox leapfrog all the current browsers tech... lets wait

For me, noscript+request policy (continued)+noredirect and without flash installed, makes firefox perfect, chrome used way too much resources

Comment Re:Oh boy... (Score 3, Informative) 84

you are seeing things the wrong way

firefoxos manage hardware and daemons
daemons read sensors and other content and generate webpages
geko read the webpages (may submit posts for config changes or actions that some daemon will accept and filter)

how is more insecure than a native app that read the sensor and controls everything. At least firefox OS is more contained (say more unix like)

your fridge will not browser the web :)

Comment Re:Oh boy... (Score 5, Informative) 84

sorry, you are confusing Firefox BROWSER with Firefox OS!

firefox OS is a small linux with geko installed and most of the GUI are webpages. Geko today is light, fast enough and been adding multi-thread.

This is small enough for many application where a easy and fast to develop GUI interface. Being html, you then can point any browser to the fridge and do the same thing. Try that with a android app.

Finally, you will not be opening 30 tabs in firefoxOS, you will probably only see 1 to 3 tabs (if really need) of status/config pages.
You could do this with any distro, but X11/wayland+libs+drivers+sdk is always a problem when compared to a cheap sdk that takes care of that for you.
You could do that with android, but android is harder to change and may be even slower due to all the garbage required for phones, tables.

Mozilla is trying to overshot the mobile, as they learned that is already a market too hard to break in, and go directly to the "internet of things" to increase market share on a future huge market.

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