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Submission + - National Research Council finds fault with Obama NASA asteroid exploration goal (

MarkWhittington writes: "The National Research Council issued a report on Dec. 5, 2012 that concludes that a national disagreement over NASA space goals has proven detrimental to the space agency budgeting and planning efforts. The report called into question President Obama’s stated goal of sending NASA astronauts to an asteroid by 2025, which has not garnered any support."

Submission + - What to do with found calculators 1

Covalent writes: "I'm a science teacher and have, over the years, accumulated a number of lost graphing calculators (mostly TI-83s). After trying to locate the owners, I have given up and have been loaning them out to students as needed. I want to something more nerd-worthy with them, though. I would feel wrong for selling them. What is the best use for bunch of old calculators?"

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